11 Incredibly Fun Games To Play On A First Date

First dates can be overwhelming and sometimes even scary. They tend to be awkward and the conversation never quite flows.

They can make even the most outgoing people feel like a fish out of the water. Some people even avoid them at all costs rather than having to deal with awkward silence or other potential disasters.

Games are potentially the best ice breaker there is. They’re clear, easy to manage, and facilitate common ground for everyone.

So, if you’re ever wondering what to do on the dreaded first date, try one of these fun and lighthearted first date games!

First Date Games To Play

20 Questions

20 Questions is a great game to play on a first date

This is potentially the most common game for a first date. It’s easy, straightforward, and flexible.

Obviously, the premise is that each person takes a turn asking questions until you reach 20 each.

This might seem boring or old-fashioned, but it works. Packaging questions as a game offers you the perfect excuse to ask whatever without worrying about how it sounds.

Everything is fair game! You can ask whatever crosses your mind or even look for a premade list on the internet. 

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever - First date game ideas

This is another easy one that allows you to get to know your date.

The aim is to make a true statement about yourself (that starts with “Never have I ever …. “) and see if your date has done it too.

For example, “never have I ever dined and dashed” or “never have I ever skydived”.

If you want to make it spicy, you can take a shot whenever you have done what the statement said.

Make the statements as vanilla or as spicy as you want. 

Truth Or Dare

Truth Or Dare - Date games to play

Another classic, truth or dare is easy, fun, and can be exciting.

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Ask the other person “truth or dare?”. If they chose truth, ask a yes or no question, and if they chose dare, challenge them to whatever.

Truths can help you get the conversation started, and the dares add some spice. Just remember, don’t force anything on anyone.

If they don’t want to answer or do the dare, don’t push them. It should be fun!

Who Am I?

Who Am I? great fun game idea to play on a date

Depending on the vibes your date gives off, this game can range from witty to naughty.

The aim is to ask each other riddles.

And they don’t have to be boring. They can be suggestive and naughty if you want them to be.

They can also be witty and test your date’s acuity if that’s more your speed. 

Two Truths And One Lie

Two Truths And One Lie - A great first date game idea

Another no-brainer, this game is a life-saver for when conversation staggers.

The rules are simple.

One person makes three statements, one true and two false, and the other has to guess which is the lie. You can give as much or as little information as you want in those statements.

If you feel like you’re ready to share deep truths about yourself, you can. If you want to lighten the mood, share some funny stories.

You control what you share and can steer the conversation however you want.

Would You Rather?

Would You Rather? Fun game idea for a date

Another great one for getting to know someone, “would you rather” is an easy and reliable game for first dates.

The aim is to ask someone what would they rather chose between two options. The questions tend to be kind of weird, but they put your mind to work.

You can ask “would you rather have fingers as toes or toes as fingers?”, which is definitely something people haven’t thought of before.

Or you can ask something lighter, like “would you rather have a cat or a dog?” If you’re uninspired, you can look up a list of questions to get you going. 

I Spy

If deep questions aren’t your cup of tea, try a more fun game like “I spy”. You can play this anywhere and at any time.

The rules are simple. One person chooses an object within sight and describes it to their partner.

For example, “I spy with my little eye a red fruit”, and the partner might guess “apple”.

This game is easy, light-hearted, and will make you and your date double over in laughter. It’s also a great way to test your wits. 

Finish The Lyrics

Finish The Lyrics - A fun first date game idea

For the art lovers out there, “finish the lyrics” is the perfect game.

It works just like you’d expect it to work.

One person sings a lyric, and the other has to continue.

You can find out a lot about each other’s music taste and how you match art-wise.

It’s a fun little competitive game to break the ice and get the date started.

Innuendo Bingo

Innuendo Bingo - A fun game idea to try

For the more adventurous people, innuendo bingo is one of the most fun and easy games. Just get a bucket and two large glasses filled with water.

Put on a funny show or video, take a big sip of water, and try not to laugh and get wet. After a few minutes, both of you will probably be drenched and doubling over in laughter. 

What better way to bond with someone new than being silly together? 

Just Dance

Just Dance - Fun game to play with a date

If you want to take your first date to the next level, invite your date to your place and have Just Dance prepared.

Not only is it a great workout, but it’s all about letting loose and having fun.

Be free and spontaneous around your date and you can be sure the night is going to be a success.

It’s also a great choice for the more competitive people out there.


Minigolf - Fun first date activity

If you want to make it old school, try asking your love interest out on a minigolf date. This will get you out of the house and away from technology.

Being outside without any distractions while playing a fun game will allow you to bond with your date.

This was the go-to game ever since the ‘80s, so why not give it a go yourself? If it worked for so long, it will definitely work some magic for you. 

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