15 Intense Signs He Is Making Love To You

Making love and having sex are two different things, no matter how much someone might argue about it!

Intercourse is something that two people can enjoy together without much of an emotional connection. Making love on the other hand is a bond that transcends physical pleasure alone, and creates a definite intimacy and connection between two people.

It can be difficult to know whether your partner is just enjoying the physical side of things, or if there is something deeper and he is actually making love to you. Knowing the difference between the two can open your relationship up much more, and create a bond between you two that moves your relationship forward.

Men definitely show it when they are making love and not just having sex, and there are some signs to look for so that you can know for sure!

Here are the signs to look for that he is making love to you…

Passionate Signs He Is Making Love To You


He Takes It Slow

If he was just in it for the sex, he wouldn’t want to take his time and take things slow. He would get stuck in and get it over with once he is satisfied. However, a man who is making love to you would want to savor it all and won’t be worried about rushing through.

When he is in love with you, even the smallest of intimate touches is magic. He would want to enjoy each moment from start till finish, from the first kiss all the way till the end. Each step of the way would be enjoyable for him, and it isn’t about getting it over and done with.

Keeping up with your pace and slowing down if things heat up too quickly shows that he wants to draw it out and ensure that the two of you get to enjoy the time together, and get to savor the intimacy that is shared between the two of you.

You won’t notice it in the moment, but taking it slow and not rushing only further builds the connection between the two of you.

He Isn’t Focused On His Own Pleasure 

One big sign to look for that he is making love to you is that he is not just focused on his own pleasure, and he spends time making sure that your needs are met too.

This shows that he is not just in it for the physical gratification he would get and that he cares deeply about how you feel and about how the experience is for you. It makes the experience much better for him if he knows that he has fulfilled your needs.

By wanting you to enjoy it as much as he does, he will feel more open to asking you about what you like and what you would want to try out.

Open communication is the absolute key in the bedroom, and his focusing on what makes you happy definitely shows that it is more than just sex for him.

He Encourages Foreplay

Foreplay is so important in a relationship, and a man who does not care about you will rush past the foreplay and go straight for the main event.

When he encourages and initiates foreplay, it shows that he cares about your pleasure, and he respects that he cannot just go straight for his own pleasure.

There should be no rush when making love, and he would show this by taking it slow and by focusing on the time together before even having sex.

Foreplay goes a long way in ensuring that a woman is satisfied, so him taking the time to do this shows that he does care about you, and it is way more than just sex.

He Calls Your Name

couple on kitchen floor having a sensual moment

Sometimes when men have sex just for the physical relationship, it can be a bit dissociative. They would be doing it more for their pleasure than the emotional connection that could form between the two of you.

One way to pick up if this is the case or not is if he calls your name. He could say it out loud or whisper it in your ear, but just by him mentioning your name, he feels that it is a personal connection between the two of you, and it is about the bond you share rather than the sex itself.

Now there is no need to panic if he doesn’t say your name – some men are just quieter than others in the bedroom, but if he does say your name during the experience, he is enjoying the emotional connection with you and you can consider it lovemaking, and not just sex!

He Kisses You

Kissing can be just as intimate as the act of sex itself, and many people actually don’t kiss during sex!

The intimacy that a deep kiss can bring shows that he is more connected to you than just wanting physical satisfaction.

You should also be able to tell the difference between the kisses. If he is making love to you, he will kiss you deeply and with intent. He will savor the kisses and spend time exploring all the different areas of your body.

Kissing is intimate and is a strong way to share your emotions with your partner, and his deep, intent kisses should definitely clear up his intentions for you.

He Asks How You Feel

If he is making love to you, he will care about how you feel and will want to ensure you feel happy and comfortable. This could lead to him asking how you are throughout the experience.

This is more true when you are with a new partner who really feels strongly about you. He will still have a lot to learn about what you like and what you don’t, and the fact that he puts in the effort to find out what you enjoy shows that he really does care about you.

Some men might even ask you to show him what you enjoy and what feels best, and while you might feel slightly embarrassed to do this, it will really help the both of you enjoy the experience more.

