12 Plain-As-Day Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

Romantic tension is a wildcard in friendships between girls and guys.

While friendships can organically deepen into romance, they can just as easily be ruined by broken hearts.

If you’ve developed feelings for your male friend, it’s agonizing to wonder if he likes you back.

If you think he has feelings for you but don’t reciprocate, it’s an uncomfortable guessing game.

Asking about it prematurely is likely to make it awkward for you to be around each other.

Cut down on your concern by watching closely for these 12 signs that your male friend has feelings for you.

Signs Your Guy Friend Likes You As More Than Just A Friend

He Compliments You

He Compliments You

You can expect a good friend to compliment you, but sometimes being noticed and flattered by a guy feels like he’s flirting.

He’s obviously nice if he praises your actions and personality, but there could be more to it if he also comments on your looks.

Complimenting your hair, your complexion, or a new outfit means he’s checking you out and wants to boost your confidence.

If you like it, compliment him in return, setting the stage for flirtation.  

You Improve His Mood

As a good friend you may act as emotional support, but sometimes the role you play in a guy’s life is weightier than that.

You could be a beacon that guides him, someone who can set him right. If he specifically seeks you out when he’s having a hard day, and you can cheer him up, it might be because he has feelings for you.

Notice whether you put a smile on his face or if he perks up whenever you arrive.


A telltale sign of romantic interest is fidgeting and jitters.

See if he gets stiff and uneasy when you approach, shifting his eyes, prodding his face, and running his hands through his hair.

It could mean he really likes you and wants to say something, but can’t figure out how.

Of course it could just be social anxiety, so check if he’s like this when only you’re around.

Social Media Enthusiasm

Friends keep up on social media, but for a male friend who likes you it can be a means to let you know he’s thinking of you.

Leaving comments on your selfies could suggest he’s sizing you up.

He might routinely like your posts and chat with you, wishing he could be around you more. Interacting via public messages is one way for him to ward off rivals, letting people know you two are close.

He Includes You

He includes you

A male friend who’s into you will want you to feel supported, so he’ll try to include you in things and spend time together.

He’ll ask if you’re free on the weekend, and invite you when he and his other friends make plans.

Notice if he pays attention to you in group discussions and makes sure people are hearing what you say.

His strong feelings might make him mention you to others, potentially gushing about your positive qualities. 

He’s Protective

Friends look out for each other, but a guy who likes you might become your stalwart defender.

He might stick up for you or prioritize your safety, checking up on you and making sure you’re not sick.

Ponder how protective he is of others to gauge if he’s just a really nice guy.

You’re probably special to him if he physically guards you, using his arm to hasten you from things or stepping between you and people he doesn’t trust. 

He Asks Your Opinion 

Take notice when your male friend starts conversations and asks what you think.

If he broaches personal topics more, getting to know you in ways he didn’t before, he might be testing compatibility.

He might follow up on things you like, becoming interested in your hobbies and listening to your thoughts on movies and video games.

Part of it may be him wanting you to know he cares about and accepts you.

That might bring him to you when he needs advice, revealing a romantic faith in you.

Stimulating Conversation

Stimulating Conversation

A male friend with feelings for you can get absorbed in conversation.

Check if he’s turned your way while you talk, if his legs are uncrossed and loose. He might nod regularly or slightly mouth the words you’re saying.

If someone already likes you, they’ll tend to laugh at your jokes, so if you say something you aren’t sure will land he might still enjoy it.

Take note if he repeats certain things you say or interjects with personal takes, as that suggests he’s hanging on your words.

Opening Up

Opening UpOpening Up

A guy crushing on you may begin to shed his filter as you grow close. Increased trust means an effort to be honest with you.

He’ll open up and share sensitive details, possibly expecting the same from you. You’ve really got to ask yourself if he would say these things to his other friends, or if you’re his confidante.

If you’re that special sort of friend, judge whether his chats with you are becoming romantic advances.

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Shrinking Personal Space

Shrinking Personal Space

If your guy friend is developing feelings for you, he can easily become more physically affectionate.

This could amount to him putting an arm around you, sitting closer to you, touching your shoulder, patting you on the back, or dusting some lint off your clothes.

Keep track of whether he touches you when you touch him, and consider carefully if he’d do these sorts of things with a different girl.

Subtle Body Language Changes

When your guy friend has the hots for you, his body language may give it away.

Upon seeing you his nostrils may flare and his mouth may become drier.

He’ll make sure his chest is facing you, so when he turns his head to talk to someone, his chest won’t shift from what’s important.

When you talk he might lean back with his legs unfolded, hands open and palms showing.

You Arouse His Attention

You Arouse His Attention

Look out for signs that you’re occupying your friend’s mind when he becomes attracted to you.

If his lips are moist and pressed together or he rubs his hands, he’s anticipating what you say next.

If his speech has slowed, his voice is husky, and his eyes linger on your collar bone or legs, you’re all he’s thinking of.

And if you’re into the attention, it couldn’t hurt to return the favour.

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