13 Signs He Doesn’t Miss You (GIRL-TALK IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON)

Breakups bring about so many different things to deal with. You are overrun by emotions, you have to get used to not having your other half around, and you need to try to keep yourself busy and move on.

As heartbreaking as breakups are, it can be so much worse when your ex doesn’t seem to miss you anymore. Even though you have broken up, it takes quite a while to move on and not miss the person you have been with for so long, so them not missing you really hurts.

What are the signs that he doesn’t miss you?

It can be confusing trying to work out if he doesn’t miss you, or if he is just trying to cut you out to try and move on. Knowing that he doesn’t miss you might just be what you need to move on too, so knowing the signs can really help.

Keep reading to find out the signs that he doesn’t miss you, to give you the motivation to get him out of your mind and move on yourself.

Signs That He Doesn’t Miss You Anymore

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Some people just manage to get over others quicker and stop themselves from missing them almost instantly. There are many reasons for this, but whatever the reason, you should look for signs that he doesn’t miss you anymore, to stop hoping that something might still happen.

Here are the signs to look for that he doesn’t miss you:

He Doesn’t Contact You

When someone misses you, they would want to talk to you and be in contact with you. A clear sign that he doesn’t miss you is if he stops contacting you and does not initiate conversation anymore.

If he missed you, he would use any excuse possible to contact you, even if it is over something silly, he would just feel the need to talk to you.

When he doesn’t miss you, you won’t hear from him. There would be no motivation from his side to talk to you, so he will go radio silent. This includes him not texting, not phoning, not liking any pictures on social media, or sliding into your DM’s.

He Cut Ties On Social Media

Social media gives us a great way to stay connected from afar, and to keep a check on what someone important is doing without having to make contact with them. Many people check up on their ex’s social media to see how they are doing, if they have moved on, and so forth.

When he doesn’t miss you anymore, he will not feel the need to do this. There is a chance that he might take down all of the photos that the two of you had together on social media, or posts that you were both involved in.

He might even take it as far as unfriending you or blocking you on social media. This really is quite an abrupt end to the past that you two shared together, but it shows that he is not wanting to linger on the past, and instead move forward without you on his mind.

He Doesn’t Keep Any Of Your Things

Even though you are broken up, you might keep a few things that belonged to your ex for sentimental reasons. However, when he doesn’t miss you, he won’t feel a sentimental attachment to any of your things, and he will either return them or get rid of them.

He doesn’t want any reminder of you in his living space, so he will remove all of the things that bring back memories of you. It shows he is ready to move on and that he is not lingering on your ended relationship.

He is cutting you out of the picture, and unfortunately, this just means that he doesn’t miss you, and it is time to start getting him out of your mind too.

He Seems Happier

One simple way that you can tell whether he misses you or not is to try and work out whether he seems happy without you. You could look him up on social media, run into him at school, or ask mutual friends.

If he is happy, then it is a sign that he doesn’t actually miss you. When you miss an ex and are pining after them, it can be difficult to be positive and to carry on as though nothing is wrong, so when he seems genuinely happy, then take it as a sign that he isn’t missing you anymore.

This can be a really hard pill to swallow, especially the fact that he seems better off without you, but sometimes you need to accept these hard truths in order to move forward, and you will land up happier too after some time.

He Has Moved On

You might be checking up on him and notice someone new featuring in his photos or posts. You do a little more investigating and find out that he is seeing someone new. If you still have feelings for him,  this can be really difficult to find out.

When he moves on and starts seeing someone else, then it is a sign that he does not miss you anymore, and he has someone new on his mind. The ship has pretty much sailed, and he is getting on with other things in his life.

Sometimes, they might move on with a rebound, but don’t be fixated on this and assume the relationship will fail and the two of you will get back together again. If he is with someone else, then you need to stop thinking of him and move on for yourself too.

This doesn’t mean you have to start dating someone else, especially if you aren’t ready to, but you should try and stop having hope that the two of you might land up back together again. He is obviously ready to move on, so he doesn’t miss you.

He Blocks You

This can be really difficult to deal with, but when he doesn’t miss you anymore and he doesn’t want you to keep contacting him or trying to start conversations, then he might block you.

He is done with the relationship and unfortunately with you as well, as harsh as that sounds, he doesn’t want you to be involved in his life anymore. This will most likely only happen if you keep reaching out to him because you miss him, and he doesn’t want this contact anymore.

Him blocking you might just be what you need as well, to take the message that he is not interested anymore, and turn that into positive motivation to move forward on your own.

You Just Know

Sometimes, you just know deep in your gut when someone stops missing you and they are not trying to reach out to you anymore.

A woman’s intuition is incredibly powerful.

The complication comes in when your brain knows one thing, but your heart is hoping for another. You might know deep down that he doesn’t miss you anymore, but you are still holding onto some hope that he does, and this is just causing more hurt for yourself.

In many cases, we say listen to your heart and follow your emotions, but in this case, listen to your head and your gut, and if it is telling you that he doesn’t miss you anymore, then you need to accept this.

