11 Important Qualities Of A Good Man In A Relationship

We all know about red flags, but what about green flags and the qualities of a good man in a relationship?! these are just as (if not more) important to keep an eye out for when dating.

Everyone has their own preferences and tastes when it comes to the type of person they want to date.

There isn’t a perfect man, but there are traits and qualities that one might have that show he would be a good partner and a good man to have a relationship with.

So many of us are always looking out for red flags when dating but how about green flags? Those little (and sometimes not-so-little) things that show us just how amazing a person really is.

By looking for the important qualities of a good man in a relationship, you will be setting yourself up to be with someone incredible, someone that you can rely on, and someone you could maybe build a life with.

These are some of those qualities I have found to look for that show he might be a good partner in a relationship.

(This is by no means an exhaustive list!)

Qualities Of A Good Man In A Relationship

He Supports You

It is so important to be with someone that supports you and your dreams, no matter how big or small they are.

In a relationship, both parties should want the other to be happy, and this is brought about by supporting each other. 

He should not have a problem if you earn more than he does, or are more successful in your career than he is in his. He should show his support no matter what.

He Is Patient

Patience is a virtue, and it is also a very important quality to look for in a man.

He should never try to push you to your limits, or lose his patience with you over something trivial.

Showing and practicing patience shows that he respects you, and respects your relationship.

This goes hand in hand with knowing when to give you space, while still being close by if you need him.

He Listens To You

Listening to your partner, and actually, really listening, is a great skill to find in a significant other.

It shows that he respects what you have to say, and is paying attention to your emotions and your words.

He should let you speak openly and freely, without you feeling restricted, or without him cutting in only to give his side of it.

You should feel comfortable speaking to him about anything.

He Understands Emotions

A man with emotional intelligence will never dismiss your feelings or concerns and he will actively try to see where you are coming from.

It also means that he understands his emotions better, and is less likely to act out on negative emotions.

Finding a partner who understands emotions, or who is emotionally smart, also helps when the two of you need to work through any problems in your relationship.

You will be able to do so clearly and calmly, instead of acting out and making drastic decisions because he is not in control of how he feels.

He Respects Your Values

Cute couple having pizza together enjoying each others company

It is nearly impossible to find someone who shares all of the same values as you. We were all brought up differently, and have different life experiences, which shape our beliefs and values.

However, this should not cause issues in your relationship. A good man will respect your values and beliefs.

It also helps if he shares the same morals as you, as this makes navigating through a relationship easier.

If you have very different values and beliefs, you will both have to find a way to meet halfway, in order to make your relationship work.

He Respects Your Family

Being close to your family is wonderful, and is a great support system to have throughout life, but this can become a huge issue if your partner does not respect or care for your family.

A good partner will respect your family, whether they get along perfectly, or have very different beliefs and values.

He will care for them like you do because he knows how important they are in your life.

He should never try and keep you away from your family, and instead he should support and encourage you to spend more time with them.

This also shows that family is important to him, and he is a good person to raise children with.

He Celebrates Your Success

He Celebrates Your Success

There are too many instances of men becoming upset when their partner is successful, and this just is not right.

A good man should celebrate your successes, whether it is a promotion at work or a new craft that you have mastered.

These wins will mean a lot to you, and having someone celebrate them with you, and not make you feel guilty for them, is key to a happy, healthy relationship.

He Can Protect You

I know this one may rub people the wrong way. Let’s just say, this is a quality I look for and you don’t have to identify with all of these.

Yes, we are all capable of protecting ourselves, but having a partner who can and is willing to protect you just offers more comfort and stability in a relationship.

Him wanting to protect you shows how much he cares, and how much he really values you.

You want to be able to rely on him in unexpected situations, and trust that he will have your back no matter what.

He Knows How To Have Fun

What is the point of dating someone who doesn’t know how to have fun?

One of the greatest qualities you could look for in a man is knowing how to have fun!

He should encourage you to get out and explore new things, or even just make you laugh while cooking dinner!

We could all use someone motivating us to live life a little more, and fun helps to keep a relationship alive.

He Is Loyal

Loyalty is one of the most important traits to have in a relationship.

Relationships are built on trust, and one will never last if you do not trust your partner.

A good man will show his loyalty to you time and time again, and you should not even feel the need to question it.

In the same breath, you should also give him the space he needs to have friends and experiences of his own while giving him the trust he deserves.

He Is Chivalrous

Whoever said chivalry is dead obviously never dated a man with manners!

While some people fight against chivalry, it is still so wonderful to have the door opened for you, or have your hand held as you walk down the street.

This really doesn’t speak to the positions of man and woman, but rather the respect and care that he has for you.

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