12 Brutal Signs He Doesn’t Love You Enough (Can You Spot These Red Flags?!)

If you have noticed that your relationship has started to change, and not for the better, you might be feeling really anxious and worried.

You could be putting in all of the effort in the world, but it seems to be making no difference at all, and he seems more distant away than ever.

You are talking less, your physical contact has dwindled, and he doesn’t communicate with you like he used to. Is something wrong?

It can be so distressing to go through this, but at the end of the day you need to know where you stand and you cannot stay in a one-sided relationship.

Here are common signs to look for that he doesn’t love you enough or anymore and that it is maybe time to move on.

Brutal Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Brutal Signs He Doesn't Love You Anymore

He Avoids You

One of the biggest signs that he does not love you anymore is that he starts to avoid you, and comes up with new reasons as to why he doesn’t spend time with you anymore.

He won’t want to spend time with you when he doesn’t feel the love anymore, and this would be a far cry from previous days where the two of you enjoyed spending all day together.

Even though you would want to try and ignore the excuses he gives and even try to believe them, sometimes the excuses are so see-through, and you can just see right through the lies and unnecessary stories he spins.

You might even notice that even when living in the same house the two of you do not seem to spend any time together at all, no matter how hard you try, and this would be because he simply does not want to.

There Is No Communication

Communication is key in healthy relationships, and either party who wants the relationship to work will put in extra effort into the relationship to keep it going and to make it work.

Noticing that his communication with you is almost non-existent is a sign that he does not love you anymore, and he has no desire to make things work. There is no way to fix any issues without communication, and with him not wanting to communicate, there is no way your relationship will last.

This can be so infuriating, especially when you are putting effort in and you cannot seem to make any progress. It might be time to accept that he really just does not feel the same about you and that you need to actually see if your effort is worth it.

Sometimes this might not be as obvious, but he could be talking to you less without ignoring you. Speak to him about this change to try and determine what has caused it.

He Acts Secretive

At the beginning of your relationship, you probably felt like you knew everything about each other’s lives, and there was nothing hidden between the two of you.

However, over time you may have noticed him becoming more secretive with things, such as hiding his texts or calls from you, or not letting you know any details about when he is out or what he does.

There should be no reason that he hides anything from you, and usually, if he is hiding something that isn’t a proposal or good news, it is a sign that he has lost interest and is finding interest somewhere else.

His lack of love for you will also cause him to feel like he has no obligation or duty to involve you in his life, and this could lead to him seeming more secretive, even if there isn’t anything to be secretive about.

He Pays You No Attention

Not only might he not want you involved in his life, but there is a very good chance that he does not want to be involved in your life, especially if he does not feel that love towards you anymore.

He might avoid you or not seem interested when you talk to him about your day or what might be happening in your life, and he stops asking about what is going on with you.

He will find your conversations with him to be tiresome, and really just seem disinterested and a bit annoyed that you are ‘bothering’ him with your stories.

This is so unhealthy for you, you deserve to be with someone that cares about your life, and who wants to be involved in all aspects of your life.

He Always Seems Angry

For him, being in a relationship that he doesn’t want to be in, and trying to stay there when he doesn’t love you, can cause him to become angry and to feel stressed.

This is not fair on you, but this could cause him to have a very short temper, and to become angry for no reason at all.

He might snap at you for nothing, or for something stupid and small, and might even use his anger to distance himself from you. You notice that things he happily tolerated before now grind his patience down in an instant, and he is just not a positive person to be around.

His Language Changes

He will stop using loving words with you when he does not love you anymore. For a while, he might try to fake it, but after time, his words of affirmations stop, and all love is gone from how he speaks to you.

He will no longer say he loves you, tell you how beautiful you look, or even speak to you in a sweet and gentle way. 

He Makes Decisions Without You

When you love someone and care about their opinion, you want them to be involved in decisions and things that affect both of your life.

A sign that he does not love you anymore is that he makes decisions without you, and he does not care what your opinion is when making decisions.

This will cause you to feel like you aren’t a couple anymore, and that you aren’t a couple who are deciding to move forward together.

You’re Not A Priority

Does he prioritize literally every little thing over you?

When you try and make plans, he already has prior commitments? Or maybe he cancels last minute?

If he’s not treating you like a priority, it’s because you are not!

Do yourself a favor and find someone who does prioritize you and doesn’t string yu along.

He Doesn’t Trust You

Some people view jealousy as a sign of love, but it is not! Jealousy is a lack of trust.

It leads to a toxic, hurtful relationship down the line. And someone who doesn’t trust you doesn’t love you.

How can you love someone you’re trying to control?! It just doesn’t work that way.

ITake a lack of trust as the red flag that it is and know this man doesn’t love you, he’s just trying to control you (read: narcissists.)

He Doesn’t Buy You Things

I could see some of you modern, ultra-feminist woman rolling your eyes at this one. “I don’t need my man to buy me things” – Okay Karen, I get it. You’re independent and can buy your own things.

I am too. But you need to realize that gifts are a love language. And even if they aren’t YOUR love language, men love to treat and make the woman they love feel special.

If he isn’t buying you things (no, not a Lamborghini, literally just a cup of coffee or lunch)m, he probably doesn’t love you.

Men spend money on the things they value. And in this case, it isn’t you.

He Doesn’t Introduce You To His Loved Ones

This ones self explanatory.

If he isn’t bringing you around his family or friends, you’re just not the one.

If he loved you, he would be showing you off. Introducing you to his mom. Doing all the things.

But he isn’t, is he?! He’s just keeping quiet about you. Just Netflix and chill, maybe?

Go find someone who loves, cherishes, and doesn’t hide you away!

He Puts You Down

Sad girl in bed after being put down by her boyfriend
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I mean… Anyone who goes out of their way to try and make you feel like shit is NOT the person you should be with.

If he is constantly putting you down or ‘jokingly’ insulting you, he probably doesn’t love you enough (or at all!)

What does it say about him if he treats the people he ‘loves’ like complete crap?

Do you think that’ll get better down the road? Nope. it’ll get worse. Way, way worse!

Signs He Doesn’t Love You

All of the above signs show that he might not love you anymore. Before jumping to conclusions, sit down with him and ask him why his behavior has changed.

If you make no breakthroughs, it could be time to reconsider your relationship. You deserve someone who loves you back.

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