How Do Libras Act When They Like Someone? (10 SIGNS!)

The air sign Libra is one influenced by the desire for harmony, balance, and peace. They’re flirtatious, intellectual, friendly, and charismatic, but they also hold their cards close to their chest.

This can make it difficult to tell when a person has seriously caught a Libra’s eye. So how do Libras act when they like someone? Read on to find out.

How Do Libras Act When They Like You

They Always Start Conversations

They Always Start Conversations

As an air sign, Libras can be very conversational. They love to chat about anything and everything. That’s how they best connect to others!

So if a Libra likes someone, they do their best to come up with various discussion topics. They’ll find any excuse to chat with the person they like.

This extends to digital communication. A Libra will text or call often, usually about completely random topics. Basically, they just want an excuse to connect and get closer!

They Remember Everything

Libras Remember Everything About You

Libras are very insightful and perceptive. Through the aforementioned conversations, they collect information on the people they like and commit that to memory.

They’re not going to waste their brainpower on someone they’re not interested in.

But if they like someone, they’ll dedicate lots of space to remembering even the smallest pieces of information about them.

They Just Can’t Stop Smiling

They Just Can't Stop Smiling

Different signs have different tendencies to conceal their emotions. Fire signs are bold and open while earth signs tend to be very closely guarded and subtle. Air signs like Libra fall somewhere in the middle.

They’re good at concealing parts of themselves, but when someone tugs their heartstrings, they have trouble keeping up the farce!

When a Libra starts to like someone, they’ll do their best to hide the attraction at first. Libras tend to struggle with their emotions, so they wouldn’t want to show too much at once. But as those feelings grow, concealing them gets much harder.

A Libra will be unable to keep themself from laughing or smiling around someone they like. 

Of course, the rest of their natal chart will offer more insight into just how open they’re going to be.

But for the most part, their day is so brightened by the presence of someone they like that they can’t help but grin!

They Let You Get Close To Them

They Let You Get Close To Them

Libras present a certain version of themselves to the world.

They struggle to trust others, so they don’t put down their walls for just anyone.

This doesn’t mean that they’re fake, though. Their interests lie in protecting themselves.

If they let themselves be vulnerable around a person, chances are that they like and trust them.

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They’ll Be Old-Fashioned Romantics

They'll Be Old-Fashioned Romantics

Libras are ruled by the lovely planet of Venus, so it’s no surprise that they’re suckers for romance. When a Libra likes someone, they pull out all the stops to be a classic romantic.

They’ve little interest in modern dating norms and tropes and much prefer old-fashioned chivalry. 

This isn’t to say that a Libra never performs gestures more aligned with the modern world. But Libras tend to showcase their old-fashioned tendencies only with those they really like.

They’ll write cute handwritten notes, send flowers, set up candlelit dinners, and showcase class, elegance, and respect.

They’ll Do Nice Gestures

They'll Do Nice Gestures

Libras aren’t the kind to do extra work and effort where it’s not required. They like going with the flow and taking it easy where possible.

ut if they like someone, they’re willing to go the extra mile.

Whether they buy gifts, perform acts of service, or just do nice gestures, they’ll find ways to shower that special person with affection.

They Send Mixed Signals

They Send Mixed Signals

Libras have a very strong start when they begin to show interest in someone. But at some point, when they realize that their feelings are strong, they’ll seem to get inconsistent.

They’ll be all over that person one day, then distant and cold the next. This happens because Libras have difficulty managing their emotions. They try to use logic to mediate, which doesn’t always go to plan.

This is exactly why Libra is best represented by their symbol of the Scales. They need to start weighing pros and cons, considering different options, before they make a decision!

While they’re doing all that thought, their behavior becomes unpredictable. They start taking note of every single tiny detail of their interactions with that person.

Each little piece is added to their list of considerations. It’ll take a while before a Libra feels confident enough to make a choice, whichever way that choice may lead!

They Flirt. A. Lot.

Libras Flirt a lot

It’s just not possible to be a sign ruled by Venus and not be a flirt, too!

Libras are famous for turning on the charm all the time.

When they like someone, they dial that flirtation up to 11.

They’ll even reserve some specific aspects of that charm just for that special individual. 

They’re Full Of Questions

They're Full Of Questions

Once again, Libras demonstrate the full extent of their air sign influence. A Libra wants to have things in common with the people they like.

They want to be intellectually similar and be on the same page. 

Many Libras have a long list of desires that they want in a partner, which comes from their Scales qualities.

They’ve decided on the perfect person for them by balancing and weighing their thoughts.

When they ask someone a lot of questions, they’re trying to see if that person meets their desires or not. 

They’ll Just Say They Like Someone

They'll Just Say They Like Someone

Libras can be contradictory, and their indecisiveness and flirtatiousness make them slow to settle down. But don’t forget that Libra is also a Cardinal sign!

This means they can be aggressive and are willing to take charge when they truly want or like someone. They’re reluctant to leave anything to chance because they’re leaders, initiators, and go-getters.

This is the clearest sign of a Libra’s genuine liking of someone. For a fickle sign to commit so steadily and fiercely, someone has to have captured their heart!

They’ll take some time to do the weighing and consideration they need, but once they’re convinced, they’re totally all in. 


Libras can be tough to get a read on, and they might be unpredictable and confusing now and then. But when they truly like someone, those feelings soon become obvious and can be seen from a mile away!

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