8 Possible Reasons Why A Guy Would Block You

With social media being such a huge part of our lives now, being blocked is a new obstacle we have to deal with. There are many reasons why someone might need to block someone else, and actually blocking someone can be done in a few simple clicks.

The problem comes in when you are the one being blocked, for seemingly no reason! You might have been hitting it off with someone new, only to notice the next day that he has blocked you.

What Are The Reasons Why A Guy Would Block You?


Unfortunately, there isn’t one set reason why a guy would block you, and you will have to look at the nature of your relationship, and if anything happened before he blocked you. It could be that he isn’t interested anymore, or he isn’t looking for commitment.

If you are left a bit stuck (and hurt) wondering why he may have blocked you, read through the below possible reasons to try and understand it better!

He Doesn’t Want To Commit

Two people talking and hitting it off might get along really well, but they might want completely different things. You could be looking for something long-term, whereas he is more interested in just having fun.

Your conversations with him could have turned more serious than what he would have wanted, and for him, the easiest way out of this is to just block you and not deal with it anymore.

This obviously is not fair, but it is a clear enough message to you that he isn’t the right one for you right now, and it is best to just move on!

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He Is Scared Of Being Hurt

Being hurt in a past relationship can be really traumatizing, and it can definitely have an effect on how you act in relationships in the future.

He might have been hurt by his ex, either being dumped or cheated on, and this could make him scared to start something new. He might feel completely overwhelmed by the idea of taking things further with you, and in the moment he panicked and blocked you.

Fear of commitment and fear of being hurt can make us do some irrational things, and even though you aren’t his ex, his fear of going through heartbreak again just overrides any possible future he might see with you.

He Backed Out Of His Choice

You two might have matched up on a dating site or he might have slid into your DM’s, only to change his mind later on.

We all do things on a whim, and then regret it later on, and this can be true for him. It is so easy to contact someone else online, and this can be a problem where you find it easy enough to say ‘hi’ but then not want to carry on any further.

Instead of just telling you he has changed his mind, he will block you and take the easy way out. He could just not want to talk to you anymore, or he might have found someone else who interests him even more.

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He Has Something To Hide

It is so easy to find yourself caught up in something you maybe shouldn’t be, and he could be in this exact situation with you.

There might be something that he is hiding, and he has found himself too far down the rabbit hole to recover, and to defend himself, he blocks you. 

It could be that he is already in a relationship, and even though he has already spent time talking to you, he realizes that it would jeopardize his relationship, and then he blocks you to save himself.

It could also be that he isn’t the person he is pretending to be on his social media and knows it is better to call it quits and block you before you find out the truth.

Sometimes, it can actually be for the best that he has blocked you, as you would not want to take it further with someone who is already in a relationship, or with someone who is far from who they claim to be. 

Lies can catch up to you very quickly, and his response to this is to just block any loose ends that might eventually be his downfall!

He Doesn’t Like You

Simply put, he blocked you because he doesn’t like you. He might have taken his time to get to know you, and then decided that you aren’t a good fit, and just blocked you as a result. 

This isn’t a great feeling and nobody likes to feel rejected, but you cannot be compatible with everyone you speak to, and not every guy is going to fall in love with you straight away.

While he has taken the cowardly way out by just blocking you and not giving you an explanation, it does save you spending time and effort talking to him, thinking there might be something between the two of you, only to have him let you down later on.

You really need to try not to take this personally. Not everyone is destined to be together, so you will experience some relationships and dates that just do not work.

Someone Else Caught His Eye

He could have had some good intentions when talking to you, but then someone else came along and caught his eye and he decided to pursue it with them instead.

Blocking you might be his way of cutting you off completely, so he can focus on this new girl, or it could be so that the new girl doesn’t find out that he was talking to you as well.

It is so much better to have closure in these situations, to find out from him why he has shut you out and why he didn’t have the decency to at least explain this to you, but not everyone is as emotionally mature as we would hope.

Dating online and chatting to someone over text or social media does mean there are more chances for people to be more fickle, and you might find yourself hurt because of this.

He Used You

Unfortunately, not everyone you speak to online or not everyone you meet is going to be a good person. The guy that blocked you might be selfish and emotionally immature and might have just used you to get what he wants, blocking you once he has got it.

This could be for different things. He might have been looking for someone to talk to while he was bored, and you happened to be that entertainment. When something better came along, he blocked you and moved on.

It might be that he used you for something else, such as to hook up, and once you hooked up, he was worried you might be looking for more from him, so he blocks you.

As horrible as it is to be taken advantage of by someone like this, blocking you is the best gift they can give so that you do not have to have them in your life anymore. You deserve so much better!

You Came On Too Strong

You could have come across as too strong, be too overbearing, or too overwhelming for him, and this scared him off. He would not know how to react, other than by just blocking you.

Sensitive, quiet guys might not be as open to someone who is outgoing and pushy, and the match just is not there between the two of you.

If you think that this might be the reason that he blocks you, rather leave it alone. Don’t try to message him on another platform or chase him down, rather spend your energy finding someone who is more compatible with you.

What To Do When A Guy Blocks You

There is not much you can do when a guy blocks you. Take it as a clear sign that he doesn’t want to take things further, and move on.

It can be so difficult to just pick yourself up and move on, especially since he would have given you no closure or reason as to why he has done this, but you really need to try.

Don’t dwell on it and don’t blame yourself. Instead, know that it was through his own emotional immaturity that he blocked you. Do not try to contact him through another platform, as this could only lead to more hurt.

Spend time with friends, enjoy some self-care and pick up on hobbies to keep yourself busy and happy to get over what he did.

Reasons Why A Guy Would Block You

Various situations could lead to a guy blocking you, but at the end of the day, it is a pretty clear message that he is sending across, and you should just accept that he doesn’t want to talk anymore.

Avoid trying to contact him further, and instead focus on yourself and surrounding yourself with people who want to be in your life, and who love and appreciate you for who you are!

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