47 Flirty Text Messages To Send To A Guy You Just Met

Nothing is more exciting than meeting someone and being totally caught up on them!

It does become a bit of a conundrum though – you are so excited to get to know them and to spend more time with them, but as you have just met, you don’t want to come across as desperate or overwhelming.

The perfect solution to this is to send a flirty text message!

While we don’t mean go in guns blazing with heavy flirting, there are some cute and flirty text messages that you can send to let him know that you are crushing on him and to see how he replies to that!

So, if you are stuck with what to say, here are some flirty text messages to send to a guy you have just met.

Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy

flirty text messages to send a guy you just met

Emoji Sentences

Emojis can be the best way to speak to someone you have just met! They are light-hearted, fun, and you can say just about anything you want using emojis!

Whether it is a sentence made of emojis asking him to go out for drinks, or just sending a cute little reminder that you are thinking about him – you can get quite creative.

Just don’t get into the habit of only talking through emojis – now and then is cute, but he will probably want some proper messages after a while!

Be Transparent

For some men, transparency and openness are super attractive! Simply stating outright that you are flirting with him, and not being too subtle with him, could be just what he wants to hear!

Something along the lines of “I’m going to keep finding excuses to message you, I just can’t help it!”

He would probably really appreciate knowing where you stand, especially if he was feeling a bit nervous to make the first move.

Recommend A Series

Text him and tell him that you have the perfect series or movie for him to watch, that you think that he will love!

You could even leave it at that and let him reply asking what it is, just so that you can keep the conversation going.

Tell him your recommendations, and then slip in and ask if he wants to watch it together with you.

Not only does this show that you’re thinking about him by recommending a series, but also that you want to see him again sometime soon! His response should give you a good idea of how he feels.

Send A Date, Time, And Location

Be a little bit forward and send him a date, a time, and a location to meet you!

Hopefully, he will respond and say that he is free and that he will meet you there. He might be busy on that day or at that time, but he might try and reschedule, and lucky you, you have a second date!

However, he might decline and at least you know to cut your losses and move on to the next best thing!

Send A Good Morning Text

One way to let him know that you are thinking about him is to send him a good morning text.

Bonus points for if you get to send this message before he wakes up, so it’s hopefully the first thing he reads in the morning!

This doesn’t have to be a boring little good morning text, but you can add in some emojis and cute words to make it special.

He will appreciate someone taking the time to send him a cute message in the morning, and it is a super sweet way to kick off the flirting!

Send A Goodnight Text

On the opposite end of a good morning text is a goodnight text, and you can be a little more flirty when saying goodnight, just to make sure that he goes to sleep with you on his mind!

When saying goodnight, ask him if he is a big spoon or small spoon or tell him to have sweet dreams of you!

You can really have some fun with goodnight texts, and leave him thinking about you for the rest of the night – hopefully, he will have some good dreams about you too.

Send Him A Selfie

Self-confidence can be a beautiful thing, and he might absolutely love the self-confidence you show by sending him a selfie during the day!

You don’t even need to be in a conversation with him to send him a quick little picture either, and this will show that you are thinking of him, and hopefully, he is thinking of you too.

You might even get lucky and get a few compliments back, and maybe even a selfie too. Follow it up with a flirty text or emojis just to get the message across even clearer.

What Not To Send/Do

What Not To Send To A Guy You Just Met

There are lots of fun flirty (and suggestive) texts that you could send to the guy you have just met. However, there are some tips on what you should not do!

Here are some things to avoid when texting a guy who you have just met:

One-Word Messages

Avoid sending one-word messages to him. This definitely gives off the feeling that you are not interested, and that you do not want to keep the conversation going.

You might not be an avid texter, and you may be genuinely interested, but replies such as “ok”, just do not send the right message across.

Always be warm and kind when texting back a guy you’re interested in.

Being Too Forward

Being forward can be great, to an extent. With someone you have just met, you still need to test the water and there is also so much you do not know about them.

Start off slowly, and while you can still be flirty, try not to be too forward. You could either scare him off or get yourself stuck in something that you aren’t happy with.

Don’t Wait On His Text

You should not leave him on read for hours with each message, but also avoid waiting on his every text. Give yourself some time to reply, and give him some time to miss you now and then. You also have your whole life going on around you, so you can’t become obsessed with talking to one person.

Most importantly, be yourself, have fun, and show him that you are interested in getting to know him more going forward!

Examples Of Flirty Texts To Send Him

Here are some examples of flirty text messages to send a guy.

Now, I’m going to assume this is a guy that has shown interest in you and/or asked you out on a date already.

If this is an extremely platonic friend who hasn’t made the first move, I would look through this list but maybe take it down a notch.

A lot of these are better suited for a guy that’s already been hitting on you a bit.

But if you want to be very direct and not leave a shadow of a doubt in his mind that you’re into him, try something like #9 and see how he responds….

  1. I can’t sleep… I blame you 😉
  2. I’m still wearing that smile you gave me…
  3. If you kiss me I’m not responsible for what happens next….
  4. It must have been tough waiting for me all those years
  5. I smile whenever I get a message from you
  6. You look ridiculously sex in you instagram photo
  7. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give last night an 11. What about you?
  8. It’s hard to concentrate at work when you keep popping up in my mind
  9. Let’s skip the small talk and go straight to flirting
  10. If I was with you right now, what do you think we’d be doing?
  11. I’m tired of flirting over the phone. Let’s do it in person
  12. Do you want me to make the first move or should I wait for you to be inspired?
  13. I know I’m supposed to wait for you to text me, but I can’t help myself.
  14. Be honest, how long did you wait to text me so it wouldn’t be awkward?
  15. I’m not big on the whole wait three days rule, so I’m texting you now.
  16. This totally made me think of you…
  17. You never fail to give me butterflies.
  18. Are you this cute all the time, or did I just catch you on a really good day?
  19. Which emoji makes you think of me?
  20. Are you missing me? Yes or yes?
  21. What are you thinking about right now and why is it me?
  22. I just woke up and you’re already on my mind.
  23. Come over, I have all your favorites. Pizza, beer, and of course, ME.
  24. Every message you send me is like a small gift.
  25. You. Me. Takeout. Tonight.
  26. I’m thinking it’s a burgers and beer kind of night… You in?
  27. I was going to wait another day or two to text you, but I can’t wait that long to talk to you.
  28. You’re going to love the outfit I wear tonight.
  29. What does your week look like? Any room for me?
  30. I absolutely adore you. Just FYI.
  31. You’re hot. I think I like you.
  32. You looked really cute last night.
  33. Can we just call in sick tomorrow and spend the whole day together?
  34. Can’t stop thinking about the other day/night.
  35. Just saw something really hot and it made me think of you.
  36. I’m watching a romcom, and the main character looks exactly like you. Except, not nearly as cute.
  37. Just so you know, I’m usually much better behaved.
  38. Not gonna lie, you’re basically always on my mind.
  39. What on earth did I think about all the time before I met you?
  40. I could text you all night.

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