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How Can You Tell If Someone Is Really Your Friend?

As you get older, navigating your way through friendships can be tough. Is someone simply being a polite acquaintance, or is it a real friendship?

Your circle of friends tends to get smaller as you make your way through life, and you would want to make sure that this circle of friends contains people that you can trust and rely on, and people who will uplift you, and who you can do the same for.

A real friend is priceless and will be there for you through every up and down, and all the moments in-between. Here is how you can tell if someone is really your friend!

What are the Signs of a Good Friend?

They Are Present

The best friend is one who gives you their attention, and who is present. Their presence in your life is a priority of theirs, and they make the effort to show this.

A good friend pays attention to your needs and your friendship, whether it be keeping in touch via text or meeting up often to chat. In turn, this is what makes you a great friend as well.

If someone is always there for you when you need them, and is just a constant positive figure in your life, then you can be sure that they are a friend!

They Love You For Who You Are

Good Friends Love You For Who You Are

Friends should never try to change who you are and instead should push you to be more yourself. If someone celebrates who you are, and encourages you to be yourself, without finding fault in who you are, then you can consider them a friend.

Life can get us down sometimes, and this could leave you doubting your abilities and who you are, but a real friend will help to show you the good in you, and tell you to keep going, helping you out in whatever way is needed to make you feel better about who you are.

They Let You Know When You Are Wrong

Someone who sits back and watches you make mistakes without saying anything isn’t really a friend. One way to know if someone is a friend, and if they have your best interests at heart, is if they actually call you out if you do something wrong.

A good friend will bring out the best in you, and encourage you to be who you are, but they will also point out negatives and times when you are just not being so great.

Keep in mind that they should do this gently, and not in a way that is demeaning or rude. Their intentions of pointing out when you are wrong should be to help you do better, and for you to avoid doing it again, not to embarrass you or bring you down.

They Listen

Anyone can sit and listen to you chatting away, but a real friend really listens and pays attention to what you are saying.

We all need someone to vent to, to pour our heart out to, and to just be a shoulder to cry on. A real friend will listen, and actually take in and understand what you are saying. Having someone be receptive to what you say, and being able to engage in a meaningful conversation, is a cornerstone of a friendship.

You can be sure a friend is there to stay if they pay attention and listen to what you have to say. Having a balanced friendship is having two people paying attention and listening, and it really is the most basic key to a healthy, thriving friendship between two people who actually care.

They Are There For You, No Matter What

Adversity happens throughout life, and how you make it out of these tough times depends on who is at your side through it all.

If you have someone who sticks by you through all of your ups and your downs, be comfortable in the fact that they are probably a great friend.

Friendships are not just about the good times, but about having someone who will not only stick with you when things get tough but someone who will actively try to help you and your situation and pick you up to carry on again.

They Keep You Humble

Nothing is better than celebrating a victory or accomplishment with a friend, they can really make you feel on top of the world. However, a real friend will also help to keep you humble and remind you of your roots, keeping you true to who you are without inflating your ego.

They will know who you are at your core, and love you for this. So yes, they will support you in your victories and help you succeed, but they will also be a strong reminder of where you come from, and who you really are.

They Forgive

Forgiveness is hard, and many of us battle to forgive those who have hurt us. A friend would be someone who can forgive us when we make errors and make mistakes in our friendship.

While forgiveness between friends might take some work sometimes, there should be an openness to reach out to each other and talk about what has happened, rather than your friend turning to others and talking about you behind your back.

If someone comes to you first to talk about issues in your relationship, they trust you and trust your bond, and you can call them a friend.

They Make You A Better Person

Keeping good influences and good people in your life is paramount, and it keeps you on the right track and keeps you improving yourself.

Someone who encourages you to be a better person, who acts as a role model and a confidant is someone that you should keep as a friend.

They will still be your friend, and you will still get to enjoy time together, but they will help you develop yourself and keep striving for more, all while sticking at your side. That is what a real friend is for!

Now You Know How To Tell If Someone Is Really Your Friend!

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