10 Subtle (But Strong!) Signs A Friendship Is Turning Into Love

Friendships aren’t static bonds. They shift and change over time and may grow to new heights as feelings begin to change.

What was once completely platonic may begin to develop into something a little bit deeper.

But how can you tell if that’s what’s happening to you? After talking about this at length with my girlfriends, we have noticed some common signs a friendship is turning into love!

Can A Friendship Turn Into Love?

Without a doubt, yes. What starts off platonically can develop into love and happens quite often.

People naturally become closer (and fall in love) with those you are in close proximity to.

Even if you weren’t attracted to this person the day you met them, getting to know them can make you see them in a new light.

You see how kind and compassionate they are. How much they value and respect your opinion. How they make you laugh *gushes*

A friendship turning into romance isn’t just for the movies, it definitely happens more than you would think.

So if you think you may be developing feelings for your friend (or vice versa), know tha it is completely natural and common.

However, you have to move forward with a clear head as it will definitely affect your friendship down the road.

Signs A Friendship Is Turning Into Love

You Dress Up To See Each Other

When you know you’re going to see this particular friend, you feel the need to put a little more effort into your appearance. You might make sure to dress well or wear a scented perfume or cologne.

You may even just be a little more conscious about your appearance in general, checking yourself in a mirror or camera throughout the time you’re with them.

This also goes the other way! If you’ve noticed that your friend has been dressing up a little better than before whenever they see you, they might be trying to impress you with their appearance. 

You Feel Jealous

You Feel Jealous

You thought your feelings were purely platonic, but when that special friend starts talking about dating other people, a green-eyed monster flares in your chest.

You hate hearing about your friend’s love life, you get mad when they flirt around, and you can’t stand hearing them talk about people they’re attracted to. 

Your friend may be feeling jealous, too. They might get angry when you discuss your dating endeavors.

Or, in an even stranger twist, they may be trying to make you jealous by talking more and more about their love life!

You Ask Each Other About The Future

You Ask Each Other About The Future

Your special friend has started asking you about your plans for the future, and you’ve been taking more of an interest in their plans, too.

This could be a sign that both of you are curious about your future compatibility.

If you feel a bit of an extra spark of happiness when their future seems in line with yours, that’s a definite sign that feelings are budding! 

You Make Excuses To Be Alone Together

Friends often spend time together in groups, and that can be a little frustrating when feelings are developing.

You’ll want to be closer to your special friend and enjoy their company without the meddling of everyone else!

If this friendship is starting to monopolize your time over all your other friendships, it’s a sign that you want to be more intimate with each other.

You’ll make excuses to meet up all the time. You might even spend time solely with each other even when you’re with other friends, much to those bystanders’ disgruntlement.

After all, what’s more romantic than some one-on-one time? 

The Eye Contact Is Getting Intense

A healthy amount of eye contact is pretty normal in communication, but there’s a point where it gets a little excessive.

Anything more than three seconds of direct, close eye contact should raise a few eyebrows, especially if that’s outside of the norm for you.

Do you catch yourself and your friend staring into each other’s eyes? Do you feel some strange emotions stirring up when this happens?

Have you often noticed that you both drift closer together as you make this eye contact? These are all stereotypical and cheesy signs that love is blooming!

You’re Constantly Texting

You're Constantly Texting

You’ve always texted your friends a fair bit, but with this special person, that’s taken to a new level.

You text at all hours of the day and get excited whenever a message notification pops up from them. Your friend never leaves you hanging for long, and you respond as quickly as you can, too. 

You might not even be talking about anything in particular when you text.

You send each other random pictures and jokes, talk about pretty much anything that’s happening, and will make any excuse to keep chatting. 

You Touch In Different Ways

You Touch In Different Ways

Your hugs with your friend last longer. You touch more frequently and tend to brush against each other in more intimate ways.

You feel pretty good being that close to them and they seem to initiate this contact just as much as you do.

It’s easy to write these touches off at first, but friendly physical contact can often be quite different from touches that have romantic intention behind them.

One of these days, that touch might just escalate to a level you can’t excuse as platonic!

Your Other Friends Start Teasing You

Your Other Friends Start Teasing You

Friends can often tell when something’s up with you. They’re the first to sniff out when things have changed, and they’ll likely know you well enough to notice the subtle signs of love blossoming!

If your friends start asking you about a particular special friend, pay attention, even if you don’t think there’s any merit to those questions. They may have noticed the dynamic shifting before you!

You’re Always There For Each Other

You're Always There For Each Other

You’d drop anything to rush to that particular friend in their time of need.

And, so far, whenever you’re in need of help and support, they’ve been sure to rush to your side, too. You know you can always count on them and they definitely count on you.

If the level of support you give each other has increased a lot, then your priorities may be shifting.

This can be a sign that you’ve both become more important to each other’s lives as if you’ve started dating already!

You Daydream About Them

You Daydream About Them

When you’re not around that special friend, you catch yourself thinking about them and even fantasizing about spending time with them.

You might feel a little embarrassed by your thoughts and try to dismiss them, but they keep cropping back up uncontrollably and intrusively.

Let’s put it this way.

If you’re at a point when you’re constantly thinking about a particular person and imagining yourself in romantic situations with them, do you really need more of a sign that this isn’t just platonic anymore?

In General

Love built on friendship can be a beautiful thing.

If you think that a friendship is mutually growing into something more, don’t be afraid to take the first step and see where things go! It could be the start of something lovely.

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