Why Are Geminis Attracted To Scorpio (11 MUST-KNOWS!)

Geminis are undoubtedly one of the Zodiac’s most fun, social, and communicative signs. These people will wow you with their wide specter of interests and keep the conversation engaging for hours!

Not to mention the excellent sense of humor they possess and the ability to laugh on their account. 

On the other hand, Scorpio is more withdrawn and a bit mysterious compared to other zodiac signs.

These people possess a high ability to sense your energy and connect with you on a deeper level.

At first glance, these zodiac signs appear to be polar opposites. But they can share a strong bond, and it’s a natural case of opposites attract.

As a water sign, they thrive on emotions and have a tendency to get their head wrapped up deep inside their own feelings. 

But no matter how different and dissimilar personalities both signs have, their natural attraction toward each other is undeniable. This can be a very sexual relationship from the start.

In fact, a Gemini man is strongly drawn toward the passionate Scorpio woman, and today we will explain to you why…

That’s not to say Gemini woman aren’t also strongly attracted to a Scorpio man, but you tend to see the fascination more the other way around.

Let us start by just saying that there are no more curious signs in the Zodiac than a Gemini.

So this makes it only logical for them to go after the Scorpio.

I mean, who is more mysterious and mystic than these people?!

And on top of it, they have that dangerous vibe surrounding them, which only makes the Scorpio even more appealing to spirited Gemini. 

When it comes to the level of compatibility in a relationship, some astrologists say that despite the strong level of attraction, these two signs together can create chaos.

Could it be that strong sexual intimacy isn’t enough?!

I say let us first go through the reason why a Gemini man (or sometimes woman) can’t resist the Scorpio woman, and you be the judge if this is your dream relationship or a nightmare you can’t wake up from… 

Why Are Geminis Attracted To Scorpio

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Strong and Powerful

There is no denying that a Scorpio is strong and powerful, especially a Scorpio woman. These people are born with a natural ability to set themself up authoritatively.

Even their voice is authoritative, and it makes you want to listen and obey them.

Well, a Gemini man is not much of a “follow the rules” type or does as someone tells them, but power and authority are very appealing to them. 

Gemini is also very strong and capable of making you do things their way, as their intelligence is incredibly strong.

So here we have a powerful duo that can rule the world.

However, when it comes to their relationship, it is not an exception for Scorpio and Geminis to find each other in a power struggle. 

It may even be the case that Gemini feel drawn to Scorpio’s strength, but also intimidated by it.

Controlling and Jealous

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Yes, at first glance, these traits are not something that should attract you toward someone but are more of a red flag.

However, allow us to explain. 

Gemini is a very spirited, open-minded, and go-with-the-flow sign. However, a touch of order and discipline can help this sign go the extra mile and easily succeed in its goals. 

Therefore on a subconscious level, the Gemini looks for someone that can help them achieve stability and order in their life. And who is better at that than the determined Scorpio?!

Unfortunately, Scorpio can help you sort of your life, but they always appreciate (or demand) if they can keep track of your life, which is something a Gemini sees as a deprivation of their freedom. 

When it comes to jealousy in relationships, allow us to share a little secret with you. Although Gemini may seem like the least jealous sign of all, in fact, they are very protective of what is “theirs.”

So as weird as it seems, the Gemini will enjoy the protective and “you are mine” (in a healthy dose, of course) vibe coming from a Scorpio woman.

It will be like they both respect and appreciate each other by making sure no one else interferes in the relationship or endangers it. 

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Mysterious and Secretive

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We already mentioned that one of the strongest reasons why Gemini is so attracted and drawn toward Scorpio is because they are incredibly curious.

People born in this sign love to solve puzzles and riddles, and Scorpio is like one huge challenge for them to crack.

If you have a Scorpio partner, you will never be bored.

So nothing more challenges the Twins to get closer to Scorpio so they can find out what is behind that secretive behavior. 

To be honest, rarely can someone ever resist the charisma Gemini has.

However, Scorpio will oppose the urge to show them they are interested, which is why the Gemini will instantly take the bait.

The Twin will be like, “Why is this person not amazed by me like everybody else?”. Then, it will become their quest to win the Scorpio’s attention because that is a Gemini thing. 

Intelligent and Intuitive

Scorpio is very intelligent and intuitive, which is something they have in common with the Twins.

The two of them can have interesting and mentally stimulating conversations for hours, which is number one “must have” on the Gemini “potential partner list.”

But, most importantly, the Scorpio intuition can add up to the ability of Gemini to foresee the outcome and help them make better decisions.

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Ambitious and Hard-Working

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Scorpio is a sign that always wants to progress and improve. They like to learn new things and master new skills, and guess who else wants that too?

Yes, Gemini! These people ruled by Mercury also enjoy discovering new potential in themself and learning.

So when you put in a room a Gemini and Scorpio, they will instantly click on how much they can learn from each other. 

One more reason why Gemini is so attracted to the Scorpio is that these people are not lazy, and there is nothing more they despise than lazy and unmotivated people.

So it is only natural for them to be pulled toward the ambitious and goal-oriented Scorpio. Let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t want a successful and prosperous partner?!

