10 Not-So-Subtle Signs He Is Crazy About You

Every man is different, and the way one man acts in a relationship might be different from the next. Because of this, it can be difficult to know if he is really into you or not!

One thing is for sure, there are some shared signs that men show when they are crazy about someone, and by getting to know what these signs are, you can figure out for yourself how he feels!

Men aren’t always vocal about how they feel, and it does take some effort to figure it out for yourself sometimes.

If you are looking for some clarity on how he feels, and hoping that he feels the same way as you, here are some of the signs he is crazy about you!

Signs He Is Crazy About You

Signs He Is Crazy About You

He Always Tries To Connect

Someone who is crazy about you will always try to be connected with you, one way or another. This might be by him texting you when you aren’t together, just to stay in touch, or through a physical connection when the two of you are together.

This is driven by his strong desire to be with you or around you all the time, physically and emotionally, which is a really great sign that he is crazy about you!

He Wants To See You Often

He Wants To See You Often

A man who is crazy about you will want to see you often, and it might even seem like he just can’t stay away! He will miss you when the two of you are not together, and try to plan to see you again as soon as you are both available.

If you are not able to see each other in person, he would want to chat over the phone or video call, just to feel closer to you.

He Values Your Opinion

Men who are crazy about you will respect and value your opinion.

They’ll ask for your thoughts on certain things and not just fluffy subjects. He might ask for career advice or your point of view on sensitive subjects.

Even if the two of you have very different viewpoints, he will still be respectful of your thoughts because he appreciates your opinions regardless.

He Talks About You Constantly

We all know what it feels like to be really into someone, you want to try and include their name in every conversation you have, and talk to everyone you know about them!

If he is crazy about you, he will be letting everyone know! He will talk about you to family and friends and let them know how he feels about you and all the things that he loves about you.

He will also try to slip your name into conversations, even when it has nothing to do with you!

He wouldn’t even be doing this on purpose most of the time, it is just that you are constantly on his mind. His friends and family will definitely be able to pick up on his feelings about you when he can’t stop mentioning your name!

He Loves Physical Contact

Physical contact does not always have to be sexual, and if he is crazy about you, he will want to be physical with you in ways that are very affectionate.

This would be kissing you on the forehead, holding your hand, or gently stroking your face or hair.

Physical connection is a big part of a relationship, and it is very proportionate to how someone feels.

Someone who is not crazy about you might still want the sexual side of things but will not show the small physical affections that really do show how someone feels.

He would love even more if you reciprocated these physical affections, as he is probably also wondering if you feel the same about him, and if his love language is physical touch, this would mean quite a bit to him!

He Appreciates Your Good And Bad

None of us are perfect, and sometimes our words, moods, and actions get the better of us. When dating, these can often be deal breakers, but at some point, you find someone whose bad you can tolerate along with their good.

If he accepts your bad and your faults and celebrates all parts of you, chances are that he is crazy about you.

In no way does this mean he should be submissive to toxic behavior, but we all have traits that aren’t always so positive, such as indecisiveness or being temperamental.

This shows that he is crazy about all parts of you, and is not expecting you to change who you are for him.

He Introduces You To Friends and Family

Friends and family are sacred to a lot of men. They will only ever introduce a girl to them when they are really crazy about her.

Men value the opinion of their loved ones so you know if he’s bringing you around his core group its for good reason.

It may seem like a cliche but it’s a cliche because it’s true. if you are meeting his mom, it’s a good sign!

He Is Willing To Put In Work

In a relationship, it is important to recognize your weaknesses and certain behaviors that might negatively affect the relationship or the other person.

To show that he is crazy about you and that he wants to build a healthy, lasting relationship, he would be willing to work on the parts of himself that might hinder your relationship.

This could be his short temper or it could be impatience, whatever it is, him recognizing that it is a negative behavior, and be willing to change it, shows he is in it for the long term, and he has your happiness in mind.

He Expresses His Feelings

One of the most obvious signs that he is crazy about you would be him telling you so! His feelings towards you would be so strong that he cannot keep them in, and he would be happy to tell you how crazy he is about you.

If he is looking to build a long and lasting relationship with you, and if he really does care about how you feel, he would not leave you guessing on where you stand with him, and where your relationship might be going.

He will take the time to let you know how he feels, which should reassure you that he does really feel quite strongly about the two of you together, and is simply mad over you!

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He Commits To You

You know he’s crazy about you when he commits to you. When a man is truly crazy about a woman, he wants to make sure you two are exclusive.

He has no desire to share you or only see you occasionally. This will lead him to asking for a commitment or ensuring you’re both on the same page.

Commitment is one of the biggest tell-tale signs a man is crazy about you!

Most men love the bachelor life so you know that if he’s giving that up for you, it’s only aa good sign.

Signs He Is Crazy About You

Look out for the above signs to tell whether he is crazy about you or not. Most of the time, it can be difficult to contain how you feel about someone, so you should be able to pick up how he feels quite quickly.

Don’t forget to let him know how you feel as well so that he isn’t left wondering too!

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