Do Rebounds Make You Miss Your Ex More (What To Know!)

Rebound relationships happen quickly and you often find yourself swept off your feet and in a whirlwind romance before you have even had a chance to process your ex and the breakup.

Some people find that rebound relationships work quickly to get their mind off of their ex, but sometimes these rebounds do more harm than good.

Do rebounds make you miss your ex more?

It is very possible that your rebound will make you miss your ex more. The rebound will be fun and consuming to start, but soon that has to end, and you might find yourself missing the habits and traits of your past relationship.

Rebounds are also often rushed into, and this means you can’t ensure that the person you are now seeing is actually right from you, and once the cracks start to show, you could start wishing you were with your ex.

To help you in this situation, or give you more insight into why it happens, we have covered everything you need to know about why rebounds make you miss your ex!

What Classifies As A Rebound?


A rebound relationship is a relationship that happens soon after you end things with your ex, and is usually formed because you want to continue to enjoy the feeling of being in a relationship, and having someone close by. It is also a way for many people to stop thinking about their ex.

Often, rebound relationships happen quickly and can progress quite fast as well. When your heart is broken, you might try to mend it with someone else, and this could cause you to move through the processes a little quicker.

While rebounds can be fun and exciting, they can also be artificial and feel a little forced as well. They work as a distraction from feeling the consequences of the past-ended relationship.

Rebounds don’t often last long, but in some cases, they turn out well and may become a long-lasting relationship. The problem is that a rebound is often rushed, and you are not able to get to know the person properly before you find yourself too far down the line to back out too easily.

Why Rebounds Happen

There are a few different reasons rebounds happen, and for some people, they might genuinely like the person they are rebounding with. This doesn’t make your old hurt disappear, but it can make the rebound a little more meaningful.

These are some of the reasons why rebounds happen:

  • Wanting to move on quickly from an ex and the past relationship.
  • Wanting some distraction from the emotions and hurt they are feeling, as well as a distraction from missing their ex.
  • Trying to make their ex jealous, whether to hurt them or try to win them back.
  • To fill up free time they now have that their relationship has ended.

When someone enters into a rebound relationship, these reasons might not even be clear and they might really think that the relationship is a good idea or that it might work, but often this is just a band-aid over the emotions they are still harboring for their ex.

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How To Know You’re In A Rebound Relationship

Most rebound relationships start out well, and you might genuinely be happy in the beginning. Because of this, it can be difficult to know when you are in a rebound relationship, or whether you have happened to find someone right for you quicker than you expected.

Here are some signs to look for that you might be in a rebound relationship:

You Went Looking For The Relationship

A good sign that you are in a rebound is if you went out looking for someone to rebound with. You had the temptation to go out and seek emotion or physical connection with someone, and this is often because you are trying to fill a void or find release elsewhere.

You might cling on to the first person who shows interest and take things further with them even if they would not be the type of person that you would typically see yourself with.

The Honeymoon Period Is Intense

Usually, rebound relationships have quite an intense honeymoon period. It is all butterflies and rainbows to start, and this is often because you are trying to overcompensate for all the hurt you still have from your last relationship or overcompensate for the fact your rebound is just not the right one for you.

In the beginning, you can look past their flaws and annoying habits, because it is all fun and exciting. But this has to end at some point, and when that happens, the rose-tinted glasses just aren’t strong enough anymore.

You Try to Prove The Relationship Is Legit

One common trait that rebound relationships share is that you feel the need to prove that it is a real relationship, and not a rebound, to family and friends. You introduce them to everyone from early on and you want to try to prove that you are over your ex.

This becomes even more true later on when things start to become real and the excitement begins to fade. You will do all that you can to try and act like it is all still sunshine and roses, especially if friends and family warned you to not move too fast.

Your Ex Is On Your Mind

A rebound happens when you try to get over your ex. Because of this, you will most likely think about your ex when with your new partner, or even base some of your decisions on what you and your ex used to do.

You might find yourself watching the same movies with your rebound that you and your ex used to watch, or forcing some other type of old habit onto the new relationship.

A healthy relationship should start on a clean slate, and this is not the case for rebounds.

Why A Rebound Might Make You Miss Your Ex

couple on romantic date in europe

In a rebound relationship, you tend to ignore any flaws and annoying habits that your new partner has. You think you can deal with them, and the honeymoon phase minimizes them quite a bit. However, over time this fades and these negative traits become a more serious issue.

It is then that you will find yourself missing your ex because you will compare your new partner (and their flaws) to your ex, who was possibly more suited for you.

Rebounds are usually rushed into, and this means you don’t have enough time to properly get to know someone. When the excitement fades and the real world hits, you might really miss the comfort and security you had with your ex, especially when you realize you won’t be getting it from your rebound.

Bottled emotions don’t just disappear, and if you have been pushing your emotions aside and entertaining yourself with a rebound, these emotions will eventually surface, and you will have to deal with the hurt and loss.

It could even take a rebound to show you how much your ex really meant to you, and how compatible the two of you really were.

Some rebounds work out for the best, but others do just make you miss your ex, and only delay you dealing with your emotions and working through the pain the breakup caused.

Should You Be In A Rebound Relationship If You Still Miss Your Ex?

You do not need to end a rebound just because you miss your ex. It is natural to have thoughts of past relationships, and each relationship has its happy memories.

However, it is important to understand when missing your ex starts affecting your rebound, and you find it difficult to move past your emotions.

If you think that the person you are having a rebound with is a good person for you and that there is potential for the relationship to work out, then it could be worth sticking it out. It is also always a good idea to be honest with them about how you feel, especially if you are still working through the breakup.

Your rebound partner is a person too, with their own emotions and wants in the relationship, and if you are in it purely to get over your ex or as a distraction, and you still want to be with your ex, give them the respect they deserve and rather spend some time on your own.

Do Rebounds Make You Miss Your Ex?

Rebounds can make you miss your ex more, and the best thing you can do is work through your feelings and emotions and be honest with yourself.

The distraction of a rebound can only last so long, and you might find yourself stuck in a relationship you don’t want to be in, and still dealing with the pain from your last relationship.

Take time to yourself if you can and go through your emotions. Find yourself before jumping into another relationship that might only offer temporary relief.

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