How To Make An Aries Man Obsessed With You (12 TIPS!)

We completely understand your attraction towards Aries man! They are a fire sign, which means they radiate passion and powerful energy you can’t deny!

An Aries man is passionate, adventurous, and witty. Even if they aren’t the most ‘attractive,’ there’s just a spark about them that probably draws you towards this man.

Plus, the fact they tend to be active and always in motion often draws this man towards sports. So, yes, they typically have a great body!

But now that you’ve got your eye on an Aries man, how exactly could you get him to want and be obsessed with you?

How To Make An Aries Man Obsessed With You

How To Make And Aries Man Obsessed With You

The Truth First: Getting Their Attention Is Challenging

Aries men are ruled by planet Mars, the planet of desires, action, passion, energy, and sex. 

That explains why this man is so confident, driven, and action-oriented.

They are curious, and their object of attention changes fast.

Aries finds it tough to stand still for too long.

You can grab his attention but the trick is to keep it on you.

We are not going to lie to you.

These men are known to change lovers fast and jump from one relationship to another.

They move fast and make impulsive decisions, so falling in love can be fast, but then losing interest can be even faster.

You Need To Be A Challenge

Just as Mars is the God of War, Aries man likes to conquer.

However, they will never go for easy prey.

They like the thrill of challenge and difficulty.

The more they struggle to get something, the more fun is for these men.

So you have to play the game well.

Keep It Fun, Interesting, And Light

Aries are manly, masculine, and strong, but they possess an almost childlike curiosity.

If you don’t keep it interesting and fun, they will lose their interest fast as children with a new toy.

They hate monotony and being stuck in a routine. So forget about doing the same things every time you see him.

With this man, every day needs to be a different adventure.

Be Ambitious

They are ambitious and success-driven, the woman of his dream needs to match him.

Aries are not intimidated by strong women.

In fact, they prefer to have an equally ambitious and successful woman so they can be the power duo.

If you show him that you are strong and independent, aiming towards success, they know you share the same goals.  

They Love Strong Woman

Aries man likes a strong woman who won’t try to control them.

Freedom is very important for this man.

They will never be with the clingy type of woman, who doesn’t have her own interest, hobbies, and life separated from the relationship.

So make sure you never neglect your personal or social life just to be with him.

Let Him Protect You

While they love being with a strong woman, they are by nature very protective and also like to feel that they are in control and able to look after the people they love.

However, don’t go overboard and pretend to be a victim.

A desperate woman turns this man off very fast. Instead give him the small things like check in on you that you got home safe, or carrying the bags for you.

After all, you are a lady, and Capricorn looks for that in a partner.

Small Gestures Melt His Heart

They firmly believe that small things show love.

When we say the small things, we mean the details like a good night text or a message for a good morning.

That shows you care for him, and despite your busy day at work, you are thinking about them. 

Respect Him

Most women believe that they need to get a man jealousy in order for him to become obsessed with them. Well, not Aries.

This man although the jealous type, flirting with another man will only show him you don’t have respect for him, and that is something they strongly detest!

They Need To Be The Best

Don’t ever compare him to your exes or another man.

Don’t speak in front of them about how good some other man is, even if it is a friend or colleague.

They need to feel like they are the best there is, and number one! It is not a surprise, since they are the first sign in the Zodiac.

No Wandering Eyes

Forget about wandering eyes and checking other men, even if it is for fun.

This is something that every man will find repellent, but Aries and his impulsive nature take it on a whole other level.

You won’t provoke him to feel threatened about losing you or wake up his interest, for that matter.

The only thing you will acquire with such behavior is the feisty Aries to start a fight with this man, and then lose interest in you for good!

Forget About Lying, Cheating, Or Keeping Secrets

If one thing they cherish and look for the most in a partner is honesty!

They might change partners a lot, but they are faithful and devoted when in a relationship, so they expect the same for you.

Aries man has zero-tolerance for cheating, and they won’t give you a second chance.

This man never forgives or forgets!

Show Him You Are Trusting And Loyal

They open very hard about their emotions and feelings, so they need a partner whom they will trust and be there for them.

Aries man will appreciate it if you support him no matter what because they will do the same for you.

Have A Sense Of Humor

Have A Sense Of Humor

It is not so much about the looks, as is for the fun time they will have with you.

Aries have a very joyful nature and like to laugh.

If you make him laugh and forget about his worries while being with you, he is yours forever!

It will be worth it!

Although it may seem like a hard job to make Aries obsess with you, trust us, it is worth it.

In return, you will get a man who will adore you and shower you with attention.

Aries man will always be there for you, ready to help you, listen to your worries and problems, and love you passionately!

When we say passionately, it will be a long night of making love and you are going to agree that he indeed, is number ONE!

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