Guy Stopped Texting Me Out Of Nowhere (10 TIPS!)

Did a guy stop texting you out of nowhere?! We’ve all been there

Ghosting refers to the act of ceasing all contact with someone you know. It’s usually used in the context of dating and texting.

Essentially, someone who ignores your messages, leaves you on “read”, or has stopped communicating could be ghosting you.

It can be quite hurtful and can leave you feeling helpless, especially if you weren’t expecting it. If a guy stopped texting you out of nowhere, here’s what to do…

What To Do When A Guy Stops Texting Out Of Nowhere

Keep Busy

Keep Busy when a guy stops texting you out of nowhere

A guy’s decision to stop texting you shouldn’t severely affect your life. In fact, you should have such a full and busy life that you hardly notice he didn’t reply.

Distract yourself and stay busy, continuing your daily routine.

Immersing yourself in your habits, hobbies, work, and friends will allow your head to stay on your shoulders.

Better yet, seeing you seemingly unbothered by his actions can get a guy curious about you again. Your show of independence will definitely attract the right man back into your circle.

And if he doesn’t text again, well, no harm done – you’ve kept living just fine without him!

Don’t Start Spamming

If a guy isn’t texting you, the last thing you should ever do is start spamming them.

You shouldn’t be double texting someone who did reply to you the first time around.

And god forbid, please absolutely never triple text or bombard him with messages.

You’ll just push him away and you’re going to look like you’re desperate.

This includes sending him messages on social media. And it also includes contacting his friends to ask about him.

Seriously, after a maximum of two sparse messages go unanswered, you shouldn’t really be messaging him again. Ever.

He saw your messages and chose not to respond. That really should be the end of it.

Meet In Person

Meet In Person

If you met this guy through a mutual activity and see him on occasion, just wait until the next time you see him in person.

Show up dressed to impress, without a care in the world, and you may even reignite his liking for you.

You’ll have to do this delicately, of course. You don’t want to be confrontational or seem desperate.

In fact, the less you care the better. Just be your sweet, normal self aand pretend you haven’t noticed this man basically ghosted you.

You can go up to him and say hello to him and ask how he’s been.

It’ll be obvious if he’s trying to avoid you if he starts doing so in person.

If he dodges you in person, take the hint and accept that he’s not interested anymore.

But if he’s nice and cordial, don’t take this as an invitation to text him again. Let him reach out first. He has your number.

None of this ‘it was so nice to see you yesterday’ nonsense. Nope. Just be nice at the event but don’t pursue him.

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Don’t Throw Around Accusations

Don't Throw Around Accusations

When a guy stops texting, it can be easy to get carried away and think there’s some sort of malicious intent.

After all, couldn’t he just communicate about the true reason he’s not messaging you?

But no matter how tempting it is, you shouldn’t make any accusations against him.

You can’t know for sure what his intent is and whatever puzzle pieces you get won’t form a whole picture.

No one likes being hit with accusations – even more so if they’re false. You’ll spoil any connection you may have begun to create with this guy.

Tossing accusations almost guarantees that he’ll never text you again!

it all goes back to my main point: stay busy. If you’re busy, you won’t have time to think up these scenarios in your head.

“Oh, maybe he’s getting back with his ex,” “He was just using me,” etc. Nope, whenever your mind goes to these places, get yourself out of it ASAP.

No good can come from this.

Don’t Blame Yourself

Don’t take it personally if a guy stops texting. It’s very much a part of modern dating culture to just ghost these days.

It isn’t good manners, but it’s become normalized, so you’re just going to have to take it as part of the process.

It’s not your fault that someone’s decided to do this very impolite act. There are so many possible reasons that this guy’s stopped texting.

Blaming yourself will achieve nothing and his rudeness is even more of a sign that this isn’t your problem.

Besides, do you really want someone who can’t communicate? Who just leaves? or is so on-again-off-again they don’t even know what they want?

I know I don’t. NEXT.

Don’t Air This On Social Media

It’s tempting to rant about a guy’s behavior on social media, but don’t do it. Airing out this stuff in public is going to bring unwanted attention.

It reeks of desperation, it’s messy, and it can even make a guy feel proud that he’s gotten under your skin. 

No good can ever come from a subtweet or reposting some cliche quote about ‘peoples true colors coming out.’

I get it. You’re upset and you have every right to be. But keep this between you, your girlfriends, and maybe Ben&Jerry.

It’s no one else’s business, after all. If you need to rant, do so to your friends or family, not on Facebook or Twitter.

This includes posting something in hopes that he’ll notice.

Yes, I know posting that picture of you in a short dress so he’ll see it is tempting, but what good is his attention if he only remembers you exist when your on his social media feed?

Directly Ask Why He’s Not Texting

Okay, this is a step I don’t condone normally. But I know some of you can’t move on without finally getting some clarity and ‘closure.’

And if you have been dating someone for a bit, then you do have the right to ask what’s going on.

So, have you given this guy more than enough time to start texting again?

It might be time to stop beating around the bush and just ask for direct communication.

Send him a direct but non-accusatory message asking why he’s stopped texting.

In the message, express that you’d appreciate direct honesty, even if it could be potentially hurtful.

After you send that message, let things run their course. Don’t text again or try to reach out until he does so first.

If he never does, take that as the direct honesty you’ve asked for. 

Consider His Plans

Before he stopped texting, did this guy mention any plans he may have had?

He could’ve become busy or otherwise distracted.

If you’re only at the texting phase, he’s not likely to text you when he’s very busy.

You haven’t forged a committed bond yet, after all.

Give this guy some space to get back to you if he’s stopped texting. Remember, just like you, he has his own life.

His plans could’ve gotten in the way of the free time he usually uses to talk to you!

Don’t Make Excuses For Him

Ultimately, ghosting isn’t a nice behavior. When you’ve been talking to someone for a while, you don’t decide to just ignore them.

You should do the right thing and tell them respectfully when you’re no longer interested. And if you’re busy, you should send them a quick message to let them know.

To put it bluntly, there are almost no excuses for why someone would ghost you. There are lots of explanations, but they don’t excuse the disrespect.

You’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you start making excuses for this guy. Don’t fall into that trap. 

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Move On

We’ve really hammered home that ghosting is disrespectful and not the right thing to do. So when a guy stops texting you and you’ve given him plenty of time to do so, it’s time to move on.

It’s not healthy and this sort of dynamic will serve as a rocky foundation for further mistreatment.

At the end of the day, you deserve better than someone who doesn’t text you. Take this as a big red flag and just be glad that the trash is taking itself out.

Don’t keep hanging on to someone who isn’t going to return the energy you bring to the table. Cut your losses!


It’s not fun to be on the receiving end of ghosting. Knowing how to manage and respond to a guy’s decision to stop texting can make the process easier.

Learn to behave in a productive and non-reactive way to ghosting and you’ll escape the worst of its effects.

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