19 Things Guys Secretly Love But Won’t Tell You (NOT WHAT YOU THINK!)

Wondering What Things Guys Secretly Love But Won’t Tell You?! We got you covered!

Relationships would be so much easier if guys would just open up and let us know all the things they secretly love – but life isn’t that easy!

You want to make your partner happy, and you want to do special things for him, no matter how small they might seem.

No matter how relentless you might be, there are some things that he might secretly love and not tell you, so to help you make him happier, we have found out all of the things that would make him feel so special and what would really make his day!

Things Guys Secretly Love But Won’t Tell You

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Sending Him A Random Text

This small act might seem insignificant, but randomly texting him during the day lets him know that you are thinking of him and that he is an important part of your life!

If you wanted to take it a step further, you could message him when you are out on ladies’ night. This really shows that you care about him and miss him and that you are looking forward to coming home to him.

The small things sometimes mean the most, and a simple text message from you can brighten up his day.

You Make The First Move

Making the first move can mean so many things, but whatever it might be, he would love it if you made an effort to make the first move more often. 

Whether it is asking him out on a date, or going in for a kiss, he might just love that you are the one taking the risk of making the first move. It also takes the pressure off of him, so if he is particularly nervous, he would be really thankful!

You making the first move also shows that you are into him and that you want to be with him. This is a huge ego boost for guys and he would appreciate it!

You Pay Him Compliments

Guys love to be complimented, even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal to them at the time! Telling him that he looks good, he cleaned up well, or that you like his trainers, might be the best compliment he has got in a long time, and chances are he is playing it over and over in his head.

Even if he brushes off the compliment or seems awkward when you give him one, you can be sure that it really meant a lot to him, and it is something you should try to do more often.

Asking For Their Help

For some guys, being asked for their help or advice is how they feel validated and important. Men actually love it when they are asked for help because it shows that you view them as someone reliable and capable of actually helping.

They appreciate the trust you are putting in them when you ask for their opinion too, and it will just cement how comfortable you feel with them.

You Laugh At His Jokes

We all have the ingrained fear of not having our jokes laughed at – so it seems pretty obvious that one of the things that guys love is when you laugh at their jokes!

Finding a guy funny is actually a huge bonus for them, and it also means that you get to laugh more often too.

For some guys, being able to make a girl smile or laugh, even just once a day, is really important, and it gives them a sense of pride too. They care about your happiness, and when they can actually see the happiness on your face, it means a lot.

Bragging About Your Relationship

Bragging about him and your relationship to other people will be such a big confidence booster for him. All his hard work of trying to impress you has paid off, and he would be really proud to hear just how much he means to you, and how important the relationship is to you.

Whether you brag about him to friends or family, try and talk just loud enough that he can hear just how much you like him!

Telling Him What You Want

Some mystery in a relationship is always good, but he probably doesn’t want to have to guess just about everything when it comes to what you want.

He doesn’t want to spend his time decoding cryptic messages from you, instead, he would rather dedicate that time making you happy. To help him with this, you should just be open and vocal about what you want.

This could be what gift you want for your birthday, things you want in the bedroom, or even what you want from the relationship. Whatever it is, telling him what you want can take a lot of pressure off his shoulders.

Showing Him Affection

Most of us want our partner to show us affection and some PDA, and the same is true for guys as well. You cannot just wait on him to be the one to initiate affection, and you showing him affection unprompted will really lift his mood.

Hold his hand, give him a little kiss, and hug him randomly. Whether you do this at home or in public will be up to your level of PDA, but he will love it nonetheless.

Be The Big Spoon

Guys like to be in control and feel like the dominant partner, but this doesn’t mean they don’t want to be the little spoon now and then!

Feeling nurtured and cared for is so important, no matter who you are, and this goes for men of all types too, dominant, burly, or even the quiet type!

When laying in bed at night, flip over and hold him tight, and let him feel nurtured and protected while he dozes off to sleep. 

