9 Subtle Signs He Is Emotionally Attracted To You (GREEN FLAGS!)

A man who is emotionally attracted to you sees you for more than just the physical side of the relationship. He finds you attractive at an emotional level and feels as though there is a deep connection between the both of you.

He will accept your vulnerable parts along with your good ones and will want to spend as much time with you as possible, even if it is to just sit around and talk. Emotional attraction is key to a deep, strong love.

What Are The Signs That He Is Emotionally Attracted To You?

There are a few signs to look for that he is emotionally attracted to you, such as him loving and accepting you for who you are, and him opening up and confiding in you. Knowing what signs to look for helps you understand if he is ready for a deeper connection.

The below signs show that he is emotionally attracted to you, and are worth looking out for if you think he might be the one, and you are wanting your relationship to go further!

He Accepts You For Who You Are

Not only will a man who is emotionally attracted to you accept you for who you are, but he will love you for who you are too. He won’t mind seeing you when you are down or vulnerable, and he will appreciate these different sides of you.

He will stick by your side no matter the weather, if you’re sick or if you have had a bad day. His emotional attraction to you means that he will want to support you and he will not worry too much about your flaws.

When you aren’t feeling great and are surprised that he is still there by your side, you can count it as a pretty good sign that he is emotionally attracted to you, and he is in it for the long haul!

He Notices Everything About You

A man who is only physically attracted to you will not pick up on the small things and personal details. A man who is emotionally attracted to you will pick up on the small details about you that most other people would miss.

It could be small quirks that you have or the way you like to have your coffee in the morning. He pays attention to the things you do, and this shows that he is really interested in you and feels an emotional connection between the two of you.

He might even notice things about you that you have never noticed about yourself! This shows that he really does like you and that he wants to get to know everything about you, not just on a physical side.

Picking up on the small and big details is endearing and so sweet of him, and he might not even notice that he is picking up and learning everything about you!

He Is Always There For You

If he is emotionally attracted to you, he will be there for you no matter what. He will be at your side and support you even when it isn’t convenient for you. Him being there for you also shows that he wants to be the one who you rely on and lean on for support, no matter how busy he might be.

This could be helping you when your sink is leaking or making you feel better with a milkshake late at night when you are feeling down. He would go out of his way to help you out.

His emotional attraction to you means that he cares about your emotions too, and will want to nurture them and make sure you are happy and cared for.

Men can find it difficult to know when their partner might need help, but him paying a little bit of attention can help him work out what you need.

He Opens Up To You

When a man is emotionally attracted to you, he would feel safe and comfortable opening up to you. It is not always easy to open up and confide in someone else, but when you feel comfortable with them, and you feel connected to them emotionally, this is made easier.

If you find that he tells you things about himself that he doesn’t tell others, or he makes a point of telling you about his past and his life, then it is a good sign that he is not only emotionally attracted to you, but he is emotionally invested in you as well.

He would probably be hoping that you would keep that side of him safe, even if it makes him more vulnerable, and that you will then open up with him a little more as well, further deepening your connection.

He Makes You A Big Part Of His Life

When there is more to his attraction than just a physical bond, then he would want to include you in his life as much as he could.

This could mean him spending more time with you than usual, opening up about different things in his life, and even seeing you during the week as well as the weekend!

When the emotional attraction is really strong for him and he is sure how he feels about you, he might even start introducing you to his friends and his family. He wouldn’t do this unless he wants you to stay around for a while, so take this as a good sign!

To include you in his life he could invite you to his sports games or to take part in his favorite hobbies. He is investing in your future together and making sure that you fit into his life well.

He Remembers Things

It won’t be difficult for him to remember important things about you or your life if he is emotionally attracted to you.

This means he might remember important dates or your favorite flower. This shows that he truly cares for you and puts importance on your life and your relationship. When he remembers these things, he would put in more effort to ensure he makes your relationship more special!

As a woman, dating a man who is emotionally attracted to you and who remembers the small things, makes you feel truly cherished and loved, which is what you deserve!

He Wants To Commit To You

A man will not want to commit to you if he is only physically attracted to you. His emotional attraction to you would make him want to commit to you long-term.

It is so common for some people to have commitment issues in a relationship, and he could very well be nervous about commitment, but his emotional attraction to you means he is willing to overcome this fear if it means that he gets to be with you going forward.

By wanting to commit to you, he is showing that he thinks the two of you are right for each other, not only physically, but emotionally as well. Make sure you feel the same before taking up the commitment with him!

He Keeps In Touch

An emotional attraction to you means that he will want to keep in touch with you when you aren’t together.

This means he will text and call you every chance that he gets, and he will want to keep the conversation open and continuing. This shows that he isn’t just in it for the physical side!

By constantly talking to you, keeping in touch, and being available to you, it shows he is investing his time in you, which he would not do if he wasn’t emotionally attached to you.

He won’t just focus on talking about things he wants to talk about either, and he will ask you questions about yourself and talk about the things you want to talk about too.

He Asks Your Advice

It is so common for men to consider asking for advice or for help a weakness. However, when he is emotionally attracted to you, he would trust you and feel comfortable being vulnerable around you, and this could lead to him asking you for your advice.

This could be small, asking advice on the color shirt to wear, or something bigger on something happening in his life. Asking you for advice shows that he trusts your judgment and that he values your opinions and morals.

When giving him advice, be open and honest, but don’t try and push your ideas down his throat, as this could cause him to back off a little bit.

Signs A Man Is Emotionally Attracted To You

An emotional attraction is so important in a relationship, and without one, there is no base for the relationship to build on.

If you think your relationship is moving in the right direction, take a look at the above signs that he might be emotionally attracted to you, so that you can be sure that it is a deeper connection between the both of you!

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