Chiron in Libra – How To Heal The Wound Of Relationships

Chiron or the “Wounded healer” shows the deepest pain and suffering we experience in this lifetime. It can be found in our Natal Chart and with the help of this comet we are able to discover what are our biggest vulnerabilities and weaknesses, so we can heal them and transform them into our strength and power. 

If you have wondered why certain parts of your life are tougher than others, or why you feel deep pain about certain experiences in life, you should go deep down in understanding your Chiron.

In this article, we explain the meaning of Chiron in Libra and how these people can heal and transform Chiron’s wounds into Chiron’s healing gifts…

Chiron in Libra – The Wound Of Relationships

Circle - Chiron in libra

Wounds That Come From Relationships

Chiron in Libra wounds can be extremely difficult and challenging, as they come from the most natural and human thing – relationships.

As people, we are absolutely addicted to human interaction and that is why this Chiron placement is extremely hard.

These people carry wounds from something they deal with every day.

The Pain From Missing Your Soul-Mate

A one thing person with Chiron in Libra share is the pain they feel when they are alone. There is a constant feeling of missing something in your life, and generally, that is love or your soul-mate.

The hardest and most difficult pain comes from the fact that even when you are in a relationship, you still tend to feel that way, and the reason for that is your Chiron in Libra wound.  

The Pain From Loneliness

When Chiron is placed in Libra it makes people vulnerable when they are not around people they trust, love, and care about.

The world is dark and meaningless without your partner, friends, and family close to you.

And you wouldn’t feel the pain of loneliness if it was enough just being in the company of these people.

However, things are a little more complicated than that when you carry with you wounds from Chiron in Libra.

This placement brings a challenge for you to build relationships.

For you, it is quite difficult to form a deep bond and relationship even with someone who shares your DNA.

This can make you feel quite lonely and alone, which causes intense suffering and pain.

Just as the Libra sign, you are not good alone, and can’t handle loneliness. It is not about you being dependent as it is your strong urge to be around people.

In fact, you can be very independent, but that has nothing to do with why you feel such pain and fear from loneliness.

The Wounds From Feeling Off-Balance

Yes, it is reflected from the Libras, as we all know people born under this sign their whole life is about finding balance and keeping it.

Chiron in Libra can cause a constant feeling like you and your life is not in balance, and that is why you are so prone to anxiety, panic attacks, and feeling strong tension and pressure.

This can deeply affect your health and your quality of life.

That is why Chiron in Libra is a wound that needs to be acknowledged and never ignored.

When you are ignoring your pain it can have a destructive effect on you, the people around you, and on your whole life in general.

The Pain of Self-Condemnation

When you have Chiron in Libra your whole life can be about the other person and making them happy.

It is often noticed in people who carry this Chiron wound, to sacrifice themself for the other person’s happiness.

They are always putting their partner’s needs first and self-neglect theirs.

You tend to be the victim and sacrifice yourself and your happiness if that is the price to be paid to be in a relationship.

It can be a very unhealthy way to build and maintain your relationships.

It can cause even more pain and hurt for you, as your partners tend to use this vulnerability of yours and hurt you even more.

The Wound Of Losing Yourself

Because your Chiron wound is making you quite sensitive and devoted to the people you love, you can be very eager to please.

You would completely give up on anything you had in your life before the relationship and adapt and accommodate according to your partner’s needs. What people need to hear from you, you would tell them. What people want to see, you would show them.

Eventually, you will lose yourself and your identity somewhere in between. Not being comfortable in your own skin, always posing to be the person others expect you to be causes frustration and suffering for you. In the long run, this kind of behavior can have a harmful effect on your emotional and physical state.

You can lose your self-confidence, personality, and character and be left with a big pain of emptiness in yourself that can’t be filled or fixed no matter what you do.  

How To Heal Chiron In Libra?

Unlike other Chiron wounds, yours is from your past life, or it represents your karmic relationship.

It can be healed but you must know that in order to heal, you would continue to meet the same souls in different people over and over again until the wound is healed completely.

Your Chiron wounds can be something that you would carry through your whole life and heal step by step.

Every time you heal and outgrow your pain you tap into your Chiron healing gifts which is something you can use as a mechanism to help you through life and help others around you as well.

Chiron Healing Gifts

What once was painful for you now becomes your strength.

You can use your weaknesses to gain power and happiness in your life, and the lesson you learn from your Chiron wounds must be passed onto other people as they are your Chiron healing gifts, and that is the purpose and meaning of Chiron.

To learn and to teach through healing yourself, and others.

Your Soul-Mate Is Within

We are meant to be with other people and find our other half, but that doesn’t mean we are a “half”. Once you accept you are a “whole”, one complete person you would stand for what you believe, love and value. 

You would work on the relationship with yourself, and that is how you would be able to heal your Chiron. Happiness must first come from within us, then from the relationships with other people. You must love yourself in order for someone else to love you.

This is how you would connect with people. The relationship with ourselves is the most important one and the one we need to work on the most.

That relationship is the only one worthy enough for you to make sacrifices, and releasing this is your greatest Chiron healing gift.

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