My Best Friend Never Invites Me Anywhere (12 MUST-KNOWS)

Not being invited out can be a let-down, but not being invited out by your friend can be difficult to come to terms with!

It can be so easy to jump to conclusions and lay the blame on your friend, but a situation like this should prompt you into reflection.

Your best friend is your best friend for a reason, so there has to be something that is stopping them from inviting you out. But what does it mean when your best friend never invites you anywhere?

It could mean many different things when your best friend doesn’t invite you anywhere. You might not be open to plans, they might want to get to know other friends better, or there is something that they are holding against you.

Maintaining friendships and being social is difficult for many of us, so keep reading to find out more about why your best friend never invites you anywhere, and what you could do to try and fix the situation.

Reasons Why Your Best Friend Never Invites You Anywhere

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Before laying all of the blame onto your best friend for not inviting you anywhere, take a look at the below reasons as to why it might be happening.

You Cause Tension

This takes quite a bit of self-reflection, but maybe your friend is not inviting you around because you cause tension with their other friends.

Do you tend to cause drama when you are out? Do you often make snide remarks? Or do you take off on arguments at the drop of a hat? It can be easy to put the blame on others, but if you are the one at the center of all the drama, it could be why you are not being invited out.

You Never Commit To Plans

Maybe your friend used to invite you out, but you just never committed to plans, or you took too long to commit to a plan, and then it was too late anyway.

It can be so frustrating trying to make social plans with someone who cannot give you an answer, and maybe that is why your friend has just given up and stopped inviting you out.

Life is busy and everyone has things going on, but be mindful of being responsive when someone invites you out, and give them an answer as soon as you can, even if it is a no.

Your Best Friend Is Mad At You

You might have done something that has caused your friend to be mad at you. This might not be something obvious or big, but your friend could be holding some resentment towards you, and the two of you need to sort this out.

When you are angry with someone, you don’t necessarily want to be around them, so this could be why your friend is not inviting you out and is avoiding you.

They Are Getting To Know Other Friends 

It could be that your friend is not spending as much time with you because they are trying to get to know other friends either.

Maybe their new friends won’t feel comfortable joining in with a larger social group yet, or maybe your friend thinks that you won’t get along with them.

Leave them to build their friendships on their own, but if it starts affecting your friendship, it might be worth speaking to your friend about it.

You Don’t Reciprocate

Could it be that your friend was always the only one making an effort to make plans and do things together? Maybe you never actually took responsibility for planning outings or hangouts for the two of you, and your friend just got tired of being the only one doing so.

A friendship is 50/50, and if you were not reciprocating and inviting them out, they probably gave up and wanted to prove a point, that if they don’t make a plan, you won’t see each other.

You Can Be Self-Centered

Once again, this takes some self-reflection. Look back on past situations and try to take note of if you acted selfishly or made everything about yourself.

Did you put your foot down to only go places you wanted to go? Or did you always push for the activities that suited you best? Did you never want to travel, so instead you made your best friend travel?

Your best friend might still really love and appreciate you, but they are just tired of always accommodating you, so they have given up trying to make plans with you and choose to just exclude you now.

How To Start Being Invited Out By Your Best Friend Again

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You would obviously want to put some effort into your friendship before just cutting ties with your best friend, so here are things you can do to hopefully start being invited out by your best friend again:

Speak To Your Friend

The first thing you need to do is to speak to your best friend. Ask them why they don’t invite you out anymore, and ask why there seems to be a rift between the two of you.

Sit down together and have a level-headed conversation. Your friend might bring up things that you are doing which could be upsetting them, that you didn’t even know you were doing.

Open, honest conversation is definitely the first step you should take, to be able to move forward and work on your relationship.

Be Someone Who Is Positive To Be Around

Your best friend, and others, will want to spend more time with you if you are someone who is positive to be around. Your best friend will likely invite you out to places and make plans with you if you are fun to be with!

Work on your strengths, be fun, be agreeable and kind, and be engaging with your best friend. Remember what brought you two together in the first place.

Let Your Friend Know You Are Interested

Maybe your friend has stopped inviting you out because they feel as though you aren’t interested in going out. You might have said no one too many times, or you weren’t reciprocating their efforts.

You might need to let your friend know that you do actually want to spend time with them, and you are interested in hanging out. This might be the prompt they need to start inviting you out again.

Make An Effort

It might just take a little bit of effort from your side to rekindle the friendship again. Start inviting your friend to places. Plan to meet at a bar, or go for a hike together. Do things your friend enjoys doing and hopefully the two of you will get back on the same page again.

Being stuck in a one-sided friendship can be exhausting, and you might not even realize that you have put your friend into this position. You can’t expect them to do all the work and you sit back – because there are going to be consequences, such as them not inviting you anywhere!

Showing your friend that you are willing to make an effort will hopefully get them to start making an effort too!

Take A Look At Your Friendship

Unfortunately, you can’t stay friends with everyone forever, and you will find that some friendships age and wither away as life goes on.

It might be that your friendship has almost run its course, and you and your best friend are not as close as you once were. They might have made a new group of friends who they feel more comfortable with at this moment in their lives, which is why you feel like they are pushing you away.

Sometimes, you might just have to take a step back and realize that you and your friend are not as close anymore. This can be heartbreaking, but holding onto a friendship that is not growing, and which is causing stress for you, isn’t healthy.

Give your friend the benefit of the doubt, speak to them about how you feel, but if you feel like there is not much else you can do, then try expanding your social circle more outside of your best friend.

Recognize Toxic Friendships

If there are other red flags around, you might be in a toxic friendship. Your best friend might not be inviting you anywhere because they don’t actually care about you, and will only speak to you or meet with you when they can get something out of it.

It is best to cut ties if you think this is the case, and only surround yourself with positive friendships.

My Best Friend Doesn’t Invite Me Anywhere

Not ever being invited out by your best friend sucks! Try to understand why this is happening, whether you are bad at committing to plans, or if your friend is tired of being the only one putting effort in.

Whatever the reason, speak to your best friend, and try to both put more effort into the friendship to hopefully get back to where the two of you used to be!

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