Everything I Do Annoys My Friend (7 TIPS!)

Friendships are not supposed to be too complicated, and you should never feel like a burden on your friend.

However, friendships do change, and one friend might go one direction, and the other stays in place. Change in a friendship happens gradually, but over time you might notice that your friend’s behavior isn’t what it used to be.

You might feel as though everything you do annoys your friend, and this can be really worrying. You might think that your friendship is on the rocks, or that you have done something to upset them.

To help you sort through all of this, and work out what might be happening, below are some reasons why a friend might get annoyed with you, and what you could do about it.

Possible Reasons Everything You Do Annoys Your Friend


Before you decide on what to do if you think that you are annoying your friend, you need to try to understand why you, and your friend, feel this way.

You Spend Too Much Time Together

One reason your friend might get annoyed with you is that the two of you spend too much time together. You might not feel it, but your friend might need some space. Spending too much time with one person can be quite suffocating, and over time, it is natural to get annoyed with everything they do.

Your friend might not even realize that this is happening, so take a step back and try to assess the situation and see whether or not the two of you need some space from each other, it could save your friendship!

You Want More From The Friendship Than She Does

It could be that you want more from the friendship than what your friend does, and your need for constant friendship could be irritating her quite a bit.

Different people want different things out of life and out of friendships, and what you want might not be what she wants anymore.

Being so into the friendship, and paying it so much attention, might push her away, and you need to be aware of this. If you are the one who is constantly putting in the effort, then it could be that you want more from the friendship than she does, and that isn’t fair for the both of you.

You Have Grown Apart

Time changes many things, and the friendship that you and your friend had a few years ago might not be the friendship you have now.

As you grow older, you enjoy different things and different things become more important in your life. This is true for your friend as well.

She might be becoming annoyed with everything you do because the two of you have grown apart, and she might be the only one who notices it. 

You could be acting the same way that you have your whole friendship, but because the two of you are growing apart, she might not like that anymore, and it just isn’t what she wants in her life.

She Is Jealous Of You

It can be common for one friend to be jealous of another, and if you have been successful or if you have just started a new relationship, it could cause there to be some tension between the two of you.

This jealousy might present as your friend seeming to be annoyed at everything you do. In a way, they are not able to control how they feel, and instead of coming out and saying that they are envious of you and your life, they just land up portraying their emotions as irritation.

This obviously is not fair on you at all, especially if you have not intentionally done anything that might upset your friend, but they get irritated with you anyways.

You Are Too Clingy

It might take some stepping out of the situation to notice, but you might have become a little too clingy with your friend, and this is causing them to feel really boxed in the situation and friendship.

Your neediness and clinginess in the friendship can definitely cause your friend to become annoyed at everything you do, even if it is something that shouldn’t be annoying at all!

What To Do If Everything You Do Annoys Your Friend

girlfriends on porch talking and laughing

Do not let the relationship carry on as is, just dealing with your friend being annoyed at you with everything you do.

Here is what you can do in this situation:

Speak To Your Friend

The first thing you should do is sit down and speak to your friend about this. This is the best way to understand why they are acting the way they are and to see whether there might be something wrong in your relationship.

You will never be able to sort it out or work out why it is happening if you do not speak to them. It is best to sit down and speak in a neutral, calm environment, so both of you feel comfortable saying how you feel.

Do not be accusatory with your friend, and instead approach it from a caring perspective, to really work out what might be wrong.

Take A Step Back

Not all friendships work, and not every friend you have will be a lifelong friend. For this reason, you need to take a step back if you think that everything you do annoys your friend.

Maybe the two of you really have just grown apart, and maybe it is time to move away from a friendship that has become a bit toxic.

You and your friend might just need time away from each other, to have some breathing space and to evaluate where you are and what you want.

Looking at friendship from the outside can help you see things more clearly.

Everything I Do Annoys My Friend

If you feel as though everything you do annoys your friend, you need to try and work out why it might be happening, and then what the two of you can do about it.

It is worth doing this to try and see if there is a way to solve the problem, or whether or not you and your friend need some time apart.

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