11 Amazing Books Like Indiana Jones You Won’t Be Able To Put Down

Looking for amazing books like Indiana Jones?! You won’t be able to put these down

Indiana Jones is a classic and while you can probably read the books over and over again, you might be looking for a new book or series to try similar to the Indiana Jones genre that you love.

If you are into the whole adventure, heroes hunting treasure and uncovering legends, then I have rounded up some more books like Indiana Jones you’ll probably adore.

I absolutely love getting enthralled in the wild adventures of Indiana Jones, but I have found some amazing loves as well in other novels that I’m sure you’ll enjoy as well..

To help you find your next reading adventure, here are some books that are like Indian Jones, action-packed and full of some thrilling adventures!

Who knows, maybe some of these may even replace your love for Indiana Jones (no promises though!)

What Series Are Similar To Indiana Jones

Books Like Indiana Jones

It’s hard to find an apples-to-apples comparison of Indiana Jones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try.

If you absolutely love the action-packed adventures of Indiana Jones, you should check out books by Mathew Reilly or Clive Cussler. Both authors are in a similar genre and their novels are hard (if not impossible) to put down

In particular, I would check out The Jack West Series by Matthew Reilly.

Jack West Series – Matthew Reilly

God, that’s SUCH a good series. I wish I could read it again for the first time.

As the books descriptions says, this is an Indiana Jones meets The Davinci Code non-stop, action-packed thriller!

Overhyped? Read it and get back to me! It’s just THAT good.

Dirk Pit Series – Clive Cussler

You can’t go wrong with most books by Clive Cussler, and the Dirk Pitt series is no exception.

The Dirk Pitt Adventures are a breath of fresh air. if you’ve never heard of this series, Dirk Pitt is basically a mans’ man. He’s an ex-US air force, cool, courageous, and resourceful.

He works for NUMA, which is the undersea counterpart of NASA. Because he works for NUMA, he travels the world and it just seems that trouble and adventure follows him wherever he goes…

Books Like Indiana Jones

The Seal Of Solomon – K. T. Tomb

A signet ring that once belonged to King Solomon, an artifact that holds great power, is on the verge of being discovered. Sent to France, Thalia Phoenix works through ancient clues to find the signet ring, only to have the clues stolen by terrorists amidst an attack.

Along with her team, Thalia works to search for the artifact, in a race against time before the powerful ring falls into the wrong hands.

This is book six in the bestselling treasure-hunting series by K. T. Tomb and is a book that will have you hooked into the whole series.

The Sword Is Drawn – Andre Norton

The Sword Is Drawn is a wonderful hybrid of historical fiction and adventure that starts with the threat of Nazi occupation in the Netherlands during World War II.

This threatens a family of merchants, who have been in the gem business for over 300 years. The night before the Nazis invade, Lorens van Norreys is called to the deathbed of his grandfather, Old Jonkheer, who is the patriarch of the family. He tasks Lorens with preserving the Flower of Orange, a priceless necklace and family legacy, and protecting it from falling into Nazi hands.

Keeping the jewels safe is more work than Lorens first realizes, and the journey to protect them takes him all over the world and then back again! The good news is that there is a second and third installment if you love the story.

Tides Of Fortune Series– Steven Becker

I especially enjoyed book 3, Haitian Gold! If you want to skip books one and two, you definitely can, but this series is amazing either way.

Haiti is on the verge of chaos, with a dead king and depleted funds. To save the soon-to-be-ruined country, one unlikely hero arises to make sense of clues that point to the location of a long lost treasure, clues that will lead the Panther crew throughout Haiti in search of the treasure.

All is not as it seems though, with each member of the crew having their own motive for being there, and not to mention that following the clues through the journey is a dangerous task on its own. Can Haiti be saved?

Atlantis Stolen – Christopher Cartwright

Atlantis Stolen

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The civilization of Atlantis has remained a secret, with only a handful of people aware of what actually destroyed the ancient city, whose existence is still kept fiercely protected by a few people. 

What once destroyed this great city is now making a comeback, and the end of the once-proud civilization could soon be the same end of modern civilization too. Marine biologist Sam Reilly is the only one who is able to possibly discover the truth in time to prevent disaster from happening again.

Babel-17 – Samuel R. Delaney


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Travel beyond the stars to enjoy the Nebula space opera of Babel-17, which features a brutal interstellar war.

Caught in the middle of it all is Rydra Wong, who has an incredible command of language, and who captures the woes of war through poetry. She is unexpectedly called up by the military to solve a very particular problem.

The problem is the appearance of strange noises broadcast over the radio just before warships are attacked. These noises were thought to be an unknown language, but Rydra needs to decode the noises and find out where they come from, and what they might mean.

The Bone Labyrinth – James Rollins

Neanderthal bones are found in a rural chapel hidden away deep in the mountains of Croatia, raising many different questions, with few answers to be found.

Along with the Neanderthal bones are cave paintings that depict vivid battles between man and monsters, and these are mirrored in present-day attacks that seem to point towards answering the questions that have now arisen.

There is a connection to be found between Neanderthal bones in a Croatian church, paintings of man vs monster, and present-day attacks – but how they all fit together is a mystery yet to be found.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth – Jules Verne

The Journey To The Center Of The Earth is a book first published in 1864 and is a classic of an adventure story as they get.

The science-fiction elements in the book now seem more like fantasy, but the action and thrills in the book are just as effective now as they were over 100 years ago.

Professor Otto Lidenbrock, along with his nephew Axel, believes that volcanic tubes exist underground and are safe enough for travel, and with their guide, Hans, descend into an Icelandic volcano.

Once inside the volcano, strange things begin to happen, with odd phenomena occurring such as prehistoric animals, and even the sighting of an early human!

The Tomb Of Odin – Preston W. Child

Tomb of Odin

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An old piece of art, a tall cross monument sourced from a Finnish relic dealer, is found to contain something worth far more than the value of the art itself when it is struck by lightning one night.

To make sense of it all, the owner of the art Dave Purdue hires Same Cleave, an investigative journalist, to find answers.

His first stop is to locate Dr. Nina Gould, a historian, to help work through the mystery, but finding her does not prove to be as easy as he would have hoped, and a roller coaster ride in search of a legend ensues, with breathtaking suspense and shredding action along the way!

This is actually book 9 in a 42 (!!) book series, but you can jump in and out with no problem. Of course, you would get more out of it if you read books 1-8 before, but it isn’t necessary at all.

Finders Keepers – J.J DiBenedetto

Sticking within the realm of archeology, Finders Keepers is about Jane Barnaby, an archeology student who is tasked with delivering items to her professor’s dig site.

However, things do not go as planned and she becomes embroiled with thieves who are after some valuable items.

The story takes Jane across several countries, and she encounters some rather interesting characters along the way, as Jane tries to work out who she can trust in a dangerous game against thieves.

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