When A Guy Says He Loves You But You’re Not Dating (What It Means!)

Dating isn’t easy, and being out there and open to someone before the both of you have committed to each other can be a tricky game.

This can all be made so much more difficult to navigate through if a guy tells you he loves you but you’re not dating!

This can be quite confusing and leave you feeling a little surprised. You might find it easy to jump to conclusions, but you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. At the end of the day, they are just words, and his actions need to back up what he says.

If you have been hit with the “I love you”, from someone you are not dating, it could mean a few things. To help you work out why he has said it, keep reading to find out what it might mean, to help you figure out what to do from there!

When A Guy Says He Loves You But You’re Not Dating

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He Is Confused

It might be that this guy is confusing infatuation with love, and jumping the gun a little bit. He might be overwhelmed with his feelings for you and jump straight into thinking it is love from early on.

A strong attraction to you might confuse him, and while these feelings are legitimate and real, they are not love, which is something that develops over time and through trust.

You will probably find that he pours his heart out to you and tells you he loves you and all the romantic things, only for him to then feel these things die down over time, as the initial full-on attraction begins to fade.

Being able to tell the difference between love and infatuation definitely helps in these situations, but not everyone is able to tell the difference!

He Acted On Impulse

Some men are not so great at impulse control, and he might have found himself wrapped up in the moment and just blurted out that he loves you. He could very well be in the process of falling in love with you, even before dating, and he just got caught up in the moment.

There might be some real potential for the two of you in the future, but it is better to just take things slow and not act impulsively to begin with. We are all victims of impulse, and he might even regret blurting it out so soon!

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It Isn’t Romantic Love

There are often times when one friend feels stronger about another, and this can often cause complications between them. 

It could be that you are the person that has romantic feelings, but he sees you just as a friend. Him saying “I love you” could just be a reflection of his feelings towards you as a friend, and not romantically.

You might be hoping that it could mean more, but if he has not sent you any other signals that he is interested in your romantically, you should not read into it anymore.

If this is the first time he has said it, it could be even more confusing, but, likely, he is just expressing his affection and gratitude for having you as a friend.

He Is Trying To Get Into Bed With You

Unfortunately, not all men are so open and honest, and he might just be saying what he thinks you want to hear to get into bed with you.

Some men think that saying those three words will be the key to getting into your pants and it might work for them sometimes. But don’t be the one that lets it work again!

There will be other signs that this is the type of person he is, especially when he tries to do everything right and over the top when it suits him, and everything has a sexual note to it.

Don’t fall for the trap and think that he might be in it for the real deal, chances are he is not and it will be his go-to every time he wants a pick-me-up from you.

It might be tempting to believe it, but his actions will speak louder than his words.

Don’t let sweet words seduce you if his actions don’t match them. Especially, if his actions don’t match.

He Loves You

Life works in mysterious ways, and there might be something keeping the two of you from dating, but that does not mean that there is something that is holding his feelings back.

If the two of you have known each other for some time and have just never found yourself in a relationship, it could be that he really does love you. He probably doesn’t want to keep it to himself anymore, and he feels ready to let you know how he feels after all this time.

Other people also believe in love at first sight, and while this might not be the case, the two of you could be a special case of two people who met and fell in love early, before you even got around to dating!

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What You Can Do

How you act when he says he loves you but you are not dating will depend on the relationship that you two have, and how you feel towards him.

Don’t ever feel pressured into saying it back if you aren’t ready, especially if you are doubtful of his intentions. You need to be honest with how you feel, even if you don’t think that he is completely honest or aware of his feelings.

A good idea if this happens is to take a step back and look at what has happened leading up to this point. This might help you realize that he is just saying it to get you into bed, thinking it is what you want to hear, or you might realize that you have real feelings for him too, even if you aren’t ready to say it back.

Saying “I love you” isn’t something that should be done without thought, especially for the first time, so you do need to try to think of where it is coming from when he says it!

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