Meeting Your Ex? Here’s 8 Things To Think About First!

Thinking about meeting up with your ex? That’s a big step!

Whether it’s for a coffee catch-up or something more, it’s really important to think a few things through first.

Whether we know it or not, we have expectations of this reunion.

And I’m never one to say whether talking or getting back with an ex is right or wrong… I don’t know your life or situation.

What I do know is that it can be an extremely fragile situation and you need to be emotionally ready for what you’re walking into..

Here are some questions I’d ask myself or a girlfriend who is considering meeting up with an ex:

Questions to ask yourself before meeting an ex

What’s My Emotional State Right Now?

Before you text back “Yes!” take a moment to check in with yourself. How are you feeling these days? If you’re happy and feeling strong, that’s a great sign.

But if you’re still feeling a bit sad or mixed up inside about the breakup, it might be a good idea to wait a bit longer. You want to go into this meeting feeling your best.

Also, if it took you a long time to heal, is this reunion worth the risk of taking some steps back?

it could go amazing! But they could make that one little comment that causes you t have to go through another round of healing.

Are you ready for anything that could come your way?

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What Are My Intentions for This Meeting?

Think hard about why you want to see your ex. Are you hoping to get back together, or do you just miss being buddies?

Knowing your own reasons can help you steer the conversation and keep things clear. Plus, it stops any mixed signals from getting in the way of a good chat.

Know why you’re walking into this and what your motives are.

Don’t just go to ‘see what they have to say.’

Have I Moved On?

This is a tough one, but super important. Ask yourself if you’ve really moved on from your ex.

If seeing their name pop up on your phone still gives you butterflies, or maybe even makes you a little sad, it might be a sign that you’re not quite ready to meet up.

You want to be sure you’re over the past before you revisit it!

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What Are My Boundaries for This Interaction?

Boundaries are like invisible rules that help keep you safe and happy. Think about what you’re okay talking about and what’s off-limits.

Maybe you don’t want to talk about new relationships or rehash the breakup. Knowing your boundaries will help you keep the conversation friendly and stress-free.

Be firm on your boundaries, whatever they may be.

If the conversation goes a direction you don’t like, be strong and say ‘I don’t want to discuss that.’ (Or use your own words lol)

How Will I Handle Unexpected Emotions?

It’s normal to feel a bunch of emotions when you meet up with an ex. You might feel happy to see them, or a little bit sad about the past.

Plan ahead about how you’ll deal with these feelings. Maybe you’ll take some deep breaths, or change the topic if things get too heavy.

Being ready means you won’t be thrown off by a surprise feeling.

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What Outcome Am I Prepared For?

Sometimes, meetings don’t go as planned. Actually, they rarely do. So is life.

Maybe you end up having a great time, or maybe it’s a bit awkward.

Think about all the ways your coffee date could go, and how you’d handle each scenario. This way, no matter what happens, you’ll handle it like a champ!

Is There Something Specific I Want to Say or Ask?

If there’s something specific on your mind, plan it out. Maybe you want to apologize for something, or you’re curious about how their dog is doing!

Whatever it is, thinking about it ahead of time helps you make sure you say what you need to, without the conversation going off the rails.

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What Will I Do if It Doesn’t Go as Planned?

Having a backup plan is always a good idea. If the meetup feels too weird or if you start feeling upset, what will you do?

Maybe you can have a friend call you for a quick escape, or you can plan to keep the meeting short. Knowing you have an exit strategy can make you feel more relaxed.

Meeting with an ex can be a big deal, but with a little prep, you can handle it like a pro.

Remember to listen to your heart, be clear about your feelings, and take things one step at a time.

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