When A Scorpio Man Is Done With You (9 SIGNS!)

Scorpio’s ruling planets are Mars and Pluto. They have strong intuition and even greater power to attract you and spin your world around.

Often drawn toward the dark and spiritual side of life, makes the term mystery, to become a synonym for people born under this sign, so it is not uncommon for you to not know where you stand with the Scorpio.

If you have been struggling to figure out the Scorpio in your life, continue reading this article.

We give you the biggest hints about Scorpio’s behavior and help you figure out the signs when this man is done with you, so you could move on with your life and don’t allow them to waste any more of your time.

When A Scorpio Man Is Done With You


Scorpio Is A Sorrowful Loser

Scorpio man has a big ego, and they are not used to losing. Once you turn your back on them, after they have pushed you away with their behavior, it is not uncommon for the Scorpio man to show up again in your life.

Don’t be fooled by this Scorpio’s behavior! Usually, it has nothing more to do with the fact that they are sorrowful losers.

This man doesn’t like to be easily replaced and forgotten. If they notice you moving on with your life and having fun, without showing signs of suffering for them, they will come back!

Scorpio Comes Back Just To Feed Their Ego

If they come back and the next day there is no sign of him, know that he is done with you. They only returned to feed their ego.

They need to prove to themself that if they want you back, they can have you, and that is the only reason when they appear out of the blue, acting as if nothing has ever happened between the two of you.

Now you know, so the next time he calls, don’t pick up the phone. You are not someone that will allow being played around.

They Can Be Really Mean

When the Scorpio man is trying to cut you off from their life, their behavior can be vicious and evil.

They will hurt you if it is necessary to get rid of you. Yes, that is how selfish this person can be in order to reclaim their freedom back.

It is because they feel so powerful, that in their opinion no one is allowed to hold them back from doing what they want.

They Act In A Way They Know Will Frustrate You

Scorpio man is an excellent people reader. Even if you haven’t told them about the worst things you despise in people’s behavior toward you, they already know it all, and will use it against you!

The moment they start acting in a way that frustrates you to a point where you think they do it on purpose, the truth is, IT IS on purpose!

Scorpio man knows what will push you away from them, and they are not afraid to use it as a sign to tell you they are done with you.

Scorpio Man Will Blame You For All That Is Wrong In The Relationship

It is always easier to set the blame on someone else, and Scorpio man knows this best! They will blame you for everything even when it is obvious it is not your fault.

The truth is, they are done with you and now are seeking the easy way out.

The King At Playing Mind Games

When a Scorpio man is done with you, they use your own fears against you.

This person can easily make you think it is your fault for them acting this way and make you even question your efforts in the relationship.

They might even play the victim card, so they can pull back from you, acting all hurt and devastated.

Sometimes Scorpio man can even make you think you are not good enough for him, so you could leave on your own. Know your worth and never doubt yourself whether you are good enough for someone, because you are!

The “Fear Of Commitment” Card

If they keep telling you the same story of how they are afraid of commitment and at the moment they are not ready to be emotionally involved with someone, know that they are done with you, and this is just empty words.

Scorpio man is almost never afraid of anything. If they want you they will tear and break every wall down in order to be with you.

The fear of commitment is just a “jail-free card”

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Scorpio Will Disrespect You

Once they are done with you they will lie, hide and make up silly excuses. It is not unexpected for this man to even show up with someone new, and act like they are not doing anything bad.

Making you jealous in such a direct and obvious way,  is not a method of Scorpio man telling you they want you, but a sign that they are over with you.

The worst you can expect, you are most likely to experience when a Scorpio wants to show you they no longer want to be with you.

We don’t have to point to these things as signs a Scorpio man is done with you.

We just want to warn you ahead, to save yourself from a devastating heartbreak and attack on your confidence. Yes, they will make you feel insecure and so little. Run, run fast!  

Ask To Be Friends With Benefits

At this point, Scorpio man only wants to have you on their bench. They will call you, and look for you in times of boredom, to fill in their free time.

No, they will not change their minds and wish to be with you.

For territorial  Scorpio, friends with benefits is never a relationship that has a future to turn into something more.

If they want to be with you, it must be just them, and no one else. They don’t mix friendships and sexual pleasure, well, not at least if they are serious about you.

Although Scorpio man can be the most passionate lover you have ever had, you know you deserve more than this label.

Do him and yourself a favor, and save yourself the time and trouble. 

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