Why Does My Boyfriend Never Post Pictures Of Me? (FIND OUT!)

For many, posting pictures of ourselves and our significant other on social media shows our commitment, loyalty, and love. We want the world to know that this is the person we choose to be with and shows that we aren’t interested in anyone else.

The problem comes in when your boyfriend never posts pictures of you! You more than likely want him to post the odd picture of you, showing everyone that you are his girlfriend and that he loves and cherishes you.

You want him to feel proud and to show you off to everyone he knows, and it could give you some doubts and anxiety if he doesn’t do this.

If you are worried that he does not post pictures of you on social media, keep reading to find out why it might be happening and how to best react..

Why Social Media Posts Mean So Much

Boyfriend Never Post Pictures Of Me

Social media is one of the biggest ways we communicate now, with most of us documenting our lives on our personal feeds.

Whether you have an open page or private following, you post the things you are proud of, memories you’ve made, and things you want the world to know you appreciate.

When your boyfriend doesn’t post about you on social media, it definitely might come across as though he isn’t proud of you, or doesn’t want the world to know about your relationship.

This can be concerning, and if you are the type of person that puts quite a bit of emphasis on social media posts, it could even be a deal-breaker.

It is important to remember that everyone appreciates social media usage differently, and how important social media is to you, might not be as important as social media is to him.

Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Post Pictures Of You

Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Post Pictures Of You

Here are some reasons as to why your boyfriend might not post pictures of you online.

Take the time to read through the different points and see if you think any matches your relationship and situation, then go from there.

He Isn’t Into Social Media

The simple reason he does not post about you is that he really isn’t into social media and he doesn’t spend much time scrolling.

Not everyone spends time on different sites and he might be one of them.

Many people who do use social media also choose to keep it very private.

He might not want the world to know exactly what is happening in his private life in every moment and this is in no way a reflection of how he feels about you.

His social media page might also be dedicated to something specific, such as his branding, his sports, or something else special to him.

For this reason, he might not want to post a photo of you that won’t fit in with the rest of his page.

If you have only been dating for a short while, he might also be nervous to post about you on his personal page, as this leaves him open to judgment and scrutiny if something goes wrong and he could just be wanting to avoid this.

He Isn’t Honest With You

This is not something you would want to hear, but one reason he might refuse to post about you on social media is that you aren’t the only person who he is seeing. 

If he is active on social media and posts about everything he experiences, but still refuses to post about you, it is natural to assume that something might be going on.

This isn’t necessarily the case if he is active on social media but it is for a dedicated page unrelated to his personal life.

Paying closer attention, you might even notice that he spends so much time on his phone, but hardly ever does anything on his phone in front of you.

He could be trying to hide messages and calls, and this goes hand in hand with him not wanting to post a photo of you.

This is a tough situation to approach, as you don’t want to go to him guns blazing with an accusation, but you won’t be able to rest until you know!

Try and pick up on some other cues, and gently approach the situation to see if there might be anything more for you to worry about.

He Is Afraid Of Judgement

So this can go one of two ways.

He might be afraid of any judgment he might get from posting a photo of you, especially if the two of you have only been dating for a short time and he doesn’t want anyone giving their opinion on the way you live your life.

Another reason may be that he is ashamed of you and is scared of the judgment he might receive for who he is dating.

He might think you are not good-looking enough, your job isn’t good enough, or some other vain reason. This shows an incredible immaturity and that he is not dating you for the right reasons.

You deserve someone who adores you and who is proud of who you are and what you do, not someone who is too ashamed of you to post a picture of you online. It is definitely not a good base for a relationship and a huge red flag that he is not the one.

Why Does My Boyfriend Not Post My Picture On Social Media?

There are so many reasons why your boyfriend might not post about you on social media.

Some of these reasons are harmless, such as him not being active on social media, or they could be signs of something worse, such as him seeing someone else, or him feeling ashamed of you.

Whatever the reason, you probably won’t rest until you find out why. Try and approach him calmly and ask why he doesn’t post about you on social media and go from there.

With social media being such a big part of all of our lives, you deserve to know why he doesn’t want to share your relationship with all of his friends, especially if it is something you are wanting to do!

What To Do IF Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Post You On Social Media

Trust Your Gut

I strongly believe in a woman’s intuition. If something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t.

Don’t silence your gut and trust what you’re feeling.

I’m not saying you should let your gut make every single decision for you, but there if it’s telling you something is wrong, don’t silence it.

Ask Him

The most obvious thing to do and one of the hardest for many of us.

Simply ask him why he doesn’t post you two on social media!

This can be a hard conversation to have as it makes you feel vulnerable but if it genuinely bothers you, it’s a conversation that needs to be had.

Ask him, calmly, why he doesn’t post about you on social media and let him know how that makes you feel.

Make sure to genuinely listen and not jump to conclusions.

Focus On How He Does Show His Love

Social media is such a small part of life in general and an even smaller part of your love story.

How does he show love for you offline?

Is he always there for you? Does he call when he says he will? Is he emotionally present, loving, kind?

All these things matter much more than whether or not you appear on his insta-story or not.

Understand His Need For Privacy

Some people (I include myself in this) just don’t like sharing every detail of their life online.

I don’t like someone I haven’t spoke to since high school knowing every little detail about me.

If he is similar and values his privacy (and communicated that), then you should respect it and drop it.

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