10 Books Like Mass Effect That Are Out Of This World!

Mass Effect is the sci-fi series that we never knew we needed. With incredible character development, alien races, and some romance along the way, it is one of the most enduringly popular sci-fi series around.

If you are looking for something to read after finishing Mass Effect, take a look at these recommendations, which feature different worlds, aliens, and all types of action!

Books Like Mass Effect

A Passage Of Stars – Kate Elliot

Lily Ransome is capable and brave, but her future on her home planet Unruli is not as free as she would want. On Unruli, she can choose to either become a mother or fulfill a position in her family’s mining enterprise.

One day, bounty hunters capture her father, and Lily rids herself of all preconceptions and expectations and sets out on a journey to rescue him.

The book is full of space rebellions, persecuted races, and even romance, and is very much for lovers of Mass Effect.

Achilles – Greg Boose

In Achilles, humanity is branching out across the galaxies and is finding that it is not easy. It is the year 2221, and the ship the Mayflower 2, takes off from earth to deliver new colonists to the planet Thetis. The ship never reaches Thetis and crashes on the unwelcoming and empty moon, Achilles.

The survivors soon find themselves fighting for their lives on the supposedly uninhabited moon, battling against hostile aliens and then dealing with the disappearance of all adult colonists.

Teenagers, notably Jonah Lincoln, are left to fight for their lives on Achilles and try to find a way to their intended home planet, Thetis.

Clarke County, Space – Allen Steele

Clarke County, Space

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Clarke County is an orbiting space colony that is expecting a sharp spike in tourism when it is chosen as the major revival location for the Church Of Elvis.

While Skycorp executives see this as a chance to make big money, the locals of Clarke County would rather be left to their own devices, and so begin whispers of a rebellion against Earth.

To make these rumors even more complex, a criminal passes through Clarke County, pursued by a cold-blooded assassin. Sheriff John Bigthorn is in for the hardest job of his life if he wants to try and prevent his hometown from falling into complete chaos.

Midshipman’s Hope – David Feintuch

In the year 2194, Nicholas Seafort, who is only seventeen years old, is assigned to the Hibernia as a midshipman. The Hibernia is on a mission to travel to the colony of Hope Nation. 

Drama ensues when the senior officer of the Hibernia is killed in a freak accident, and Seafort finds himself thrown into a position of authority and power he was not ready for, he now has to lead the terrified crew and colonists on board.

Beneath The Gated Sky – Robert Reed

Beneath The Gated Sky is a sequel to Beyond The Vale Of Stars, which was published in 1994. The novel is set around government agencies and their nefarious plans to eradicate all of humanity.

Out of the blue, humanity is sent reeling when the earth’s sky suddenly shows obscure stars and reflections of another world. Soon it is discovered that people can project their consciousness to the other side using a process called quantum intrusions.

Characters Porsche Neal and Cornell Novak fall in love while defending humanity on alien lands, and their blossoming love is anything but simple when the world has been turned upside down, and they discover a conspiracy that makes them question the trust and loyalty of just about everyone they know.

Warhorse – Timothy Zahn


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Humanity’s technology is rejected by the Tampy aliens, who are uninterested in mundane human tools and worthless terraforming. The Tampy aliens however have something that humans want, tamed warhorses, huge, telekinetic living ships.

With a very fragile peace treaty keeping the two races civil, Tampy aliens and humans need to join forces on one of these warhorses. This historic mission is a first of its kind, and can either side hide their disdain and mistrust of each other and prevent tensions from turning into a full-blown war?

The Real Story: The Gap Into Conflict – Stephen R. Donaldson

Angus Thermopyle, a dangerous space pirate, walks into a bar with an ex-police officer, Morn Hyland, who is exceptionally beautiful.

In the bar when Thermopyle walks in is Nick Succorso, another criminal, and the two are rivals who are destined to face off at some point. Their clash is not caused by reasons most would think, and it takes readers on a journey through a futuristic space landscape, politics, and the trusty plot of good vs evil that is always present.

Midworld – Alan Dean Foster

Born is a villager on the Humanx Commonwealth planet named Midworld. It is a verdant planet that is so thickly covered in vegetation that the inhabitants, who live harmoniously with each other, hardly ever see the sun.

Employees from an exploitative corporation arrive, and bring about a dangerous change, endangering the planet’s ecosystem.

Born and his fellow villagers need to place their allegiances. They either stand up and fight against the invaders or help the humans obtain resources and potentially destroy the lush planet they call home.

The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet – Becky Chambers

Rosemary lives on Mars, and she is looking for a quick wat out. To do this, she finds a way onto The Wayfarer, a ship that is tasked with tunneling holes through space.

She soon realizes she will not be able to hide her dark past from the rest of the crew, who all have secrets of their own.

The book is full of fascinating alien cultures, who along with the enthralling storyline and well-developed biology of the characters, make for a fantastic read.

Revelation Space – Alastair Reynolds

Almost all of the Amarintin civilization was eradicated 90,000 years ago when it was attacked before space flight was achieved.

Fast-forward to 2551, scientist Dan Sylveste is dedicated to uncovering the genocide that happened within the Amarintin civilization.

He enters into an alliance with the cyborg crew of the starcraft Nostalgia For Infinity, but an assassin is hot on his tail, and the closer he comes to solving the genocide mystery, the more terrifying the reality of the situation becomes.

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