13 Signs Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You (MUST-KNOW!)

Finding your twin flame is one of the most euphoric experiences someone could have. The two of you are so closely connected to each other, that you almost feel like the same person.

The bond that twin flames share is unparalleled, and this is something that connects them beyond all boundaries.

If you have found your twin flame, you would know how amazing this feeling is. When you are apart, you can sometimes feel their pull, and there might be signs you pick up on that remind you of them. These could all be signs that your twin flame is thinking of you.

Keep reading to find out all the signs that your twin flame might be thinking of you, to really know how well you are connected to each other, and for some reassurance that your twin flame is thinking of you while you are apart.

What Is A Twin Flame?

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A twin flame is something that not everyone is familiar with, but once you meet your twin flame, you will know exactly what the feeling is.

A twin flame is when two souls are split into two in the past, and travel alone until they find each other. It could also be that twin flames are mirrors of each other, and this results in an instant connection when the two meet.

People who are twin flames experience an intense connection to each other, on a spiritual, soulful level, and believe they have found their ‘other half’. 

One thing to note is that twin flames can have incredibly intense relationships, and the relationship is not always meant to last. However, the relationships are so meaningful no matter how long they last.

Most people can identify a twin flame straight away, and it is characterized by a mutual feeling of intense connection.

How To Recognize A Twin Flame Relationship

Most people claim that they recognize their twin flame straight away, but you might be looking for some other signs that you have found your twin flame.

Here are some of the ways that you can recognize a twin flame relationship:

Connected Energy

When you meet your twin flame, you feel as though you have known them your whole life. You both feel incredibly comfortable with each other, and there is no awkwardness or strange feelings between you two.

You might even feel as though you have had some past connection with this person, and if you believe in past lives, then you might strongly feel as though you two were close in your previous life.

The two of you feel complete when you are together, and you feel as comfortable with them as you do with people you have known your whole life.

Spiritual Understanding

Feeling so close to your twin flame usually means that the two of you share a spiritual understanding of each other, where you connect on a spiritual level that transcends anything physical.

Having that spiritual connection with someone is so important in a relationship, and in a twin flame connection, it can be even stronger. 

You and your twin flame might not even have the same spiritual beliefs, but you would still be able to understand each other and accept each other’s beliefs without any issues.

Feel Complete Together

You might not have noticed it before you met your twin flame, but once the two of you connect, then you will feel empty when you are not together.

You will only feel complete when together, and there will feel like there is a hole in your life when you are apart.

A twin flame completes you and fills a void you never knew existed.

Signs Your Twin Flame Is Thinking Of You

When you are deeply connected to a twin flame, there is an energy between the two of you that nobody else can understand. The energy between you two means that you will feel connected to each other at all times, even when apart.

This means that you might be able to pick up on signs that your twin flame is thinking of you, which can give you some reassurance while the two of you are apart.

You Feel Warmth

If you suddenly feel warm energy around you and feel a sudden rush of love and calm, then it is a sign that your twin flame is thinking of you.

This could even happen at times when you feel your lowest, and when warm energy from them would mean the most. The connection you share is not restricted by distance, and the two of you will be able to pick up when you are both thinking of each other.

You Dream Of Them

Not all dreams are random, and sometimes your dreams relay things that you might not pick up on when you are awake.

If you keep dreaming of your twin flame, or if they appear suddenly in a dream where they seem out of place, then it could indicate that they are thinking of you.

Yes, dreaming of them can mean that you have been thinking of them quite a lot, but them appearing in your dream might be due to the two of you connecting on a spiritual level, even when you are not together.

Some twin flames even report that they have shared the same dream, and have connected with each other in a dream. This is a rare phenomenon, and just dreaming of your twin flame shows that they are likely thinking of you when you are thinking of them too.

You Speak To A Spiritual Advisor

There are some spiritual advisers and intuitive people who can pick up on relationships and connections that surpass what we can detect.

This advisor will be able to identify your twin flame relationship, and whether it is truly a soul connection or not. They will also give you some personal and unique signs to look for that your twin flame is thinking of you, and how to tell when the two of you are the most connected.

You will also be able to gain some great advice from a spiritual advisor, on how to proceed with your relationship, how to navigate life with a twin flame, and how to stay positively connected with each other without the connection becoming too overwhelming.

You Don’t Feel Alone

You might be sitting alone in your bedroom or cooking in the kitchen, and have a strange feeling that someone is there in the room with you. This might sound alarming to some, but this feeling will be calming and non-threatening.

The other person or the presence that you feel in the room when you are alone could be the energy coming from your twin flame thinking about you. This is why the presence feels supportive and loving, and not looming or threatening.

Energy is a very powerful thing, and it can manifest itself around you if your twin flame and you are connected deeply.

Other than feeling a presence in the room, you might feel as though someone has touched your skin or a soft wind blow past you. This can often lead to the hair on your neck standing on end, but you will not feel scared.

You Smile Unexpectedly

Being in love with your twin flame is a magical feeling, and you will find yourself with a smile on your face whenever you are around them.

