27 Cute Ways To Say I Love You In A Text

“I love you” – three words that can mean the absolute world to someone, especially when they feel the same way about you.

With most of us spending quite a bit of time texting our partner, whether because you live in different houses or they are away, it has become normal to tell your partner you love them over text.

The one problem is that over time, these three words become a bit boring, and while you can still use them often, you might be looking for a different way to let your partner know how you feel!

Here are some cute ways to say I love you in a text!

Cute Ways To Say I Love You

“Thinking about you”

Let your partner know you love them by telling them you are thinking about them. Let them know they are always on your mind, and not a day goes by that you don’t spend hours thinking of them.

This shows that you love them enough to keep them in your thoughts. While this might seem completely obvious to you, your partner might need a little assurance that they mean that much to you to always be on your mind.

“I miss you”

You wouldn’t miss someone you don’t love, and instead of telling your partner that you love them, tell them that you miss them. This shows you want to be with them and that you feel their absence.

A simple “I miss you” conveys so many different emotions, and sometimes this simple little text lets your partner know exactly how you feel.

Use Emojis

Use Emojis to show you love them via text

The world is ever-changing, and now we are even able to have full conversations with emojis alone!

Some heart emojis (and some kisses!) can show your partner exactly how you feel.

Sometimes you don’t need words to express how you feel, and a few well-chosen emojis can say more than you could.

You could also personalize the message a bit, and put in emojis that symbolize things that mean something to the both of you.

It could be an emoji of the place you met, your favorite food, or even your favorite animal.

It might not contain any words at all, but it will say exactly what you want it to, and your partner will pick up on the love in the message.

Use Song Lyrics

If you and your partner have a favorite song, you could send them some lyrics from the song. This is especially romantic is the lyrics are loving and sweet!

If you do not have a favorite song yet, or if your favorite song isn’t very romantic, you could pick out lyrics from another song you might like, a set of lyrics that convey how you feel about your partner.

Music and lyrics can bring about so many emotions, so using lyrics to let your partner know how you feel is a really great idea, and is something that they probably haven’t had before!

“Good morning my love”

Waking up to a good morning text can be so amazing and your partner will definitely feel the love!

It shows that you are thinking about them while they sleep, and that you wanted to be the first person to greet them in the morning.

You could also throw a ‘beautiful’ or ‘handsome’ into the message, whichever is applicable, for some extra love.

The same is true for a goodnight text, which is even more special if you weren’t talking at that time, as it shows you were still thinking about them and want to wish them a good night’s sleep.

Sending Poetry

Some people might find poetry a little cringe, but it is in fact a beautiful way to express your emotions, and chances are that your partner will absolutely love the gesture.

Take some time to read through different poetry and choose one which you think speaks to you and your relationship most, and type this out for them (don’t forget to reference the poet!)

It is a wonderfully thoughtful message, which is also another way to say I love you without saying it at all.

A little bit of thought and effort can really go a long way in letting someone know how you feel.

“I like you”

This sounds a bit silly, as if you are wanting to say “I love you”, you would be past the point of saying “I like you”.

However, many couples fall into a boring routine where the spark has disappeared, and often times will love each other, but not necessarily like each other!

Letting your partner know that you like them shows that you aren’t just there for the obligatory love that you two share, but that you genuinely do like who they are and actively enjoy being around them and talking to them.

Send A Selfie

Let your partner know that you love them and are thinking about them by sending them a selfie of yourself, and a cute little text to match.

They will definitely love seeing your face smiling back at them from their phone, and would love to see what you are up to when they aren’t there!

Even just a smiling selfie of yourself can brighten their day, and what better way to let someone know that you love them than by giving them something that makes their day that much better? Even if it is only a photo of yourself!

Send Them A Joke

Humor is great in a relationship, and often helps to keep things alive and light between two partners.

Sending your partner a joke you found or heard, which you know they will laugh at, is a great way to show them you are thinking about them and that you want them to have a little giggle.

This could include memes too, which are especially special if it is a personal joke between the two of you!

Show Concern For Their Wellbeing

Something as simple as ‘there’s a lot of traffic on the highway’ or ‘the roads are really icy’ shows you’re thinking and concerned for their wellbeing.

Nothing is more loving than someone who worries about your wellbeing and let’s you know.

Show your love for your partner by looking out for them consistently. This will make them feel appreciated and taken care of.

More Ideas Of How To Say I Love You Via Text

Remember, make these your own and draw inspiration from them. Don’t say something (even via text) if it isn’t true.

  1. I Pancake My Eyes Off You (with a picture of pancakes)
  2. I love you to the moon and back again
  3. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you. in my life
  4. I am here for you… always.
  5. I’m yours completely
  6. I’m the luckiest person in the world
  7. You are my soulmate
  8. I smile at my phone every time you text
  9. You are my soulmate
  10. I love the way you make me feel
  11. We are meant to be together
  12. I’m crazy about you
  13. I’m jealous of people who get to see you everyday
  14. I’ll always have your back
  15. Since I met you, I smile a lot more than I did before
  16. You make me feel warm and fuzzy inside
  17. Sometimes I look at you and wonder how I got so lucky

Cute Ways To Say I Love You In A Text

There are so many ways to say I love you in a text without saying it at all. Some of these ways don’t even involve words!

Get creative with how you let your partner know how you feel over text by using the above cute suggestions!

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