Why Are Aquarius So Attracted To Taurus? (FIND OUT!)

The dynamics of astrological relationships is so interesting to observe! Using the zodiac signs, sometimes these Sun Signs are termed the Love Signs, to decipher who is and isn’t compatible is something I can spend HOURS doing.

I was wondering the other day, since they are such different signs, why is Aquarius so attracted to Taurus?

Aquarius is attracted to Taurus mainly because they are so different. Taurus has a very calming, grounding effect that attracts bubbly Aquarius. This is a classic situation of opposites attracting.

All of us, at some point in time, have checked the compatibility with someone using our Sun Signs.

It was more of a game among youngsters but with a strong astrological background. Perhaps Love is the most famous topic that an astrologer deals with.

The majority of astrological questions are about Love and Relationships.

While we all try to find the best match with the person we like, still deep down, we know few Sun Signs are more compatible with each other than with others.

One combination is that of an Aquarius with a Taurus. 

In this article, we will try to dive deep and find the reasons, based on all our astrological knowledge as to why an Aquarius seems to be naturally drawn to a Taurus…

Why Is Aquarius Attracted To Taurus

Why are Aquarius so attracted to Taurus?

Let us first look at these signs individually.

Aquarius is a sign governed by Saturn, and is a fixed sign of the Air element. Taurus is also a fixed sign governed by Venus, and is of Earth Element. 

Saturn and Venus are the best friends among the nine planets, hence there is a natural tendency or friendship among the signs governed by Venus and Saturn.

This friendship is among Taurus and Libra signs governed by Venus, as well as Capricorn and Aquarius signs governed by Saturn.

However, the attraction between Aquarius and Taurus is more than Aquarius and Libra or Capricorn and Taurus. But why?

The reason lies in the spatial placement of these zodiac signs. Taurus and Aquarius lie square to each other.

Signs in square to each other have a natural attraction towards one another. Moreover, if the rest of their chart are also similar, then this attraction rises to the next level.

Such a relationship is like an instant hit.

The other two signs in the square with Aquarius are Leo and Scorpio. The lord of Leo is Sun, which is a bitter enemy of Saturn the lord of Aquarius, and also Mars the lord of Scorpio, is an enemy of Saturn.

This is to say, among the square signs also, only Aquarius and Taurus are the best-suited ones.

Aquarius Personality Traits:

Aquarius is a human sign that has the symbol of an earthen pot filled with water.

Remember how we discussed that Aquarius is an Air sign? Still, it has elements of Earth in an earthen pot and Water inside it.

This shows the nature of Aquarius to be extroverted and mingle with people.

They can accommodate people and their feelings, and thus are the best friend one can have.

People share their feelings easily with an Aquarius, and they reciprocate with love and care.

On the contrary, Aquarius do not share their own feelings so easily.

They forgive and forget and move on in their life.

They reflect the maturity of thoughts in their behavior as well as in their relationships.

Thus, an Aquarius needs a childish person to nurture using their own maturity, but essentially they need someone who cannot judge them and love them unconditionally.

Taurus Personality Traits:

Taurus is an animal sign which represents free spirit. They cannot be bound by rules or regulations.

They need space both physically as well as in their relationships.

Taurus is an Earth element which has the capacity to support someone with their love and nurturing capabilities.

They are pure at heart; like wind, they wish to flow freely, still like Earth, they wish to bear the fruits of a relationship.

Their inherent nature is to be free, yet longing for love and relationships make them act childishly.

Thus, a Taurus needs a mature person to take care of them in a relationship, but like a child, they wish to play parents to them.

They want to rule, direct and be authoritative to their partner, but in reality, they forget to play their character.

Their desire to rule falls back on them, and the latter becomes the ruler for them. 

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Taurus and Aquarius Compliment Each Other

Both signs are very different, but that tends to be the very thing that attracts one to the other.

Taurus has a very calming, grounding effect that attracts Aquarius.

Aquarius doesn’t give up easily, and Taurus is famously known to be so incredibly stubborn and never take ‘no’ for an answer.

Aquarius brings a lot of color, fun, and creativity to Taurus’s life. On top of this, Taurus helps keep Aquarius on their life path and provides protection.

The stability that Taurus provides is very attractive to Aquarius and draws them in.

Taurus & Aquarius in a Relationship:

Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs, this is the reason that both of them look for stability in their life.

These thoughts of stability lead to a long-term relationship based on trust and love.

Venus is the significator of Love, and Taurus is a female sign.

This combination makes a Taurus the one who provides unconditional love in a relationship.

Aquarius is a male sign, and Saturn signifies maturity and care.

Thus, Aquarius is the one who provides safety, care, and maturity of thoughts in a relationship.

Any relationship grows beautiful and strong when it is fueled by Love, Care, Maturity, and Trust.

This principle works beautifully between an Aquarius and a Taurus.

The element of a sign signifies the inherent nature of a person governed by those signs.

Taurus is an Earth Element that provides ground for growth and nourishment. Aquarius is an Air Sign which is boundless and likes to flow.

Thus, Taurus provides the ground of Love, where the Air of Aquarius flows like mad winds. This madness of love is visible in their chemistry. 

While they are not the best match in the zodiac compatibility-wise, they are definitely unique and can be compatible because of their desire for each other, which makes them stay connected, no matter what.

This is what a true relationship is based on – Trust!

An Aquarius may never be able to miss a Taurus in a gathering because of their irresistible Aura.

The energy they carry within creates a big spark instantly, that makes them pursue each other without much thought.

Yes, it is true in their case that they are a natural match, having a natural affinity for each other! 

It is rather easy to find an Aquarius and Taurus match as they will have a lot in common but are still miles apart.

The eye they keep on each other is a rare sight to watch. The more time they spend together, the higher their energies will be. 

If you want to experience Love or want to know what natural love is – try to remember the Taurus and Aquarius couple who were great for the eyes and soul. 

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