14 Cute Ways To Ask Someone To Be Your Girlfriend (Cute & Romantic!)

Asking someone to be your girlfriend can be terrifying! Not only are you anxious about what her answer might be, but you would also want to ask her in a sweet, memorable way!

You know for sure that you want her to be your girlfriend, so the next step would be to ask. You might land up putting so much pressure on yourself to find the perfect way to ask her, but remember that she will most likely be thrilled with the question alone, and you can really have fun planning something sweet.

To help you make the question a special one, we have listed some cute ways to ask someone to be your girlfriend. These are all memorable ways to sweep her off her feet, in subtle and more romantic ways, and hopefully be the start of a new relationship!

Cute Ways To Ask Someone To Be Your Girlfriend

Cute Ways To Ask Someone To Be Your Girlfriend

Go Old School

Take the romance back a few decades, and plan an old-school way to pop the question!

If the two of you have a favorite song together, use this, otherwise, pick a song that you think captures the moment perfectly.

Get a boom box if you can or a Bluetooth speaker, play the song on loud and hold it outside her house!

This does take some courage to do this, but it can be a super romantic and cute way to ask her out, and it will definitely get her attention!

Use Balloons

Who doesn’t love balloons? There are such pretty balloons to choose from, you can pick up colored balloons, confetti balloons, and even shaped balloons, tie them up to her car or to something suitable, and wait for her to arrive and notice them.

You could either then ask her out, or have the question spelled out in letters (or even rose petals if you are feeling super romantic) next to the balloons.

Another way to use balloons is to have the question written on a piece of paper in one of the balloons, and she can pop the balloons until she finds the piece of paper. You could also have the question written on a board, and then covered by balloons, and she can pop them one by one until the question is revealed.

Get Some Sweet Treats

Being asked to be someone’s girlfriend can be so exciting, but being asked with some cake or cupcakes can be that much better!

You can either try and bake the cupcakes at home on your own, or order them from a bakery. Spell out the question on the cake or the cupcake, or even use symbols and a question mark to suggest the question.

Once she has read the question (and hopefully said yes) you can both enjoy some cake afterward!

Use Her Favorite Drink

Coffee shops are a great place for both of you to feel comfortable and on neutral ground, and you could use this to your advantage to ask her out.

Ask her for her drink order and go up to the counter to order it. When ordering the drink, do not ask the barista to write her name on the cup, but instead ask them to write something like “will you be my girlfriend”

You can take her drink to her and either show her straight away or wait for her to notice it and then give you the answer. Just make sure she reads the cup before throwing it away once she has finished her drink!

Create A Crossword Puzzle

For the girl who loves puzzles and games, you could create your own crossword puzzle. The words in the crossword puzzle can spell out “will you be my girlfriend?” or whatever you would like, and you could include some other words in there as well.

The other words in the crossword could be around her hobbies or memories that the two of you share.

Order A Pizza

If you are looking for a relaxed night in, you could ask her over to watch a movie and to eat some pizza. Order the pizza for delivery, and when it arrives take the pizza box to the kitchen and write on the inside of the box, something along the lines of “be my girlfriend?”

Give her the pizza box, let her open it, and then read the question. Hopefully, the pizza alone puts her in a good enough mood to say yes, and the two of you would have some great pizza to share afterward as well.

Take Her Someone She Likes

Couple holding hands

It is a good idea to take her to someone she likes to ask her to be your girlfriend. If she loves to go hiking, then pack a picnic and take her up somewhere with a nice view to ask her.

It could be a funfair, a sports game, or even just a walk in the park. Making her feel comfortable in a place that she loves will make her enjoy the question that much more.

If this is somewhere indoors, you can place some candles or have some drinks set out for when you ask. Just think of things that she likes, and go along with that!

Make A Treasure Hunt

If the both of you enjoy a little bit of adventure and fun, then a treasure hunt can be a great way to ask her out. You can plan out some clues that relate to your relationship so far, such as the place you met, a bakery she enjoys, or other great memories.

She can follow the clues to find you at the end of the trail, and then you can pop the question and ask her to be your girlfriend!

This can take some real planning, but it can be a great build-up to the question.

Buy Her Flowers

For when you do not want to go too over the top, but still want to make an effort, you can’t go wrong with flowers. Go and pick out a beautiful bunch of flowers from the local florist and bring them over to her house or wherever you might be meeting.

Buying her flowers shows that you are thinking of her when you are apart and that you put some thought into the flowers that you picked out. You could even place a note in the flowers with the questions if you do not want to ask it out loud.

Arrange A Candlelit Dinner

To create a really romantic evening, you could arrange a candlelit dinner. This doesn’t even have to be too expensive – you could set out a table and chairs (with a nice table cloth and the right finishes of course) outside in the garden.

It would be nice to keep it as a surprise and ask her over to hang out. When she gets there, show her the setup outside and enjoy dinner together. What course of dinner you ask her to be your girlfriend over is up to you!

Buy Her A Plant

Couple laughing and playing around

If you want something more long-lasting than flowers, hopefully to foreshadow the lasting relationship you might be starting, you could get her a plant. Choose an easy to care for plants such as a fern or a rock rose, and give it to her before asking the question.

A plant is a great gesture of a lasting relationship and something that she can keep for quite some time afterward too! You could even look for some cute plant puns to include in the question.

Write It Out In Chalk

Purchase some sidewalk chalk from your local store and put it to good use by using the chalk to write out the question for her on her driveway or somewhere where she will read it!

This doesn’t take too much effort, but it is quite a gesture and it will definitely make her feel special, and hopefully say yes!

Take A Road Trip

Take a day away to go on a road trip together, and make a mixtape of songs that are either both of your favorites or which are romantic enough to set the stage for asking the question.

Find a scenic route nearby that you can drive through, and maybe stop at a viewpoint to ask her to be your girlfriend. This will surely be a day to remember and gives you quality, one-on-one time to enjoy together.

Get Help From Friends

If you have trustworthy friends, you can get them to help you ask her out. One of the cutest ways to do this is to spell out the question on pieces of cardboard and get them to hold up a board each. They can stand outside her house or on a field and let her read what the card says.

This means that you are free to run up and hug her or ask her while they hold all the boards up, and maybe even give her some roses to finish it off!

Asking Her To Be Your Girlfriend

No matter how you choose to ask her to be your girlfriend, make sure that it is a situation where both of you will be comfortable and feel at ease.

Be confident and don’t doubt yourself, and try your best to enjoy the moment!

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