He Always Answers My Calls But Never Calls Me (ADVICE!)

I don’t know when things changed in the dynamics of men and women. Nowadays, there seems to be an energy of woman constantly chasing and initiating dates with men.

I have my opinion on that and I’ll get into it, but what if you’ve fallen into the trap of always being the one who calls him? Is he never calling you? What does it mean exactly….

He Always Answers My Calls But Never Calls Me

I would completely, and cold-turkey, stop calling a guy that never calls you. A man who never calls you is a man that is just not that into you! It’s as simple as that.

And I know what some of you will be asking me now…

He Always Answers My Calls But Never Calls Me

Why Does He Answer My Calls If He’s Not That Into Me?!

Simply because it’s easy.

You are making things incredibly easy for him and very few men turn down the possibility of something casual with a woman.

You represent a chance to get laid. Is that too blunt? Not sorry.

If you want someone to lie to you, then perhaps go look at other articles that will suggest you settle for half-assed effort and mediocrity.

But that isn’t me and you won’t find that here.

No, I would argue he is not too (if at all) invested in you. Trust me, if he saw half your value and wanted you, he’d be calling, texting, initiating dates, and trying to see you.

Is he doing any of that? If the answer is no, then you are getting wrapped up in a one-sided relationship. Nope, actually not a relationship, a situationship. And those rarely (if ever) end up well.

What To Do If He Never Calls You But Always Answers Your Calls

He Always Answers My Calls But Never Calls Me

Stop Calling Him

That’s it. You stop calling him.

I know it hurts and it’s difficult. You may even feel like you’ll never speak to him again if you stop calling, but isn’t that the point?

Do you want to be with someone who never initiates contact?

How many men do you know that are madly in love with a woman but never text or call her first?

They know this woman is the love of their life and they can’t get enough of her, but they just can’t be bothered to initiate a date?

Come on now. You’re smarter than this.

The only way you’ll ever know if he’s truly into you is if you detach yourself from him.

See how long it takes for him to reach out to you, if at all.

Don’t be surprised if he never speaks to you again. And I know! I know it hurts and stings and SUCKS.

But I think you deserve someone who puts in as much effort into the connection as you do.

And you aren’t getting that right now, are you?

If you were, you wouldn’t be here right now, reading this article that’s all about one-sided relationships, would you?

Get Busy

That’s right. Get busy and start living YOUR life.

“How dare this stranger on the internet suggest I go out and enjoy my life?!” that seems to be the reaction sometimes LOL.

Honestly, I want you to have a full, thriving life and for a man (who loves and values you) to be the cherry on top.

That’s how I believe it should be.

My suggestion for woman who are struggling or feeling some sort of way over a man is always the same. Get. Busy.

Start a project.

Call a friend.

Start a hobby.

Go out for drinks.

Date. Other. People.

Literally anything.

And no, this isn’t me suggesting you bury your feelings and put a bandaid over the pain.

It’s simply, and genuinely, wanting you to be happy and comfortable in your own company so you don’t get so up in your head when a man does or does not want you.

When you’re bored, lonely, or just unhappy with your life, it’s very easy to obsess over a connection and hope this is the one.

Not necessarily because you want that man in particular but often times because you want an escape from your own life.

And if this man has an exciting life himself, it can be very easy and tempting to hope and pray he comes along and makes your own life exciting.

But listen up.

YOU can make your life exciting.

You can take yourself out on those dates. You can go that movie you’ve been wanting to see. YOU can love yourself.

And you will love your life and yourself so dang much that anyone who comes along with some half-assed effort just won’t be worth your time.

Because you know how much you bring to the table.

Trust me, when you know what you bring to the table, you don’t fight for a seat.

And that’s what you’re doing when you constantly call and chase a man that isn’t putting ANY effort into you.

You’re begging him to give you a spot at his table.

No, no, no. We’re better than that. We know our worth.

And we’ll go where we’re celebrated, not just tolerated. Okay?!

Stop Making Things So Easy For Him

I can hear some people getting annoyed with me.

Yes, send me all the emails and comments you want about how this is ‘playing games’ and whatnot.

But if you have time to send those long, angry emails, then you’re not following my second tip of get busy, LOL. But I digress.


You need to stop making things so easy for this guy.

If you do stop calling him and he does in fact call you back, I don’t want you to still be initiating anything.

Let him lead the conversation.

Is he calling to just talk? Is he going to ask you on a date?

Don’t get so excited to see his name on your phone that you ask HIM out and again, put yourself in the position of the chaser.

I would even not answer his call the first time, if I’m being honest.

I need to know that someone is with me because they want to be with me and not because they’re bored. And if you make things really easy for him, you’ll never truly know the answer to that.

If that doesn’t resonate with you, that’s perfectly fine!

You don’t have to agree with everything on the internet. Just know, I’m right. LOL.

Honestly though.

Men, women, it doesn’t matter. Human beings in general don’t value the things that come easy.

If something or someone is always available, always one call away, just hanging by your every word; yes it’s flattering (at first), but it gets old quick.

Men need a little bit of a challenge. I don’t make the rules.

I just observe and report back.

From personal experience and the experience of countless girlfriends of mine, I can tell you that the relationships that have been the healthiest and happiest are the ones where the guy had to put in a little bit of effort in the beginning.

Maybe the girl wasn’t too into him. She just wanted to be friends. Whatever.

Those have been the strongest relationships. The ones I’ve seen where it’s the girl pursuing or interested in the guy from the get-go have never been satisfying, happy relationships in the long-run.

They just aren’t.

So if you want a healthy, loving relationship with someone who values you, I beg you, stop calling that man that doesn’t call you!

And wait for someone who moves mountains to be with you.

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