10 Incredibly Fun Things To Do With Friends At Home

Hanging out with friends is awesome, but sometimes trying to come up with things to do together can be a little tough.

This is especially true if you’ll be at home during this hangout, as that cuts down your options even further.

Although just ‘chilling’ in each others company can be fun in and of itself, coming up with fun activities to do together is my personal favorite!

But fret not! There are plenty of fun, interesting, and engaging ways to spend time with your pals without ever leaving the comfort of your house.

Here are some extremely fun things to do with friends at home for a good time!

Fun Things To Do At Home

Learn Dance Choreography

Learn Dance Choreography

Want to get some exercise in a way that’s fun and exciting for your friends? Find some dance choreography for a song you all like and learn it together. Play the tutorial video

If you and your friends are more experienced dancers or just like a challenge, you may not even need a tutorial video.

Get a video of some cool dance moves and slow it down so you can all learn it together.

Chaos may ensue, but it’ll be the kind that gets you laughing and having a blast!

Brainstorm A Friendship Bucket List

Brainstorm a friendship bucket list

There are probably all sorts of things that you and your friends have said you should do together, but you’ve never gotten around to doing it. This is your chance to properly get it all in writing!

While hanging out with your friends at home, get out a piece of paper and pen or a word processing application and start brainstorming. Come up with ideas for all the things you’d like to do together.

They can be something as simple as going on a road trip or as complex as training for and running a marathon. What matters is that the list gets written and you start checking things off!

Put On A Karaoke Night

Karaoke nights are an incredible way to let loose. You get to sing at the top of your lungs, not caring how bad or good you sound, filling your home with joyful noise. 

Better yet, singing and dancing around is just an all-around happy experience.

Both of those activities release all sorts of feel-good hormones in your brain that will add to the fun for everyone, so you and your friends will have a blast while belting all your favorite tunes.

Finish A Puzzle Together

Finish a puzzle together

Puzzles are a great way to cooperatively work on something together for a big rewarding feeling of accomplishment at the end. It’s a pretty good bonding experience, too.

Choose puzzles that suit your friends’ preferences, of course. Those who love a challenge could really enjoy a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, but those who aren’t big fans of that struggle might prefer something simpler.

If all else fails, you can opt for puzzles like Sudoku or crosswords instead of jigsaws.

Have A Photoshoot

If you and your friends like taking photos of yourself, each other, and the world around you, then spending time doing just that is a thing to do at home with them!

Dress up however you like, get creative with backgrounds and photo “sets”, and snap away!

You may even walk away with amazing photos to post online.

Cook Or Bake Together

Cook Or Bake Together

Everyone loves food and snacks during hang-out sessions with friends.

So why not turn the act of making those snacks into an event for you to all enjoy?

Bring everyone into the kitchen, pull up a recipe, and get working.

The best part is that after you have fun making something yummy, you get to eat it all!

Invent A Secret Code

What’s cooler than learning a secret language that only you and your friends will understand?

If you have a lot of time on your hands at home, then you and your friends can work together to come up with a code or language that fulfills that goal. 

The next few times you hang out after inventing the code, you can occupy yourselves by practicing this language until you’re all fluent in it.

Before long, you’ll be like top-secret spies exchanging information and gossip without anyone being able to know their details!

Put On A Movie Night

Put On A Movie Night - Fun things to do with friends

Movie nights are a great way to spend hours of time with friends at home without the pressure to do anything.

Get the popcorn, make some snacks and drinks, and put on a bunch of movies to watch with your friends! 

Not sure what movies to watch? Watch a trilogy or saga of movies, create a list of movies you’ve all said you should make each other watch, or randomly choose whatever you see on your chosen streaming platform.

You can also opt to play TV shows instead of movies if that tickles your fancy more.

Play Board Games

Play Board Games

A lot of board games that are more detailed than snakes and ladders can be time-consuming. Just look at all the games out there on the market!

Some of them take several hours to play. So if you have some time to spend with friends at home, board games can be a fun option. 

With the huge wealth of different board games out there, you’ll be able to find something to suit pretty much anyone’s interests.

Comedic games, tabletop roleplaying games, mystery games, romance-themed games… the possibilities are endless!

Plan A Costume Party

You’re never too old to dress up! When you plan to meet your friends at home, set a theme for a costume party. It can be something as simple as “all red” or as involved as “cartoon characters.”

What matters is that there’s a theme and you all participate. If you have the time and resources to spend, you can go the extra mile to theme the party, too, by making special snacks, drinks, or decorations for the event.

In General..

It’s great to spend time with friends, especially if you have lots of ideas for how to do so!

You’ll never be bored or stuck wondering what to do for as long as you have creative ways to elevate your hangouts to new heights!

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