When you are apart, you might feel empty or down, but then suddenly, a huge smile pops onto your face and you have an overwhelming feeling of happiness. Nothing has changed to make you feel this way, but you cannot deny the sudden joy you feel.

This can often mean that your twin flame is thinking about you, and this positive energy is being translated to you, and it is giving you all the happy feelings!

You and your twin flame might even be communicating and connecting in a way that you are unaware of, which is why the sudden wave of happiness seems so unexpected and out of the blue.

Smiling when your twin flame is thinking about you might also send some positivity back their way – and the two of you would be making each other happy when miles apart, and when you aren’t even talking to each other!

Your Emotions Feel Unfamiliar

Emotions can be a rollercoaster ride, but it is often easy enough to recognize your own emotions, and why you feel a certain way.

When your twin flame is thinking of you, they could project their emotions to you, and this could lead to you feeling as though your emotions are unfamiliar.

You might be sitting on the couch watching a series, feeling fairly nonchalant and relaxed, only to feel really gloomy and alone the next second. There is nothing that could have caused this change, but the emotions you are feeling are very real, but they might just not be yours.

When you are so connected to someone, you share emotions, and when your twin flame is thinking of you, you might end up experiencing their emotions, sharing the load, and being more in tune with how the other person feels, even though neither of you is aware it is happening.

Your Instincts Say So

Do you ever experience strong gut feelings? Where your instincts are trying to tell you one thing, even though your brain might be trying to tell you another? It is so important to listen to your instincts and your gut feelings, and with a twin flame, this is even more important.

Your instincts will be able to pick up on energies and signs that your rational mind cannot, and this means that when your instincts tell you that your twin flame is thinking of you, you should listen.

It is a connection that nobody can really explain, but it exists, and this means that some part of you, which is connected to them, can feel when you are on their mind, and when they are experiencing strong feelings towards you.

Don’t feel foolish when you have the feeling as though they are thinking of you – instead, embrace it and try to send some positive energy back.

You Have A Rush Of Energy

Did you get a sudden rush of energy that you can’t explain? It feels as though your skin is alive and your body is on fire to burn all of the energy – but it has come from nowhere?

It might also present as a sudden urge to get more done, to be productive, and start a project that you have been delaying for so long.

This is such a positive experience to have – and it is often due to your twin flame supporting and loving you so intensely, that when they think of you, good energy is sent your way.

Make the most of this positive energy, and try to take in as much as you can, being reassured by the fact that it could be your twin flame pushing you and supporting you from wherever they are.

You Feel Protected

Out of nowhere, you might feel incredibly protected and safe, even when you are in an environment that usually makes you feel uncomfortable or insecure.

It could be walking home at night, or watching something that makes you feel uneasy, and then you feel as though you are invincible and you can take on anything.

This could be energy sent through by your twin flame, whose connection to you is making you feel safe and protected across the distance between the two of you.

It could even be a feeling you get when lying in bed in the middle of the night, a feeling of warmth, peace, and safety might wash over you, and it could be something that you have never felt before.

Take comfort in the fact that this could be your twin flame thinking of you, and sending their love your way.

Physical Phenomenons

Not everything you experience when your twin flame is thinking of you needs to be an emotional or spiritual thing, sometimes, the connection can be so strong that you experience physical phenomenon when they are thinking of you.

There is no way to predict how this might present itself, but you will notice when it happens, as you will experience a physical feeling when there was no cause.

It could be a light pressure somewhere on your body, sudden butterflies in your stomach, goosebumps from nowhere, a sudden change in body temperature, or shivers running down your spine.

Twin flames often have a very strong physical connection, and this can be shown through the physical attraction that they share.

Your Heart Starts Beating Faster

The rush of energy sent out by your twin flame thinking about you might cause your heart to start beating a little faster, and you might feel it racing suddenly with no other cause.

If you are lying in bed or just carrying on with your day as normal, and you suddenly feel an increase in your heartbeat, it could be that your twin flame is thinking about you.

This would make sense – because the connection that the two of you feel will cause your heart to flutter!

You Smell Them

This might seem strange – but often spiritual connections can be experienced through smell. If your twin flame wears a certain cologne or if they always have a certain scent around them, you might suddenly smell this out of the blue when they are not around.

It could be a very quick sensation that passes the moment you recognize it, but you are sure that you smelt them, even though they are nowhere near you.

Take this as a reassuring sign that they are thinking about you and don’t doubt your senses!

They Pop Into Your Mind

You might spend ages thinking about your twin flame, but if they suddenly pop into your mind when you aren’t even close to thinking of them, it could be a reaction to them thinking about you.

The two of you might feel comforted when you are thinking of each other, and this is definitely a feeling that would be shared between the two of you, even if it is a feeling that goes unnoticed.

Keep Your Heart Open To Signs

When trying to find signs that your twin flame is thinking of you, you need to keep your heart open.

It can be so easy to doubt yourself when strange things happen, thinking it is just your mind playing tricks on you or that you might be looking too deeply into something, but when you have a connection as strong as the one you do with your twin flame, the unexplainable can happen.

Trust that the connection that you and your twin flame share is real, and that it transcends the distance between you two. You are connected on so many levels, so keep your heart open to these signs that show that they are thinking of you.

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