When A Libra Woman Is Done With You (9 SIGNS!)

Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

Having a Libra woman in your life is the best thing a man can wish for, as this woman is a source of beauty and pleasure.

Libra women’s way of living her life goes above and beyond.

Unfortunately, men tend to lose the best thing that ever happened to them.

Losing the best thing in your life is the most accurate way to explain a Libra woman turning her back and walking out of the relationship.

By the time Libra woman tells you she is done with you, there is little to almost nothing that you can do to change her decision.

Don’t make that mistake and continue reading. We tell it all.

When A Libra Woman Is Done With You

When A Libra Woman Is Done With You

She’ll Keep Quiet

A Libra woman will keep her thoughts to herself.

The well-balanced and composed Libra woman won’t say a word to you about ending the relationship until it is something she has firmly decided on.

The only way to know if your relationship with Libra is in danger is to pay close attention to her behavior, especially the following signs we share with you in this article.  

She’ll Give You The Cold Shoulder

Well, this is quite the obvious sign that something is wrong in the relationship.

But note this, while most women give the cold shoulder when they are mad about something, Libra does it when she is done with you.

She doesn’t wait for an apology so it all can go back to the old ways, Libra is preparing to give you the boot.

You Won’t Be A Priority Anymore

She will stop caring about your needs.

Libra woman is all about balance, and as long as she cares for you, she will make sure you are happy and content in the relationship as much as her.

The moment she stops caring about your needs and suddenly gets cold and distances herself, yes, she is pretty much done with you.

Doesn’t Want To Do Things Together

She is no longer excited about doing things together.

As much as Libra is for balance, she is also for doing things in pairs.

That is the reason why Libra loves so much being in a relationship, they get to do things in twosomes.

When Libra is done with you, she will no longer be interested in doing things together.

In fact, if two of you ever make a plan, Libra may ignore it, or perhaps she will even avoid making any plans with you.

If pushed against the wall, she is most likely to cancel on you at the last moment.

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She’ll Get Bothered By The Little Things

All about you bothers her now.

Out of the blue, your Libra woman starts complaining about your habits, traits, and behaviors.

All about you now, even the most insignificant little details begin to bother her. Libra woman is well aware of your insecurities, and she will start using them against you.

If needed, she will be ready to act mean and even insult you.

It is quite surprising behavior coming from the polite and refined Libra, but it is her way to tell you that she is done with you.

You’ll Want To Distance Yourself

She will make you want to distance yourself from her.

Sometimes it is much simpler and more suitable for Libra to make you break up with her, instead of her ending things with you.

In order to do so, she will use her cunning intelligence and shift into a manipulative partner.

Anything which will make you push away from her, Libra woman will use it as a weapon to make you want to leave her.

Before you even realize she is doing it all on purpose, you will have enough, and you’ll be on your way as far as possible from the toxic relationship she has created.

She Won’t Act Like Herself

Libra woman starts behaving prejudiced.

When a Libra woman is done with you, she may choose to respond aggressively or angrily to your kind acts, words, or gestures. 

If you try to address this, there is a possibility that she will backfire things on you. You will most likely find her behaving in a way that doesn’t make sense to you.

The nice and well-behaved Libra being rude and disrespectful towards you is quite an easy sign to spot on, and it is one telling you she is done with you.  

Doesn’t Want To Spend Time With You Or Your Friends

She no longer cares to spend time with you or your friends.

Libra women are very social. If she loves you, all she will ever want to do is be with you and your friends.

When she is unhappy with you, Libra will not give a single thought before harming the relationship. That includes cutting off completely your time together and strongly avoiding being with your friends.

Saying no to going out, doing things together, and spending some quality time together is how Libra detaches when she has had enough and wants a way out of the relationship.

She Stops Dressing Up

She no longer puts effort to look nice to you.

Have you ever seen a Libra woman looking neglected? Even in her most busy period, Libra will find the time to make herself look good as it is something they value and prioritize highly.

After all, this sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty!

It is unheard of for Libra to look unattractive. So now you know how serious it is if your Libra woman no longer makes an effort to look good for you.

She is so done with you, you need a new word for done.

Act on the very first sign, or it will be too late.

Now when you know how a Libra woman acts when she is done with you, if you want to keep this woman in your life, you must act quickly.

Never wait for a little more time. The very first moment you recognize even a single sign of our list, you must act fast.

Life is short and precious, and Libras are well aware of that.

These women know that life offers no refunds or exchanges and that is why they choose to live it at its best.

Libras have no issues enjoying the finer things in life and that also means finding a new and better relationship. 

So make an effort and don’t give your best, but your finest!

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