If I Stop Texting Her Will She Notice? (Maybe….)

You might be thinking of stopping texts to a certain girl, to either send a message silently or to stop contact for a while. However, you are worried that she won’t actually notice if you stop texting.

There might be a few reasons why you would want to stop texting her. You might want to show her that you cannot be the one initiating contact all the time, or you want her to rethink how she talks to you and maybe treat you with a little more respect.

So, if you stop texting her, will she notice?

Chances are that she will notice that you have stopped texting her, especially if she does have an interest in you and any potential relationship. However, if she doesn’t have any of these feelings towards you, she might not notice.

While it isn’t necessarily the best tactic to use, not texting her anymore can actually help you figure out how she really feels. If she doesn’t ever text back, then you know she wasn’t too interested. If she does text you back, then it shows she might want to move forward.

Why She Will Notice When You Stop Texting

There are a few reasons why she might notice when you stop texting, and it will all depend on the relationship the two of you have, and how she feels about you.

Stopping texting can cause her to lose interest, or it can cause her to pick up the chase and become more interested in you. This is a risky game, but if it is something you feel must happen, then here are some of the reasons she will notice that your texts have stopped:

They Are Used To You Making The Effort

If you are the one that always texts first and if you are the one that makes the effort to keep the conversation going, she will definitely notice if you stop.

Without you, there might be no conversation, and there might be no texts at all. You might be quite dedicated to texting her to chat and have set a precedent doing this, so when you stop, it all stops.

This will be quite unexpected for her, especially if she is used to the attention you give her. This can be a good thing, and it can show her that she also needs to put in some effort.

It’ll Throw Her Off Balance A Bit

She might like the texts you send her because it boosts her confidence and your texts work as mini ego boosts.

Once you stop texting her and giving her a fix of her confidence boost, she might not like it at all and it’ll throw her off balance. If this is true, she will definitely notice that your texts have stopped, and might even try and text you back to get you to compliment her again.

She might just like the idea of having you on a hook, and you always texting her first could play right into this.

She Doubts Your Interest

If the two of you have been talking to each other for quite some time, she might have taken your interest for granted, and taken your kindness and effort for granted too.

She may have relied on your interest in her, and not have put in much effort to keep you interested.

When you stop putting in the effort to text her, she could begin to doubt your interest in her, and this could give her a bit of a wake-up call.

This could cause her to actually contact you and show that she wants there to be more between the two of you. If you have been doubting how she feels, this could be a good way to work it all out.

She Thinks You’ve Found Someone Else

Once you stop texting her, it is natural for her to think that you could be texting someone else. This could cause her to doubt your intentions with her, but it could also be a little bit of the kick she needs to make an effort with you.

Even though you might not be talking to someone else, the tiny jab of jealousy she feels could give her the motivation to take the next step with you and take the opportunity to text you first.

Why You Should Stop Texting

If you are unsure as to why you should stop texting, here are a few common reasons why you might, and the effects they could have:

You Will Have More Self-Respect

You need to always put yourself first and have some self-respect. If she is not treating you the way that she should, and if she is not giving you the attention you deserve, you need to give her some space and stop texting her.

This could lead to the two of you not talking anymore, which means you regain your self-worth, or it could mean that she realizes what she has done wrong and treats you with more respect going forward.

She Will Miss You

She may never have felt what it was like to miss you because you never make yourself ‘missable’. By not texting her, you are giving her the chance to miss you, and hopefully, this will stop her from taking you for granted going forward.

This could make her text you first and make more of an effort to take initiative in the future, which is always a good thing!

You Play Hard To Get

Some girls do not like someone who is always readily available, and by you not texting, she could become more interested.

She might be attracted to the mystery and this could be a great spark in your relationship!

I don’t suggest you actually ‘play hard to get’ but texting someone constantly can give off a desperate-energy that is felt miles away.

If you feel you are giving off this vibe, maybe you should consider giving her some space.

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Texting Her

I give you both sides of the coin and from there you have to make your own decisions, okay?

I wish it was as easy as ‘yes, don’t text her anymore’ or ‘no, definitely keep texting her,’ but it isn’t. You need to decide for yourself and your own situation what’s right.

She’ll Lose Interest

Personally, I’m the type that doesn’t want someone who isn’t consistent or giving me hot-and-cold vibes.

If a guy I’m into stops texting me for a couple of day, I just assume they aren’t that into me and move on with my life.

if things are going well between the two of you, don’t risk your connection by purposefully giving her the cold shoulder.

Those types of games never work.

You should only stop texting a girl if you feel the connection is very one-sided and she’s not that interested. Or if you get the feeling she’s just being polite.

But if you think she’s ‘just being nice’ by replying, remove any and all doubt by simply asking her out.

I know, I know… That’s incredibly intimidating but instead of being hot-and-cold or playing games, you can get your answer and move on with your life.

Should You Stop Texting Her?

It is completely up to you on whether or not you should stop texting her. And then it will depend on your relationship and how she feels about you whether she notices this or not.

Read through all of the above to see if not texting her anymore is the right decision for you! Each situation is different, but I always always always encourage honesty and open communication.

With that said, sometimes you just have to remove yourself from a person or situation to gain clarity. Good luck!

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