When A Girl Is Mad At You Does She Like You? (No! 6 Signs She Might..)

When we are young, we are told that if someone is being mean to us in the playground, it means they like us!

As a kid, this seems confusing, but we accept it and move on. As an adult, the rules change a bit. When a girl is mad at you, does she like you?

It is never a good idea to take a girl being mad at you as a sign that she likes you. There is a chance that it is a way she shows her feeling, but there is also a chance that she really is just mad at you. You should not take it as a sign of something else.

It can be very confusing determining whether a girl likes you or not, especially when they do not say it outright. 

We are quick to think that anger can mean jealousy or shows that ‘she cares’ but it can also simply mean you upset her.

I know I’ve gotten angry with people I have zero attraction for because they were acting a certain way. You have to be honest with yourself. Were you being selfish? Mean? Did you cross any line?

To help you have a better idea of how she feels, below are the signs to look for that she does like you, and signs that she doesn’t (and is just mad at you!)

Actual Signs That She Likes You

Actual Signs That She Likes You - Woman in Car angry

Getting mad at you alone is not a sign she likes you (you could just be a jerk LOL) but ff she is mad at you AND shows some of the below signs, there is a chance that she does like you!

She Makes An Effort To See You

She won’t make an effort to see you if she doesn’t like you.

She will make plans to see you when she can, and if she has to cancel a date, then she will reschedule it to another date when she can make it.

If she is acting mad at you, but still puts in a lot of effort to see you, take it as a positive.

She Keeps Conversation Going

There is a good chance that she does like you if she keeps the conversation going. This could be in person or over text. This is also true if she does act mad at you, but keeps messaging you to chat.

Someone that likes you will make an effort to talk and keep the conversation going, and if you like her back, make sure that you reciprocate and talk back.

Her Friends And Family Know About You

If she does like you, there is a good chance that she would have told her friends and family about you.

She might not have come straight out and told them that she likes you, but she would have brought you up in conversation one way or another.

This can be hard to know if you haven’t met her friends or family, but if you’re hanging out, it can be a subtle thing to pick up on. Plus, sometimes friends aren’t so subtle.

Her Body Language Says It All

Even if her words make her seem mad at you, if she likes you, her body language will probably give it away. Take notice of the way she positions herself around you.

She would turn her body towards you when you talk, she will find any excuse to touch you or brush past, or she will make herself open to any physical touch from you.

It’s natural to try and get close to people we’re attracted to.

Some find any excuse to casually touch someone, on the shoulder, a high-five, anything.

Look for these little excuses she could be making to touch you.

She Laughs At Your Jokes

Now, this might seem cliché, but if she likes you, she will laugh at all of your jokes!

Even if she doesn’t find them funny, she would want you to feel comfortable and appreciated, and this includes laughing at your jokes.

If she is acting mad at you, crack a joke and see how she reacts. If she laughs, then there is a chance she is just pretending to be mad, and she likes you.

She Is Open With You

When a girl likes you, she is more likely to open up with you and let you into her life a little more.

She will tell you details about herself and her life that she wouldn’t let other people know, and she would encourage you to do the same.

She would ask about stories from your childhood and your past.

This is a chance to make her feel like you trust her by letting her into your life a little more.

Signs A Girl Doesn’t Like You

Signs A Girl Doesn’t Like You - Guy and girl drinking coffee together

Not everyone you like will like you back, and if she is mad at you, there is a chance that she could just be mad and not be hiding any feelings.

Look at the below signs that she might not like you, and take it as a hint to back off and give her some space.

Read Her Body Language

Take a look at how she acts around you, if her words are angry, her body language will match.

If she is not interested in you, she will not make her body open to you, she will likely turn away from you, and cross her arms when in conversation.

She will also move away from any physical touch. Be mindful of this and don’t push it any further.

She Keeps Conversation Short

If she does not like you and is mad at you, she won’t want to keep the conversation going. She will either not message you, and if she does reply, then her messages will be short and will not try to keep the conversation alive.

If she is giving you short answers and not asking anything in return, it’s a clear sign she doesn’t want to talk to you.

Conversations with her would be hard to keep going, and take this as a sign that she does not want to talk.

She Doesn’t Ask About You

A girl that likes you will be interested in your life and will ask you questions about your past and personal life.

If she isn’t asking you these questions and isn’t taking an interest in your personal life, then chances are she doesn’t like you.

She doesn’t care enough to take the time to get to learn more about what makes you ‘you’, and while this is nothing you can blame her for, you deserve to be with someone who does.

If She Is Mad, Does She Like You?

Do not rely on her being mad at you to be a sign that she likes you. Sometimes, we aren’t sure how to process and express our emotions, and this could cause her to act mad at you when she actually likes you.

On the other hand, she might just be mad at you and not like you, and you need to respect that. Understanding the signs that she does like you, or that she doesn’t, will help you better know how she feels, instead of relying on her madness alone!

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