10 Incredible Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You

The concept of soulmates is a truly beautiful one! The idea that two beings could be so deeply connected to their core is nothing short of heartwarming.

Though soulmates can apply to people in any type of relationship, such as platonic or familial, it’s most commonly associated with romantic relationships. 

If there’s someone special in your life and you think they’re your soulmate, it’s only natural that you have to be sure by ensuring they feel the same way.

To help you decipher the universe’s intentions, here are some common signs your soulmate is thinking of you!

Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You

You Smile For No Reason

You’ve caught yourself grinning from ear to ear and can’t figure out any reason that you’d be smiling.

Even when you don’t act on the urge to smile, you definitely feel it building inside you at random moments.

These brief minutes where the desire to smile is so great could be ones where your soulmate has their mind on you.

The affection and true love that blossoms from their thoughts are more than enough to make you feel great, even from a distance!

You Suddenly Want To Improve Yourself

You Suddenly Want To Improve Yourself

Do you suddenly feel a very strong urge to grow, develop your skills, and work on the roots of your flaws and issues?

This could be a sign that your soulmate is thinking of you, and your soul wants to be the very best version of itself to prepare for what’s to come.

You’ll feel extra motivated and driven and will want to get your life in order as if you’re getting ready for a big event.

Of course, everyone should be constantly working for their own growth and development. If you’re very self-motivated, you might even feel a little miffed at the idea that someone else is driving your personal improvement.

But don’t worry! Your soulmate’s influence over you is all about giving you more fuel for your personal fire, not about taking away your spark or shine!

You Get The Hiccups

You Get The Hiccups

Hiccups happen for a variety of different reasons, like when you eat too much too quickly or are dehydrated. But you probably also know that they seem to happen out of nowhere sometimes! 

Those random hiccups could point to the fact that your soulmate’s mind is occupied by you. Your body is informing you of this fact with one of the only ways that it can: physical reactions and impulses!

You Get Goosebumps

Goosebumps can occur for many different reasons.

They’re often associated with cold temperatures, but they also crop up from intense emotions or when you hear or see something that touches your heart.

In other words, if something is impactful, you can get those little skin prickles!

A soulmate thinking about you is certainly an impactful thing. If you get goosebumps out of nowhere, their thoughts may be very concentrated on you!

You’re Constantly Thinking Of Them

You're Constantly Thinking Of Them

It’s not out of the ordinary to find yourself thinking about someone you’re attracted to or have a crush on. Soulmates definitely fall into that category. But if those thoughts seem to pop into your head for no clear or discernable reason, that person may be the one thinking about you!

Remember, the concept of a soulmate implies a close, subconscious connection. Their thoughts can often be so linked to your thoughts that theirs trigger yours!

You’re More Energetically Open

You're More Energetically Open

All of a sudden, you feel more energetic and spontaneous. You’re eager to try new things, you have the capacity to meet new people and be adventurous, and you’re interested in leaving your comfort zone. 

All of this new energy is a sign that your soulmate has their mind on you.

In response, your subconscious is opening you up, preparing you for the many great new things that your soulmate will bring with them.

This also ties into your drive to improve yourself, as you’ll have all the energy you need to grow into the best version of yourself.

Your Emotions Change Unpredictably 

Mood swings aren’t abnormal, but you’ll likely know yourself and your brain well enough to notice an unusual mood swing.

If you’ve gone from feeling happy to upset for no reason (or vice versa), then there could be someone linked to you that is thinking about you.

This is a way that your subconscious is trying to tell you something. But there’s no easy way for your brain to interpret what the message is, so you get odd feelings instead.

There’s also a chance that your soulmate’s emotions are affecting your own!

You Dream About Them

Just like with thinking about them, dreaming about someone you’re into can happen just because you’re infatuated.

But dreams are also a transmission of your innermost subconscious.

If your soulmate has been thinking about you a lot, their focus on you could be sending you a message that appears in your dreams!

You Keep Hearing Your Special Song

You Keep Hearing Your Special Song

If you and your soulmate have a song that ties you together – perhaps even one you’d call “your song” – then keep an ear out for it.

When you hear that song playing in shops, restaurants, on the radio, or even from other people’s music players, it could be a sign that your soulmate is thinking of you and the universe is linking you together!

They Initiate Interactions With You A Lot

Tired of trying to figure out all the mysterious subconscious messages from your soulmate? Well, the most obvious way to tell that they’ve been thinking of you is when they show that fact to you directly! 

If that special person is texting you randomly throughout the day, wanting to spend time with you a lot, and finding excuses to be around you and talk to you, then does anything more need to be said?

They want to talk to you because they’ve been thinking about you!


So, has your soulmate been thinking of you?

Truthfully, only time will tell! Soulmates are people who find each other, time and time again, no matter what challenges life puts in your way.

So don’t feel discouraged if you don’t think you’ve found your soulmate yet – you’ll get to each other no matter what!

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