13 Crystal Clear Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Value You

What are the signs your friend doesn’t value you?! If you’re feeling under-appreciated perhaps its time to find a new tribe.

Friendships are all about give and take.

They mean all parties involved are willing to lend themselves to their friends both emotionally and physically and are all expected to do the same of reach other.

Unfortunately, it’s not always like this. Some friends are selfish and are not willing to return the same love and care you give to them.

This will of course hurt, but it’s better to know where you stand in a person’s life before it’s too late. 

If you suspect your friend may not value you, you might be right. Since you’re here, it is evident that you are seeking confirmation.

Luckily, you are in the right place.

Let’s discuss some of the signs that your friend doesn’t value you, so you can begin to reassess your relationship with that friend. 

Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Value You

They Are Jealous Of Your Success

They Are Jealous Of Your Success

Friends are supposed to push you to do your best, and when successful, should cheer you on.

If you notice that your friend does not seem interested in your good news, or makes negative comments all the time, that friend may very well be jealous of you.

A jealous friend is not the type to have around because they do not have your best interest at heart. 

Your Friend Doesn’t Apologize

Your Friend Doesn't Apologize

We are human, so it’s natural for us to make mistakes.

Sometimes, these mistakes can end up hurting the people we love.

In this case, we try to apologize and make amends for our wrongs to preserve the relationship.

If your friend is unwilling to apologize and always wants to be right, it is clear that this friend values their ego over your friendship.

They Lie And Make Excuses

Good relationships are founded on honesty. Dishonesty is a sign that our friend does not respect the relationship.

Usually, this starts with small lies, like making up an excuse not to go out, instead of being forthcoming and saying that they just aren’t in the mood.

It can then spiral into gaslighting where your friend tries to manipulate your perception to suit their narrative. 

They’re Gossiping Behind Your Back

They’re Gossiping Behind Your Back

A real friend would never speak negatively about you behind your back.

Gossiping behind your back may also include revealing things you told them in confidence to others.

If your friend continuously paints you in a negative light to others, that is not a friendship you should hang onto.

They Constantly Put You Down

Friends are supposed to uplift us, not put us down.

If you notice your friend is always putting you down, or purposefully makes fun of you in front of others to embarrass you, then you are dealing with a toxic friend.

No real friend will ever put you in a position to have others laugh or look down at you, especially if the goal is to make themselves look superior.

Your Friend Doesn’t Have Your Back

Real friends will come to your defense, no matter how big or small the issue is.

If your friend stands at the sideline while you are berated or allows others to speak negatively about you, it means that they encourage or support those behaviors towards you. 

There’s No Respect For Boundaries

There’s No Respect For Boundaries

Every healthy relationship has clearly outlined boundaries.

These are so the other person does not overstep or do anything that will cause hurt or annoyance.

If your boundaries are clear and your friend continuously violates them knowing how you feel, it is clear that they do not respect you.

They Can’t Stick To Promises

They Can’t Stick To Promises

We are only as good as our word, and persons who can’t stick to that are never good to have around.

If your friend continuously bails on plans or fails to fulfill certain tasks, it’s obvious that you are not a priority in their life.

In this case, you should reassess where you stand in the friendship.

They Encourage Bad Choices

Bad Friends Encourage Bad Choices

Good friends want their friends to pursue dreams and activities that will prove beneficial.

Bad friends encourage poor choices that will put you at risk of serious consequences.

Usually, these choices are beneficial to them and they never think about how they may be setting you up for disaster.

For them, they matter more than you do. 

Your Friend Tries To Control You

Your Friend Tries To Control You

Friends are supposed to help guide us through life as best as possible.

However, they should not try to exercise control over your life.

You are not a puppet and you do not need anyone to dictate what you can and cannot do.

A good friend will allow you to blossom and make your own choices, and will only make suggestions when concerned. 

There’s No Empathy Or Compassion

There’s No Empathy Or Compassion With Bad friends

We all go through rough times in life, and it’s great to have a friend’s shoulder to lean on as we weather life’s storms.

A good friend will offer productive advice and make themselves available to help.

A friend that does not value you will try to belittle your feelings and will behave insensitively towards them.

They will either dismiss them or tell you “it’s not that serious” and that “you should get over it.”

They Are More Critical Than Constructive

They're more critical than compassionate is a clear sign your friends don't value you

Constructive criticism should always be welcomed, as that is the way we improve ourselves.

A friend that values you will share their opinions when necessary in an effort to help and support you.

A friend that does not value you will nitpick and make negative comments to bring you down.

They will also discredit your achievements and try to sabotage them due to jealousy.

The Energy Is Not Reciprocated

The Energy Is Not Reciprocated

Usually, relationships, especially friendships, are mirror images of the efforts of each party.

When one friend makes an effort, the other will try to match it in appreciation.

For example, if you give great gifts, or offer to babysit, your friend may return the energy in a similar fashion.

When this does not happen, it is clear that one person values the relationship more than the other.

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