The Differences Between Them

Two opposites complete each other, and this is one more reason why Gemini and Scorpio can be such a good match.

What Gemini lacks in themselves, the Scorpio has, and vice versa.

So when you think about it, in the long term, being with such different personalities can be the key factor of their long-lasting relationship, just like Yin and Yang.

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The High Self-Confidence

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You can almost notice a Scorpio by the way they walk. These people know their worth and are definitely here to take the room’s attention.

Confidence and awareness of inner worth are something Gemini can’t resist.

To top that, Scorpio doesn’t really care what other people think of them and do things they please.

When the Gemini realize this, well, they are in love almost instantly.  

Passionate and Seductive

Hot Scorpio screams sensuality with every movement, look they give to you, or word they say.

It is not a secret that these people ruled by the planet of passion, Mars, are one of the best lovers in the Zodiac.

When in the bedroom, they are wild and passionate and know how to keep control, so this is a big turn-on for the Gemini. 

Furthermore, everyone knows how flirty the Twins are, but here we think they have met their match.

The Gemini can make you blush when they flirt with you, but the Scorpio can make you feel inner fire and tingling in your body.

The flirtation between these two will become a competition and eventually will lead them to the bedroom. 

However, it can be a problem if Gemini flirts with others and vice versa.

Both zodiac signs have no respect for unfaithful partners, although you can see them flirting with others.

Funny, both will defend themself under the excuse that it is just harmless and for fun.

We know it is a tricky situation, and they must be willing to compromise and show a lot of understanding for this “weird” behavior BOTH have. 

Straightforward and Direct

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Scorpio’s communication is very straightforward, direct, and honest, more-so than any other zodiac sign. This is something Gemini highly appreciates and respects.

Most people will try to skirt around the truth, so it will be more convenient for you, but not Scorpio. They will tell you as it is, and this is so hot for the Gemini. 

The truth is that the Twins always aim to better and improve themself, so what better way to do that than having someone beside you that helps you open your eyes.

They are also very honest and direct, although they may use slight humor to cushion the “ugly truth.” 

However, the Scorpio woman might not find it funny how honest and direct the Gemini man can be. So this can be a turn-off for the highly sensitive to criticism Scorpio.

Therefore, if they want to make the relationship work, the Gemini’s must learn to be slightly more gentle with Scorpio’s fragile ego and vanity. 

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Scorpio is a person on whom you can rely, trust and count.

This is especially important to social Gemini because they may have a lot of people around them but very few they can trust.

In addition, it is believed that Gemini is one sign that knows all the secrets of others. So the fact that the Scorpio can keep a secret so well and not tell a single soul, wow, that is like the Holy Grail for the Gemini. 

However, right here is one more “inconvenience” we can have when it comes to Gemini-Scorpio compatibility, as Gemini’s are babblers.

They often speak without thinking about it first, and one of the secrets Scorpio shares with them can “accidentally” be exposed to some of their friends.

This is unacceptable for the Scorpios, who are highly protective of their privacy and secrets, so you see the problem.

Romantic and Committed

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Scorpio is a water sign and very much in tune with their emotions.

This makes them very affectionate for the person they like and willing to romanticize the relationship.

So yes, Scorpio will give the Gemini all the romance the Twins love in the movies but keep acting like they don’t want it. Trust me, they do!

To be honest, Gemini is not a very romantic sign, but deep down inside, they want to be, and they try! Unfortunately not hard enough.

However, they will surely appreciate the effort from their partner and love them even more for that. What is better, they will give their best to give a little romance back. 

But be aware that you can’t expect the Twin to be emotional or sensitive as the Scorpios are. So this personality trait leads us to one more reason why problems in paradise can happen.

Scorpios can hide their emotions very well, but that is far from them being unemotional. On the contrary, these people can be so emotional that all that intense energy can push the carefree Gemini away. 

On the other hand, dramatic Scorpio can feel hurt when the Twin doesn’t acknowledge their deep feelings or acts like it is not a big deal.

Note that it is a Gemini thing to move on to a more interesting thing and activities if the ones are too “deep” or “blue” for their taste. So when emotional and in a bad mood-Scorpio approaches the Gemini, they can get ignored or avoided, which naturally will lead to Scorpio being mad and hurt. 

Scorpios can be very intimidating. You have probably heard that it is a very bad idea to make a Scorpio angry.

This is because when this happens, you can count that all those strong feelings of love will almost instantly turn into hatred and revenge, so you better stay on their good side. 

In conclusion, the Gemini-Scorpio relationship will require a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean it won’t succeed.

Luckily both signs will want to make it work and are determined enough to fight the obstacles. In the end, they can truly form a unique and special bond for life. 

Well, even if it is not a forever thing, this relationship will still have a deep impact on both signs’ lives and be marked as an “affair to remember.”

The bottom line is that life is too short to pass up an opportunity to have passionate, wild, and incredibly stimulating relationships, which is why Gemini will always go for the Scorpio. 

Scorpio likes to live dangerously, and Gemini loves the thrill and excitement a partner and a relationship can give! So this explains it all on why Geminis are attracted to Scorpio. 

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