What To Do When A Libra Man Is Mad At You? (9 STRATEGIES)

Having a Libra Man in your life is a blessing because these caring and sensitive people will always make sure you are alright and be there for you!

They will give you unconditional support and make your life a little bit more beautiful because beauty and good taste are their thing. But what happens if you make this man angry? 

Everyone deals with anger differently and it can be quite challenging to know how you should react or what you can do to help in these situations. By learning more about the Libra men’s traits you can have a better idea of what to expect when he’s mad.

Keep on reading to find out how the Libras handle anger and in case you made him angry, we give you the ultimate tips to help you make him forget and forgive! 

What To Do When A Libra Is Mad At You

What To Do When A Libra Is Mad At You

A Libra man is usually pretty relaxed, calm, and forgiving. They don’t get easily mad, but when they do, they are like a time bomb!

They explode, and what you need to do at that moment is let them vent their anger, instead of trying to calm them. Don’t let his strong reaction scare you, rather look at it as a positive thing.

If the Libra man stops talking to you and becomes quiet and distant while being angry, then that ‘s a worse sign! 

When angry, the Libra man will most probably raise his voice.  That is a sign that he hates to have arguments and fights, so he feels a strong need to vent his frustrations as soon as possible.

Holding grudges or anger is something that Libra man despites doing, so you can always count on him approaching you to speak about the problem.

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Don’t Get Touchy

Don’t hug him or touch the Libra man when he is angry!

Although they are typically affectionate, tender, and loving, when they are annoyed and angry, Libra man doesn’t want affection or to be touched.

These are not the kind of people that like to get physically close when they are having trouble feeling emotionally connected.

Give Them Space

When a Libra man is angry, you need to give him their space.

Sometimes it wouldn’t be your fault if your Libra man is upset. It can be a problem that has nothing to do with you.

However, even in this case, it is still the best solution to give him time and space to work through his angry feelings on his own.

Let him know that you are there for him if he needs you, but you get that he needs time alone to process his emotions and calm down.

A Libra man makes his judgments based on reasoning and intelligence, which makes him thoughtful and quite diplomatic.

However, this affects him to have a difficult time handling his emotions in the relationship if he is angry.

When a Libra man is upset about something, he is likely to start behaving distant and withdrawn from his partner.

If he feels like you are not sorry for what you did or you don’t realize you hurt him or the pain you caused him, he may decide to act in a selfish manner to hurt you back. He is a Libra, and this is, unfortunately, his way, to restore the “balance” in the relationship. 

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What Is The Best Way To Get A Libra Man To Forgive You?

What Is The Best Way To Get A Libra Man To Forgive You?

Offer A Sincere Apology

A sincere apology is always the right choice!

They are the most forgiving sign in the Zodiac but only if your apology is honest and you truly show him how sincerely sorry you are for what you did that made him upset.

Don’t Cry

Most women will go for the tears as their way out to get their forgiveness.

Although Libra man is sensitive and empathic, they will never forgive you for using tears to manipulate him to give you forgiveness!

If they turn out to be the one who needs to apologize to you after you hurt them first, just because you started crying, they will say they are sorry, but they will also leave you soon enough after that.  

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Avoid Drama

Avoid the drama!

Libra man is no fan of the drama or adding more fuel to the fire.

So if you see him upset and angry, try to stay calm. It won’t help if you too start a heated argument with him.  

Be Warm And Gentle

Be warm and gentle when he is angry.

You might assume that, since he is usually so rational, calm, and consistent, you might need to give him tough love when he is feeling upset.

This is not true, and on the contrary, a gentle and warm approach will take you towards his forgiveness quicker. 

Help Him Unwind

Instead of demanding him to calm down when he is angry, help him relax and chill.  Play his favorite music, have a calming conversation, or go together to a place that brings happy memories to him.  

See His Side Of Things

You don’t need to always look for a solution to his problems.

Sometimes it helps just to be there for him, to hear him out and take his side.

Perhaps all he wants and needs is to hear you tell him that he is right.

Show Compassion and Acknowledge His Feelings

If you are wondering how to get closer to a Libra man when he is upset, it is by acknowledging his feelings. Show him you understand how he feels and you empathize with him.

Libra is all about balance in life, so they will always weigh the act that made him angry as opposed to your apology.

You will always know how he feels about a certain problem because his actions, anger, and resentment will be accurate representations of his feelings.

When he is angry, you may find him being melodramatic and act as though the little things are a huge problem, but this is only if the two of you have not addressed the primary concern.

You have to keep in mind that maintaining a relationship with a Libra man is based on mutual honesty and respect. So make sure to always have an honest and open approach to any difficulties that come between you and the Libra man. 

They never need someone to follow them or for someone to guide them. Libra man needs someone who will stand beside him, encourage and support him.

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