Me And My Crush Are Awkward Around Each Other (9 TIPS!)

It is so natural to feel awkward around your crush, especially when the two of you have just started hanging out.

While it is natural to feel awkward around your crush, it isn’t necessarily the best feeling and can knock your confidence a little bit.

It can be difficult to relax and just be yourself, as you would be overthinking every word and movement and then rethinking it all over later on!

However, there are some tips that can help the two of you feel less awkward about each other, and make your time together a little more enjoyable.

Here are a few things to remember when hanging out with your crush, to make it feel more natural and to feel more at ease.

Being Awkward Around Your Crush

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You Are Not Alone

There is a very good chance that your crush feels just as nervous as you do, which in a weird way, should help put you at ease. If the both of you feel awkward, then it should make you feel less under pressure and under the spotlight and should make you feel more comfortable.

Some people are really good at coming across as confident, but it is so natural to feel nervous around someone you like, and while your crush seems confident, they are probably just as nervous as you.

Your Nervousness Is Flattering

Being nervous around someone you like can actually be a great compliment to them. It shows that you like them and your attraction to them makes you nervous. 

Your nervousness is all thanks to them and all the things that you like about them, so it can be really flattering for them.

There are also some people who find confidence and outgoing characteristics to be attractive, but there are others who think that shy, nervous behavior is attractive too, and this might be your crush!

It is perfectly fine to let your crush know that you are nervous, and this could make them like you even more.

Make Light Of The Awkwardness

Awkwardness does not need to be a negative thing, and you could turn you and your crush’s awkwardness around to make for a light, happy environment.

If your awkwardness causes you to spill a drink or stutter over a word, instead of shrinking into yourself, make a joke and laugh at what has happened. This eases tension beautifully and will make your crush feel more comfortable as well.

However, if your crush does something awkward, try not to laugh at them, as this could make them feel uneasy and as though you are making fun of them. Rather just smile and say something positive and encouraging, and not make too big of a deal out of it.

Remember They Are A Normal Person

Even though your crush seems like the most amazing person, and while you really do like them, you need to remind yourself that they are just a normal person, like you!

By taking a step back and remembering that they are a normal person just like you, you will be giving yourself some breathing space, and will hopefully be able to calm your nerves a bit.

You are still able to dote on them and treat them like that special someone, but remember that they do not sit on some imaginary pedestal, and they are human and make mistakes just like everyone else.

Don’t Force Any Actions

It seems so cliché to say that you should act naturally around your crush, but this is still really great advice. Do not try to act differently or like someone else, and do not try to force any actions. The more you try to act like someone else, the more uncomfortable and awkward you will be.

You don’t have to fill any idea of what you think your crush wants. They like you for who you are, and that is all you need to be. Your crush will love your candid and natural behavior much more than any forced actions.

Hang Out Somewhere Neutral

If the both of you feel awkward when hanging out, the best thing to do is hang out somewhere that the both of you feel comfortable, somewhere neutral. Avoid hanging out somewhere with only their friends, or vice versa.

Choose a bowling alley, a park, or a market, somewhere that you both feel natural and not under pressure.

Be Friends First

One of the easiest ways to feel comfortable around your crush is to think of each other as friends first. There is a lot less pressure between friends, and while you can still harbor feelings of attraction to them, hanging out as friends without the pressure of anything else happening is ideal.

Just act around your crush the same way you would act around your friends. The two of you would probably like the natural feel of each other much more than any awkwardness that would happen when hanging out as “crushes”.

Be Confident In Yourself

Your crush likes you for a reason, and you need to remember that when around them. By being more confident in yourself, there is less chance that you will feel awkward around them. Remember that you probably make them nervous too, and give yourself that little confidence boost that you need!

Don’t Force Conversation

Awkward silences can seem to last forever, but silences do not always need to be awkward. Do not try to force conversation if you feel like it is lacking. Instead, just ask your crush questions about themselves, and hopefully, they will ask you some questions back and conversation will flow naturally.

Silences can be soothing, and they can often tell you a lot about the other person!

Feeling Natural Around Your Crush

The golden rule to feeling natural when around your crush is to not force anything. Do not overthink what you say or how you act and do not put them too high on a pedestal that it makes you feel uncomfortable.

See each other as friends, enjoy your time together, and see how the relationship progresses from there!

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