Why Does He Randomly Text Me After Months (13 Must-Knows!)

Have you recently received a very random text from a guy you haven’t heard from in months? Chances are this text has confused you quite a bit, and you are unsure of what it means or what his intentions might be.

Silence can be a powerful tool, but silence over a few months is often a clear indication that things are over. However, something has prompted him to message you, and you would want to try and work out what it might be.

Here are some of the reasons why he might text you randomly over a few months, and how you can react.

Reasons He Texts You Out Of Nowhere

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Take a look at the below reasons as to why he has texted you after months, to try to work out what it might mean, and the best way for you to respond.

He Is Sending A Booty Call

So we will dive right in with the first reason! There is a good chance that his random text is just a booty call, and he is looking for some physical attention from you.

If he texts you in the middle of the night asking if you are up or what you are doing, chances are he is looking for a little bit of a connection.

He might have just broken up with a girlfriend or his other booty call isn’t available, so he resorts to trying his luck with you.

These booty call texts are often quite obvious, so you should be able to spot them from a mile away. You’re an adult and you can decide what you feel like doing with it!

He Wants To Know How You Are

You might just have crossed his mind and he wants to check up on how you are. The two of you might have been really close before, and life got in the way and you drifted apart.

This doesn’t mean that the both of you still don’t care for each other, even if you go for months without talking.

He is simply checking up on you and getting an update on where you are and how you are doing. He might even be in the habit of sending you a similar text every few months, and this might be the best way for the two of you to keep in touch with each other.

He Is Keeping You Close

He might be the type of guy that likes to keep his options open, and he might be texting you after a few months just to check whether you might be an option for him or not, and is just putting in some work to keep you close.

The message might be to keep you on his good side and to still maintain some sort of relationship between the two of you, in case he wants to connect again at a later stage.

He Is Missing You

It could be that he has tried hard over the last few months to get over you and to move on, but maybe it has got the better of him and he is now missing you and has decided to make contact.

You would need to consider your past relationship and how you left things off. If he is someone that you dated or were involved with, and the two of you ended things, it could mean that this is the reason why he is messaging you.

It can be so difficult to get over someone, and he might not even be asking to get back together, but just needed to talk to you and let you know that he does miss you and he still thinks of you.

He Is Apologizing

Maybe he acted like a bit of a player when you were together, or he ghosted you months ago, and now the guilt has built up and he feels like he needs to apologize.

If things didn’t end well between the two of you, then it might take some time to get over those feelings and to process what has happened. Space and time is so important to process things, and he might be ready to apologize and even talk about what has happened.

He might be apologizing just to feel better about how he acted, or he could be apologizing to try and win you back.

He Needs A Rebound

The two of you might have stopped talking because he become involved with someone else, but that relationship may have ended and he is now looking for comfort in the form of a rebound.

If you follow each other on social media and you notice that he and his girlfriend aren’t together anymore, and you then get a random text from him, you can almost assume that this is the case.

You might be the distraction he is after to get over the relationship, or he might be looking to find a friend with benefits so he isn’t missing out on that aspect of the relationship. He would turn to you because you had the connection previously, and he might think it could be easy to win you back again.

Something Reminded Him Of You

There might have been something he came across during the day that reminded him of you, whether it was a song, a memory on social media, or a mutual acquaintance. This little reminder might just have prompted him to check in on you and to see how you are doing.

If the two of you were quite involved in the past, then this memory might bring up old emotions, and this could actually lead to the message having a little more meaning behind it.

It might be difficult at first to tell whether he has just texted you innocently, or if there is something more to it, but just see how it progresses and then make up your mind on how to react from there.

He Is After Attention

Maybe he is feeling bored or lonely and nobody else is available to entertain him, so he tries his luck by messaging you and looking for you to give him some attention.

Sometimes, guys look for attention from girls to have a little bit of an ego boost and to patch up their fleeting insecurities, and he might think that you are the best person for the job.

Even if you haven’t spoken in months, he might crave the way you made him feel before and is looking for a taste of that again, even though it doesn’t benefit you at all. Just be sure to only give him back what you are comfortable with.

He Wants To Get Back Together

Time apart can sometimes make the heart grow fonder, and the time that the two of you have spent apart and not talking might have made him realize that he actually wants to be with you, and wants the two of you to get back together.

Maybe the two of you have grown and matured during your time apart, and giving it another shot might actually work out better. However, sometimes people don’t change, and you don’t want to rush back into anything that might just not work out again.

He Wants A Challenge

Some guys thrive off of a chase, and he might have challenged himself to see if he can get you back again, and he sees you as more of a mission than an actual person that he wants to reconnect with.

He might think that it isn’t so easy to get with you or talk to you, and this will excite him on the chase.

Just beware of this, as once you give him attention and a little ego boost, he might lose the excitement and stop talking to you all over again!

What To Do When He Randomly Texts You After Months

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You might be left a little confused when you receive a message from him after the two of you have not spoken for months. The way you reply to him will depend on your past relationship and the intentions behind his text.

Here are some things to consider when deciding how to reply to him:

Understand His Intentions

It might be difficult at times, but you should try to understand the intentions behind his texts. If he has a reputation for being a bit of a player, or for sending the occasional booty call, then take it as it is.

However, if the two of you had deep feelings for each other in the past, it could be that he is genuinely concerned as to how you are doing, or that he wants to patch things up.

The way you reply to him will depend on what the text really means, and how you want to move forward. Nobody except you can decide what you want, so take some time to think about what your text might encourage or discourage.

Know Where You Stand

Before you text him back as a knee-jerk reaction, you need to know where you stand and know how you feel about the situation.

Have a good idea of what you would want to happen after the text, whether it is just letting him know how you are, or moving forward together and picking up where you left off.

Don’t reply just to please him, and instead, make sure that you do what is best for you and what suits where you want to be in your life right now.

Take Time To Reply

If the text is more than just a friendly check-in, and he is wanting something more after all this time, it is a good idea to take your time before replying. Do not just reply straight away, and rather digest the text, consider your reply, and then still wait a little while.

You don’t want to send a text that you then regret later on, or get involved in something that you never intended to. Time will allow you to understand his text, and hopefully, understand what you want out of it as well. It prevents you from replying emotionally and without too much thought!

Can He Ghost You Again?

One thing to keep in the back of your mind is that he might just end up ghosting you again. You need to be conscious of his reputation because it is not often that a guy will change in just a few months.

If he has ghosted you before, there is a very good chance that he might ghost you again, and you need to consider if this is something you will be able to go through again. He might feel like a bit of a chase and then become bored when you give him attention, and then he disappears.

As much as this might happen, there is also a chance that he has realized his mistake and he has grown over the last few months, and he is now wanting to reconnect with you to have a proper go at things. 

Just enter the situation with a bit of a cautious mind, and look for any red flags that he might be on track to ghost you all over again!

Why He Randomly Texts You After Months

Receiving a text out of the blue from a guy you haven’t spoken to in months can be confusing! Is there a hidden meaning behind this text? Does he want to reconnect? Or is he simply checking up on you?

Without having a look at how you left things off and the past relationship the two of you had, it can be impossible to say. To make it easier, take a read through the above few reasons why he might contact you out of the blue, and then try to decide from there.

Take your time to reply to ensure that you know where you stand and what you are comfortable with and that you don’t tie yourself up in something you don’t necessarily want to be in.

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