Girl Looks At Me Then Looks Away When I Look At Her (10 REASONS!)

Have you ever caught someone staring at you? Then, when you look at them, do they avert their gaze in a very quick and suspicious manner?

It can be confusing and may get some gears turning in your head!

If a girl looks at you then looks away when you look at her, what does it mean? Here are some potential reasons…

Possible Reasons A Girl Looks Away When You Look At Her

She Was Just Looking In That Direction

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Have you ever been staring off into space, only to realize that you were accidentally looking at someone the whole time?

It’s pretty embarrassing, and it might be what’s happened with her!

If she quickly looks away, it’s probably because she realized what she’d been accidentally doing.

Her body language up to this point will have been neutral or relaxed, and she may become tense in personal awkwardness.

You Remind Her Of Someone She Knows

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When you see someone who reminds you of someone else, it’s natural to end up looking at them a little.

This is especially true if it’s someone from your past, someone you miss, or someone you’re close to.

A girl who’s looking at you may be doing so for this reason. She looks away quickly when you notice because she doesn’t want to be creepy! 

She Was Interested In Something You Were Doing

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Human beings like to watch the world around them! If you were doing something interesting to a girl, she may look at you curiously because she wants to watch.

Why would she look away, then?

Maybe she doesn’t know you that well and thinks it’d be awkward.

Or maybe she doesn’t want to give you the wrong idea or make you uncomfortable. 

Either way, consider what you were doing when she looked at you last time. Was it something that could catch someone’s attention?

She Wants To Get Your Attention Subtly

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Girls often perform a lot of subtle behaviors to get what they want. Is this effective? Not all of the time! But it doesn’t stop them from trying every now and then.

If a girl wants to get your attention, she may look at you to try and influence you to look at her. She’ll then look away and act nonchalant.

Pay attention to what she does once she breaks her gaze. Is she doing something that seems to be attention-grabbing?

She Thought You Were Looking At Her First

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If you’ve been looking at this girl, it’s possible that she’s noticed. This can make her follow suit as she tries to figure out why you’re staring at her.

When you look her way again, she quickly glances away so as not to give you the wrong idea.

A girl who looks at you for this reason may display body language that indicates uncertainty. She might hug herself, turn her body away from you, or rub at her feet or hands.

Someone Said Something About You

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If someone said something to her about you, a girl might glance in your direction.

It’s a natural thing humans often do – our brains love to supplement information with sensory input! While she hears about you, she looks at you.

Then when you see her, she quickly has to look away so you don’t realize you’re being talked about.

She’s Trying To Learn About You

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Observation is how a lot of people learn. A girl who wants to learn more about you may watch you to get further information.

She may be doing this for romantic, platonic, or professional reasons.

Or it could just be plain curiosity! Why might she look away, then, when you see her?

It’s just sort of “weird” to stare at people, and she may feel a little guilty about doing it to you. If you feel like it, you can always go up to her and make friends more directly.

She’s Annoyed With You

When a girl is annoyed with you, she may consciously or subconsciously look at you while she thinks about her frustrations.

She may also be trying to send a signal to you that she’s irritated. She might look away when you catch her staring because she’s trying to convey a message.

That message is simple: she’s so angry at you that she’s “ignoring” you by refusing eye contact! If you’ve done something that could’ve recently upset her, this is a likely reason for her glances.

She’s Conscious Of Your Presence

There are numerous reasons a girl could be conscious of your presence. You may be well-known in your sphere.

She might have had previous interactions with you that make her like or dislike you.

She may have heard something about you that makes her anxious, wary, or excited around you. Whatever the case, she may look at you due to this subconscious level of thought directed at you.

Think about who you are to her and why she might be aware of you.

She’s Attracted To You

A young, beautiful woman with long hair sits at the wheel of the car and dreamingly watched through the glare of the front windshield.

This is the answer a lot of people naturally assume when a girl looks at them a lot. And it’s true that it’s a possibility!

Jumping to a conclusion that she likes you isn’t a good idea, though! You should consider other aspects of her body language first:

  • Was her neck clearly visible to you when she was looking at you? She might have been subconsciously showing vulnerability due to her attraction. 
  • What’s the position of her body? Is she entirely facing your direction, including her hands and feet? She may have angled herself this way to mirror you because she likes you.
  • How does she usually react to you when you’re up close? Does she display other signs of attraction when you’re next to each other? 

These are all things to consider if you think a girl was looking at you because she has a crush on you!


It’s tough to tell why someone’s looking at you and looking away quickly when you catch them.

There are so many potential reasons!

Instead of trying to guess, try to take body language and context into account.

Consider your prior relationship or interactions with this girl and what scenarios you’ve been in together.

This can give you some information on why she’s been staring your way!

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