8 Things To Know If Someone Tells You They Love You When They Are Drunk

You’re out with friends, having a great time, and suddenly, the person you are seeing tells you that they love you.

This might be the first time that they have said this to you, and you might not even be dating yet, or the relationship could be very new.

Even though they are drunk, did they mean it?

It can be so difficult to work out whether what someone says when they are drunk is true or not, or whether the alcohol is making them say things that they might not mean.

There are many things that go into working this out – and it is not a very straightforward answer.

We’ve all said something we regret after a few drinks.

So if you have been told that he loves you, but he only said it while drunk, can you trust that he means it?

Or should you pretend you never heard it at all? Do drunken words speak sober thoughts?!

Let’s find out…

Can You Trust Drunk Words?


There really is no straight answer as to whether or not you can trust drunk words, as everyone reacts differently to being drunk, and some people are able to control themselves better than others.

Generally speaking, the phrase “a drunk mind speaks a sober heart” is true, and what a person says while drunk is often what they are really feeling.

Inhibitions are lost when drunk, and this might give a person the confidence to say what they really mean to someone they care about and tell them something they might not feel totally comfortable saying while sober.

This is especially true when it comes to a guy telling a girl that he loves her, as he will have the bravado that the alcohol provides to let her know just how he feels.

If a guy does tell you that he loves you while he is drunk, it might not mean that he really is deeply in love with you, but he definitely has deep feelings towards you.

So if someone tells you they love you when they are drunk, should you believe them?

You cannot always trust drunk words, as the things that people say when they are drunk are not fully regulated by proper thought.

With that said, in a way, this also means that they will not hold back on what they are really feeling, and you will just have to judge for yourself.

What It Means If Someone Tells You They Love You When They Are Drunk

Having drinks on a boat at sunset

Someone has told you that he loves you, but he was drunk, and you desperately want to know what it means – you are not alone!

So many people have heard the words “I love you” for the first time, from a drunk person, and there is a reason for this.

Saying “I love you” to someone for the first time is terrifying, and often this puts people off saying it for the longest time.

However, when someone is drunk, they have liquid courage, and they feel as though they are on top of the world and can be honest and open with their feelings.

This could definitely lead him to telling you he loves you, whether or not he remembers it the next day.

When this happens, and you are on the receiving end of this drunken confession and need to work out what it means, consider the below:

Your Time Together

Think about your time together and how long you have known each other for.

If you have only known each other for a short amount of time, then chances are he doesn’t actually love you, but just likes you a lot.

If the two of you have been seeing each other for a while, but neither of you has said “I love you” yet, then this could be his way of saying it to you for the first time, just with a little bit of a confidence booster from the alcohol.

Who He Says It To

Friends cheering at happy hour

Before you get excited that a friend has told you that he loves you, take a look at how he is acting.

He might just be in a really jolly mood and is going around to all of his friends telling him that he loves them.

You might not be the only person on the night who receives his words of affirmation, so don’t build your hopes up too much of a possible relationship if he seems to be spreading the love far and wide to others too.

Nature Of Your Relationship

You really need to consider the nature of your relationship when working out if he means what he says when he is drunk.

If the two of you have been dating for a while and you think that there is some real potential in your relationship, then he might mean that he loves you, and he is ready to take the relationship to the next level.

He might be drunk, but it is probably something he has been wanting to say to you for some time.

However, if the two of you are friends, and there really isn’t anything more to the relationship, then he might just be saying he loves you as a friend, and nothing more.

This can be confusing if you have feelings for him, but if he only sees you as a friend, then you need to respect that.

It isn’t fair for him to drop the L-word onto you when you feel more for him than he does for you, but guys don’t always see things this clearly, and the alcohol wouldn’t be helping.

He Might Not Love You

Group of friend having drinks

He might say he loves you, but it might not be actual love that he is feeling.

The alcohol and a new, budding relationship with you might have him a little confused about his emotions, and this could cause him to think that the way he feels about you is love when it isn’t.

Love is something that develops over time and through trust and is not something that can be rushed.

However, his drunken state and affection for you might just jump straight to him thinking that he is in love, and lead him to proclaim his love for you!

He Wants Something

Unfortunately, he might be saying what he knows you want to hear to get something from you.

Even though he is drunk, he could still try to manipulate you to get you into bed or to try to win you over, and saying “I love you” might be a tool he uses to do this.

You need to be very wary of this, especially if you think that he could be the type of guy to do this, to get what he wants, and then disappear again. D

o not take it to heart, and do not act on his words straight away. Love is proved best through actions and not words, and he needs to prove his love.

What To Do When Someone Tells You They Love You When Drunk

friends cheering drinks

It would come as a real shock when someone suddenly proclaims their love to you in a drunken state, and it helps to know how to react properly!

Here is what you should do when someone tells you they love you when they are drunk:

Don’t Panic

First off, don’t panic and say it back straight away.

You can’t be sure if they really mean it and what their intentions might be, so you don’t want to just blurt it out back to them if you don’t mean it either, or if you are not sure where it is coming from.

Don’t be rude either, just smile and say thank you (or something to make the situation less awkward) and carry on having a great time!

Speak To Them The Next Day

If you are not sure whether they meant that they love you for real, or whether it was just the alcohol talking, you should ask them about it the next day when they are sober.

There is a chance that they might not have remembered saying it at all, and if you ask them about it and they claim to not remember, then it is just best to leave it at that and possibly pretend that it never happened, or it was just a drunken mistake.

However, this could open up the door for them to feel comfortable telling you how they feel openly without needing the courage that alcohol gives, and it can be a great step in the right direction for your relationship.

Just keep in mind that everyone acts differently when drunk, and they might not have meant what they said, and it could be a very awkward situation for them the next day when you ask.

While you deserve to know whether they meant it or not, do not push the situation too much, and let them feel comfortable telling you the truth.

Pretend It Never Happened

We all say things we don’t mean. Or maybe say something we regret the next day.

If you think bringing it up could embarrass him or make your relationship weird, there’s no shame in simply pretending it never happened.

You can let things play out normally and just be more in tune with how he is towards you. Notice if you do start seeing signs of ‘love’ or if it was just an off-the-cuff moment.

Sometimes we tell people we love them and it doesn’t imply romantic feelings as well.

Think about the possible scenarios that could play out if you did bring up this topic. Do you see them being open and honest? or embarrassed and shutting you out?

If it’s the latter, it may be best to leave it alone for awhile.

When Someone Tells You They Love You When They Are Drunk

Every situation is unique, and there is no scientific way to determine whether what someone says when they are drunk is what they truly mean.

You need to have a look at the nature of your relationship to see whether he might really love you and then talk to him about it the next day in a pressure-free conversation.

Hopefully he’ll let you know what his true feelings are.

But if you think he can’t remember what he said and don’t want to make things weirder, you can always pretend it never happened and see how things play out slowly…

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