He can go back to being the big spoon next time, but give him a treat every now and then.

Tell Him You Appreciate Him

Life is busy and often relationships take a backseat to the other one hundred things you have going on. For this reason, you need to make an effort to remind him of how much you appreciate him.

A simple text or even just telling him with a kiss when you say goodbye will be something that means more to him than you would ever know.

He would be glad to know that the effort he puts into the relationship doesn’t go unnoticed, even when the two of you feel a bit too busy to connect fully.

Listen To Him

With so many distractions, we are losing the ability to listen to someone. With guys, they really love it when you actually listen to them, paying attention to what they say and remembering it too.

If he mentions something about a new movie he wants to see, book tickets to go watch it together. If he mentions a big game coming up, have a game night at home with snacks and drinks.

Whatever it might be, showing him that you listen to what he says and that you are using that to make him happy will mean so much to him.

Play With His Hair

This seems simple, but playing with his hair while he drives or while you are sitting on the couch can feel great for him. Lightly scratch his head and stroke his hair softly, it feels relaxing, and soothing, and shows him that you care!

Small acts of affection like this might seem insignificant to you, but to a guy, they are meaningful and make all the difference.

Let Him Protect You

This is one of those things almost all guys secretly love but won’t tell you!

While you don’t need a man to protect you, it could be really important to him to feel like he is. Let him protect you wherever the need arises, such as walking you to your car, or even just holding your hand in public.

This could even be smaller things such as you laying your head on their chest, as they feel as if they are holding you tight and keeping you safe in their arms.

When You Nurture Them

Even the most masculine of men want nurturing now and then. He might put a lot of effort into taking care of you, so it would be great for you to repay the favor.

You could give him some nurturing by giving him a shoulder rub after a stressful day, making him his favorite dinner, or even running him a warm bath to soak in!

Not all men will feel comfortable admitting they want to be cared for and looked after, but no man will deny it when you show them some extra love!

Talk About Feelings

Guys don’t always feel comfortable talking about their feelings, but this doesn’t mean they don’t want to.

Make an effort to ask him how he is doing, how his day went, and what’s going on in his life. He doesn’t have to dive into his deepest darkest fears, but even just talking about what is going on with him will make him feel great.

Giving him a platform to be open about how he feels might be just what he needs to open up more.

Post About Them On Social Media

You don’t have to have a constant commentary of your relationship on social media, but a post once in a while showing how much you appreciate him can really boost his ego!

It shows that you aren’t afraid to let everyone know how much he means to you and show the world that you love him!

You could also post about any accomplishments he has made, such as a promotion, a win at a sports game, or even if he has just made you a great dinner!

Have A Pamper Day

Men love to be pampered, no matter how much they act like they don’t! You could treat him to a pamper day with just the two of you. If your budget allows, you could book to go have a couples treatment at a spa, or you could buy some masks and treatments to do it at home.

This will not only be a great pampering experience for him but a good way to spend quality time together too.

You Introduce Him To Your Friends

If the two of you are still fairly new in your relationship, then he would really love it when you introduce him to your friends.

This shows that you are proud to be with him and that you think he is good enough to be meeting the people most important to you.

For him, this is a great confidence boost and lets him know that he is making you happy!

When You Are Romantic

Not all of us are overly romantic, but that does not mean we don’t want a romantic gesture every now and then!

If you take control and plan a romantic dinner for him, or plan a small getaway, you will sweep him off his feet. Try and personalize the romantic gesture to make it even more special.

You could even go as far as buying him a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates – and as cliche as this might be, he would love the reminder that he is important to you and that he is on your mind, even when you aren’t together.

Things Guys Secretly Love But Won’t Tell You

If you are looking to surprise your guy and show him a little more love, but not in the most obvious way, then you should consider the things that guys secretly love but won’t tell you!

These things might not seem obvious, but to help you out, we have listed all of the things that guys secretly love but don’t let you know. They will love the extra attention, the extra affection, and the fact that you are going out of your way to make them happy! 

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