May Gemini vs. June Gemini: What’s The Difference?!

If you have met a fellow Gemini born in May, while you were born in June, there is a big chance to spot the differences between the two of you right away. This might come slightly confusing to you because supposedly the “four” of you should be very much alike since you share the same Sun sign.

Well, without a doubt it will tend to be a little “crowded” in the room with two Geminis since both of you share that positive and chatty nature, but there is also a big difference between the two of you. 

If you have wondered what are the biggest differences between one Gemini born in May, and the other in June, continue reading this article, as we take you on a journey where we reveal all that separates one Gemini from the other one….

Why Are May Gemini and June Gemini Different?

may gemini vs june gemini with constellations in the back

May Gemini Is A Typical Illustration Of The Sign

Since Gemini born in May is solely ruled by Mercury, which is the ruling planet of this sign.

They tend to be the perfect illustration of Gemini in all ways possible. June Gemini, due to the fact that they are born in the second or third decan, might be more under the influence of their secondary planets.

You will see in May-Gemini intense curiosity to learn and understand everything. Their mind is like a sponge absorbing everything around them, Gemini born in May is very much like a walking Google.

They know it all! Some can even ask how is it possible for the human brain to keep that much information and top of all, to remember everything!

June Gemini Is More Friendly

There is no Gemini that is not friendly, but June-Gemini is like your best friend although they might just have met you.

This comes as a result of the influence of Venus and Uranus since they are born in the second or third decan. June-Gemini is thriving in life based on their friendships, and they always give priority to this area of their life.

You will notice a June-Gemini is more outgoing and interested in teamwork, while May-Gemini might prefer one on one work.

Gemini born in June always has big groups of friends, and guess who is the star of that group, of course, it is them.

You will spot them telling jokes making everybody laugh and repeating constantly that friends are their family. And they mean it!

May Gemini Tend To Be More Disobedient

All Gemini hate the rules, but Gemini born in May tends to be more disobedient and rebellious than their fellow June-Gemini.

It will be hard to make these people follow tradition or any other rules that don’t relate to the modern way of living life.

You can easily notice a Gemini born in May in the way they talk about subjects such as weddings, marriage, work and the traditional way of people accomplishing them, they will certainly not approve of it!

These people are all about accepting changes and living in a non-traditional way.

They often have children without being married, do weddings at unique locations without even wearing white, or work jobs that have nothing to do with the common 9 to 5 concept of work.

June Gemini Is Extremely Creative

Although all Geminis are creative, the one born in June thanks to creative Venus and innovative Uranus as their co-ruling planets, tend to win when it comes to creativity compared to their fellow May-Gemini.

It is not uncommon for Geminis born in June to work as writers, journalists, inventors, poets, singers, or any other creative profession.

If they don’t create they tend to feel stressed, nervous, and sometimes even become strongly aggressive.

Indulging in creative work is like therapy for Gemini born in June. One should never interfere when June-Gemini is in their creative phase.

If you try to interrupt them they can turn into truly hostile people, and show you the other Gemini, the one you should never want to meet.

May Gemini Is More Adaptable

There is no doubt that Geminis in general are highly flexible and they can make the most of everything, even in extremely difficult situations.

However, in this category, the winner is May-Gemini since they are the ones more adaptable to any circumstances.

Look at May-Gemini like the water, there is no way that they will not manage to adjust and fit into any given situation. Gemini born in May has an extremely high mechanism for coping up with all sorts of changes.

This makes the Gemini extremely strong, as there is nothing that makes you grow up and become stronger as you adapt to change.

If you have a May-Gemini fellow they are your best advisor, to help you cushion the transformation that is going on in your life, and give you tips on how to cope with changes.

June Gemini Is More “Wild”

Gemini born in June will be more into the idea of trying bungee jumping, parachuting, or any other extreme sport.

You can easily spot them by the way they drive. Speeding tickets is something they are quite familiar with.

At parties, June-Gemini will for sure insist on staying later than planned or going to the after-party.

June-Gemini tends to take life more lightly than their fellow May-Gemini, although we can say for all Geminis in general that they are indeed the light of the party.

May Gemini Is Better At Multitasking

You can spot a Gemini by them being always engaged with more than one activity at a time.

The difference between May-Gemini and June-Gemini is the slightly bigger advantage May-Gemini has since they have the full influence of Mercury.

This planet influences Gemini with extremely high mental power, and when you see them working, you might think they have more than two hands. It is a true masterwork watching May-Gemini multitask.

June Gemini is more sensitive.

When it comes to emotions and feelings, June-Gemini is the one who will be the first to shed a tear on a sad movie or in unfortunate circumstances.

Gemini born in June cares deeply about justice and if they spot social injustices it can make them sensitive and ready to fight against it.

It is not that May-Gemini is not sensitive, but they tend to think more with a cold head, and are better at controlling their emotions in difficult situations.

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