What is Chiron in Astrology? (Everything You Should Know..)

Chiron is the comet that travels somewhere between Uranus and Saturn. It is often referred to as “The wounded healer” and it has the answer to your question “Why sometimes you have the feeling that a certain area in your life is more difficult than others?”

Chiron gives insight into your areas of conflict and struggle.  

The legend says that this comet was given the name after a Greek centaur, and in science, Chiron was discovered by the American astronomer Charles Kowal not that long ago or in 1977, to be exact.

Same as the Sun, the Moon, or any other planet in our natal chart, Chiron was placed in a particular Zodiac sign and house at the moment of our birth.

Chiron’s position in our birth chart is where we look to understand and discover our deepest wounds and how to heal.

With its assistance and help, we heal ourselves then we help others to heal as well.

What Does Your Chiron Say About You?

Chiron reveals your most vulnerable self. It shows your sources of deep pain, difficulty, and suffering in life. After all, pain and suffering are the unavoidable parts of life.

We must face our biggest fears and weaknesses so we can be stronger and better.

Look at it as the bridge that takes you to the other side of life, where you are strong because you understand your weak spots, you know from where the pain comes, and recognize your karma and past-life energy.  

Chiron is so much more than just about the pain.

This minor planet gives insight into your greatest potential in life.

Spiritually it takes you on a journey where you heal yourself through your pain and greatest sufferings, and guide you to growth and prosperity in life.

Chiron in Astrology is known to reflect on our strain so it can teach us lessons and become the source of our strength.

Going through difficult things in life can only make us stronger and better, but it also teaches us to be more considerate, understanding, and show empathy towards others suffering, and that is what Chiron is all about.

What Happens When Chiron Gets Activated In Your Chart?

Your Chiron sign – the Zodiac sign that Chiron was found in at the time of your birth shows the area of your life where you would have the most difficulties and pain, but also from where you would gather your greatest strength.

Sometimes Chiron can be discovered in an area you’ve been more sensitive to than the rest and it can link us to trauma from the past that up then we had no recollections about.

This is how the healing begins.

When Chiron gets activated in your Natal chart it can be a time where you go through significant trouble, pain, losses, and heartbreaks.

But since it is the “wounded healer” it also signifies the beginning of time where the greatest opportunities come toward you. It is important to acknowledge and prepare so you would understand and get the most benefit from it.

Once you heal yourself and overcome your weakness your energy can shift and help those around you. The more you know and discover about yourself the better you are at life. Chiron can show the path to your greatest strengths as a healer.

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Chiron’s Transits To Planets And How It Affects Us

Chiron transits to the Sun (Conjunct, Opposition, Square) 

These transits reveal wounds and pain that come from our ego.

These are our weaknesses that come up to the surface and we mustn’t ignore them as they are the very foundation of our identity.

During these transitions, it is very likely to be shaken up by our own insecurities and failed perception.

Unresolved issues from the past can interfere with our sense of purpose so we tend to feel a little lost and confused.

It is often shown that during this time we tend to have difficulty expressing our creativity, doubting our self-confidence and self-expression.  

Chiron transits to the Sun (Sextile , Trine) 

The transits reveal our efforts to show and give our best self.

During these transits, we are given the chance to shine and be perceived by people as kind, ambitious and worthy.

This is occurring largely because Chiron is helping us build our self-confidence and self-respect.

With just being yourself people will find you most appealing and charming during these transits and it presents you with opportunities for growth.

As a result of these positive influence opportunities, both personal and professional are most likely to present during these times.

Chiron transits to Venus (Square, Opposition)

With these transits, we tend to feel like we need to prove ourselves to the people we love.

It can be a quite difficult time as one can feel unaccepted, doubt his worth, or feel unworthy of their partner’s love and devotion.

Very commonly with these transits comes a lesson in love that can heal us and help us find the true meaning of “what is love.”

Chiron Square or Opposition to Venus is about not forcing on love, but rather letting it come to you.

We should never beg to be loved or appreciated and that is the most worthy lesson we gather with this transition.

We are able to accept the healing of our hearts and therefore show pure love and devotion by acting selflessly towards others. 

Chiron transits to Saturn (Square, Opposition)

During these transits, you might feel isolated, torn, and stuck at a crossroads.

This cycle is known to be difficult on our self-discovering and figuring out our life direction. It is a time when our reputation can be attacked and people might bail on us.

The healing begins with facing our fear to stand alone if there is no one worthy enough to stand with us.

Once we embrace the Chiron lesson that it is okay to lose certain people who don’t appreciate us, we are ready to move on and gather support and receive help from elsewhere. We learn to accept help and build a support system that can sustain the test of time.

We must keep in mind that the only way to know for sure the influence of Chiron on us is to locate it in our Natal Chart. All transited planets’ natal aspects and position by sign and house need to be considered when we look for the meaning of Chiron in our Chart.

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