Chiron in Cancer – How To Heal The Wound Of Family

Chiron reveals our deepest pain and wounds. This comet is often known as the Wounded Healer and has the answer to all our questions about why certain areas of our lives are so difficult, painful, and challenging for us.

If your Chiron is found in Cancer, then you are about to find out all about your wounds and how to transform your pain into your healing gift.

While Chiron can be pretty difficult, it is present in our Birth Chart for a reason. Healing through the pain it carries we grow stronger and better.

Chiron In Cancer – The Wound Of Family

chiron in cancer - constellation in the background

Wounds That Come From Family

If you have Chiron in Cancer, you have wounds that came from your family.

Since Cancer is a natural nurturer and family is the most important thing in the world, your Chiron can be quite painful since somehow you have been disappointed and hurt by the people who mean the world to you, your family. 

The Pain From Not Being Loved Enough

Usually, this wound comes from a lack of love, attention, and nurture in childhood. Those with Chiron in Cancer are especially vulnerable when it comes to being loved and appreciated by their family.

It might have to do with having parents that are not quite the sensitive and emotional type, or they have been growing without a mother’s love. 

There is some sort of early childhood family trauma that is the core of why people with Chiron in Cancer often feel lonely, experience emotional pain, or emptiness.

They tend to compare themselves to older siblings and always fight for their parents’ love and attention.

Usually, the low self-esteem they carry because of the Chiron wound they think of themself as unworthy of love or not special enough so their family can be proud of them.

Because they think so highly of their family, this pain is quite hurtful and destructive for people with Chiron in this sign.

The Pain Of Not Being Able To Find Love

This person has difficulties when it comes to intimate relationships as well.

The feeling of unworthiness reflects into their personal life, and they struggle to find love.

The person born with Chiron in Cancer believes in love and they can feel that love does exist, but they may not be able to find it.

This Chiron wound can be the reason why they withdraw from love or always go after emotionally unattainable people.

Smothering Their Partner

When this person finds love and starts a relationship, it is most likely they would turn into a typical Cancer and ask for constant attention and validation from their partner.

The fear that they might lose what was so hard to find, tends to make people born with Chiron in Cancer be clingy, smothering, and too needy in the relationships.

For these reasons, their relationships hardly ever succeed, so they are hurting even more when the relationship is over and they are abandoned one more time.

The Wounds Of Abandonment

If they have lost one of their parents early on it comes as no surprise why these people carry such wounds and fear.

The fear of abandonment can make them go overboard nurturing family members and they will probably go to any lengths to get love, attention, and appreciation from their family.

Almost always the Chiron wounds can be seen through the relationship with their mother or father.

They might have been abandoned as a baby, lost a parent, or had a mother or a father who wasn’t present enough in their life as they grow up.

Chiron in Cancer carries fear and pain of abandonment when you don’t experience the fatherly or maternally love every child needs to grow happy and healthy.

How To Heal Chiron In Cancer

The healing is transforming the pain into a healing gift. Chiron is known as The Wounded Healer for a reason, and for you, the Chiron in Cancer is to bear with the pain.

Although the first instinct might be to avoid or band-aid the wound, you must know that this can be only a temporary fix. Ignoring what it hurts won’t help you defeat your pain and heal your wounds.

Instead, Chiron asks you to go through the pain to defeat it. More than any other placement, Chiron in Cancer requires you to suffer and struggle before you grow out of the pain and become stronger.

Once the difficult part is behind you, your healing gifts can help you achieve great things and help others as well.

Chiron Healing Gifts

Because your Chiron in Cancer has caused so much pain and suffering for you, your healing gifts are all about love and nurturing people.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise to work in medicine, become a caregiver, doctor, nurse, social worker, or any other profession where you can heal and help.

The Kindest Person In The World

People with Chiron in Cancer once they heal and defeat their pain, they become the most generous and kind people anyone has ever met.

Because you had so much pain throughout your life and have successfully worked through it, now you can teach other people to be kinder and better as well.

A little bit of love is what we all need, and you understand that best.

The Incredible Parent

Because your wounds have taught you how important love is for your children, you are going to be the most devoted and loving parent.

Your strength to teach and guide the youngest towards becoming a person everyone would be proud of is your greatest healing gift.

Those with Chiron in Cancer can end up being incredible aunts and uncles as well. You are the strongest link that holds up the family together.

Finding Love Everywhere Around You

Once you have healed your wounds, you know that love is everywhere around you.

You firmly believe you deserve love, and you are ready to give and receive it back.

You have healthy relationships based on trust and equal devotion from both sides.

Looking for validation from family and partners is not how you compensate for your wounds, but open and clear communications.

A peaceful and fulfilling life is something you have managed to achieve in your life and that is your biggest healing gift of all.

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