If he keeps asking after quite some time, reassure him that you are happy and that he should just enjoy the moment!

He Makes Eye Contact

couple about to kiss

Making eye contact during lovemaking is a huge sign that he feels connected to you and that there is a deeper intimacy shared. It opens up both of you to a new level of vulnerability, and that is not something that you would share with just anyone.

It can feel uncomfortable at first to keep eye contact when being intimate with someone, but when you develop that close connection, it feels natural and it feels like taking the next step in opening up to them.

It takes making love to the next level and makes it a much more intimate experience and transcends beyond having a physical connection alone.

This doesn’t mean he needs to hold eye contact the whole time – which could be a little odd, but if he makes contact every now and then!

He Stays Around

If he gets up and leaves straight after the deed is done, it could be a sign that he is only interested in the physical satisfaction that it brings.

A man who makes love to you won’t want to get up and leave right away, he will still feel that connection with you and want to lay with you and savor it as long as he can.

He also will not leave if you don’t already stay together. He will ask to spend the night and even suggest breakfast together in the morning.

Him sticking around shows that he is interested in you and not just the physical aspect alone – and is a pretty good sign to rely on!

He Adores Your Body

A man who loves you, and makes love to you, will love your body, no matter how many flaws you think you might have or how you feel about your body.

He will likely find you irresistible when you are together, and will really love your body, curves and all! This means he also will not mind making love to you with the lights on – which can be quite an experience for you if you aren’t used to it, but it just shows how much he adores you.

He Isn’t Always Serious

Sex isn’t always so deep and serious, and sometimes you can have a lot of fun during the act.

If he feels comfortable with you, then making love to you will feel comfortable for him, and he will feel like he can let his guard down around you. He would feel safe to be his true self, even if that is a little silly at times.

It might mean him cracking a joke halfway through or doing something silly, don’t think he isn’t interested, but rather appreciate that he feels completely comfortable with you and knows that you feel comfortable with him too!

He Never Pressures You

Couple on couch, man hugging girlfriend from behind

A man who makes love to you cares about how you feel, and because of this, he will never, ever pressure you into having sex. He will completely respect if you aren’t in the mood or if you’re tired, and it will end right there and then.

When you connect on that emotional level, he will find comfort in your relationship outside of sex too, such as sitting on the couch watching movies together or simply eating dinner at the table.

He would only want to make love when you feel like it.

He Is Around Outside The Bedroom

An emotional connection made when making love extends much further than the bedroom, and this will show in the way he acts when you aren’t making love.

He will be emotionally and physically available to you outside the bedroom. He will love spending time with you that isn’t physical and will be there for you when you need him.

Think about how he treats you when you aren’t being intimate. Does he care for you and see to your needs? Does he go out of his way for you? Does he consider how you feel and do things to put a smile on your face?

If all of this sounds like him, then he really does care about you, and it can be safe to say he is making love to you and not just having sex.

He Loves To Cuddle

A man who is only in it for the sex might not want to cuddle. Cuddling is very intimate, and it shows a deeper connection. When he makes love to you, chances are he would want to cuddle or spoon afterward.

That physical connection doesn’t disappear once you have finished making love, and he would want to make the most of that glow that the both of you share afterward and make you feel loved and comfortable.

He Lets You Know How He Feels

couple laying down, man holding his girlfriend looking out the window

He might say some really romantic things to you during or after lovemaking, he might even tell you that he loves you! This shows that it means way more to him than just a physical connection and that he is in it for more than his own satisfaction.

Making love can bring up a range of emotions, and he will feel the desire to let you know just how he feels!

You Just Feel It

There is definitely a special feeling that you have after making love, compared to just having sex. It is like a little warm glow that the two of you share, and you don’t feel alone once it is done.

The emotional bond and connection formed through the intimacy of making love is one that you would be able to feel, and if he is showing all of the other signs that he is making love to you, you can feel comfortable in the fact that he loves you, and he doesn’t just love the physical side of things!

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