He Doesn’t Check Up On You

After a breakup, an ex might want to check up on another ex, even if there are no intentions of getting back together. Even if an ex misses their old partner, it doesn’t always mean they are wanting to get the relationship started again, but they are just adapting to life without them.

However, if he doesn’t miss you, he won’t feel the need to check up on you. He won’t text to see how you are doing, he won’t ask friends or family about you, and he won’t show any affection towards you if the two of you see each other.

You are not a priority for him anymore, and he has decided that you are not something that he worries about, so you need to give yourself the credit you deserve and move on, focusing and caring about yourself.

This goes hand in hand with him blocking you or unfollowing you on social media and not texting you anymore.

He Shows No Jealousy

If someone still has feelings for you, they would feel jealous if you started speaking to new people or if you started seeing someone else, it is just natural.

If you do spread your wings a little bit and start speaking to new people or going on dates, and he doesn’t show any jealousy at all, then it is a solid sign that he doesn’t miss you.

Getting no reaction from him when talking to other guys, or no reaction when posting pictures with other guys shows that he has moved on and he doesn’t care what you do and who you see. Your new flirtations don’t affect him at all, and there is no more solid sign than this.

He might even act really happy when you start seeing someone else, which could frustrate you. It is important to remember what you are worth. You should not start speaking to other guys or going on dates just to get a reaction from your ex.

This isn’t healthy for you and this is not fair on the guys that you are involving in all of this, and if your ex doesn’t miss you, then there really is no point to it all anyways.

He Doesn’t Try Impress You

When someone is trying to win you over, or when you are in the early stages of a relationship, a guy will try and impress you in every way that he can. He will do things to make you happy and he will be on his best behavior. 

This will change when you break up and he doesn’t miss you anymore. The two of you might still run into each other, being in the same school, or being in the same social group, and when you do run into each other, take a look at how he behaves.

If he no longer tries to impress you and make you happy, and if he acts as if he just does not care, then you can assume that he does not miss you.

Men often show their intentions through actions, and if actions show that he just does not care or doesn’t worry about how you feel, then take this as a sign that he doesn’t think of you in that way anymore, and doesn’t miss you.

He Avoids You

He would be spending his time focussing on himself and what he wants, instead of trying to give attention to you. This might manifest in him avoiding you, to avoid any baggage he feels you might bring because he doesn’t feel the need for it.

If he doesn’t miss you, then he won’t feel the urge to be around you or to be in contact with you. This might be more complicated as well if you are putting pressure on him or if you are trying to communicate with him when he doesn’t want to.

Avoiding you is easier for him because then he won’t want to have to deal with all of this, and he just does not feel the need to see you anymore.

He Is Constantly Busy

If you text him to try and talk or try to make a plan to meet up just to try and get closure or for whatever reason, and he claims he is always busy or has some excuse, then it could just be that he does not miss you and doesn’t want to talk or meet up.

After trying to make contact or meet after a while, and he just shuts you down, rather take the hint instead of putting on more pressure. He obviously does not want to have any type of contact with you, and you don’t deserve to keep chasing after someone who doesn’t reciprocate.

He Takes Forever To Reply

The two of you might be in contact for some reason, and you would notice that his responses to you have changed. He now doesn’t initiate conversation, and he takes forever to reply to you.

When he does reply, his texts are short and non-engaging, showing that he doesn’t actually want to keep the conversation going at all. 

You get left on read, and he will reply to you only when it suits him, not caring how it makes you feel. This shows you are not a priority in his life anymore and that he just doesn’t miss you.

How Do I Know If He Misses Me?

Stressed young woman sitting on floor check phone. Suffering teenager from heartbreak, mobile notification, failure. got bad news message negative comments. Depressed look, bullying in social media

So the above signs show that he does not miss you anymore, but what if he is sending mixed signals? Everyone deals with breakups differently, and if you are confused as to whether or not he misses you, here are some signs that he might still be thinking of you, and he might still miss you!

  • He asks family and friends about you
  • He finds any reason he can to contact you whenever the chance presents itself
  • You are both still friends on social media
  • He still likes your posts or comments on your posts
  • He still has some of your things after the breakup
  • He cannot commit to anyone new, even though he tries to distract himself with other dates
  • He keeps apologizing to you for things that he did while you were still together
  • He remembers important dates such as your birthday

Just remember that not everyone knows exactly how they feel after a breakup and there are so many mixed emotions that both parties would feel. For this reason, it sometimes is better to chat to him about how he feels, instead of just assuming one way or the other.

Should You Try To Make Him Miss You?

If he is displaying signs that he does not miss you, then you might be tempted to try and turn it around, and do a few things to try and make him miss you.

While every relationship is different, our advice is that you do not try to make him miss you, as it very rarely turns out well. In fact, it could cause even more emotional damage to yourself doing so.

It can be really difficult to accept this, but once he stops missing you, then he is moving on with his life. You won’t be doing yourself any justice by still focussing on him and trying to win him back.

You might think that posting pictures with other guys or going out more might get a reaction out of him, whatever it is, at the end of the day, you are only delaying the inevitable of you having to go through the heartbreak and move on, while he would already be miles ahead.

Give yourself the credit you deserve, hold your head up high and move on, no matter how hard it might be at first!

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