31+ Black Ombre Nails That Are F***ing Badass

Summer or winter, black is always in trend. You can wear black with every outfit and on any occasion. We all love a black manicure but how to take it a step ahead. Well, black ombre nails are your answer!

Black ombre nails look gothic, hot, and tempting!

You can use many different colors with black ombre nails to match your outfit or an occasion. There are endless possibilities and that’s why it’s a contemporary nail manicure this season. 

Black ombre nails look gorgeous in different nail shapes and sizes.

So, let’s get you some inspiration for this season’s hottest trend of black ombre nails!

What Shape Looks Best for Black Ombre Nails?

Coffin and stilettos are two perfect shapes for a gothic black ombre nail look.

You can use other nail shapes too as your liking but for a complete goth look, these two shapes are my personal favorite.

There is no right or wrong way to rock these nails though. If you want a short, square manicure with black ombre nails, you’ll still rock it!

Are Black Ombre Nails for Short or Long Nails?

Black ombre nails look good on both short and long nails.

There are so many variations to this trend that you can find any relevant black ombre look for your nail shape and size.

Some love the long, black nail look as it gives a more gothic-aesthetic, but you can rock any nail style. Whichever appeals to you more!

31 Amazon Black Ombre Nail Ideas Perfect For Your Little Gothic Heart

Gothic Black Ombre

These deadly-looking black ombre nails with a stiletto shape are the perfect manicure for this Halloween. These can go with every outfit and look that you have in your mind. They look mesmerizing in the most simple way.

Simple Red and Black Ombre Nails

Black and red harmonize each other and it is a perfect combination for a gothic black ombre nail look. It can even look mesmerizing on short square-shaped nails.

Nude And Black Ombre Nails

This gorgeous ombre from black to nude through purple will take everyone’s breath away. To incorporate the perfect transition of colors from black to nude, you will need a long nail shape.

Short And Subtle Black Ombre Nails

Why should short nails not have a black ombre nail look? Black ombre isn’t only about a gothic Halloween look but you can also get this super sexy casual. The glitter makes it an elegant manicure.

Black Ombre With Red Rhinestone

Red and black ombre nails have a lot of variations. You can add red or black rhinestones to this look for a fancier variation.

Black Ombre Sky Nails

Dark skies on a winter night are to die for. And the stars that shine bright on such nights are everyone’s favorite. Well, you can get this exact scenario on your nails as well.

Elegant Matte Black Ombre Nails

You don’t need to go all out with the black ombre look and have super long nails.

Medium nail length and subtle nail look can also make your nails look sexy and alluring.

Simple Black Ombre Short Nails

Simplicity is the best when it comes to an everyday look.

And who said you can’t use black ombre nails for an everyday look?

They will give your outfit depth and beauty.

Matte Black Ombre With Plaid

Sometimes simple black ombre nails can be boring.

So, to make it fun and different, you can add a plaid pattern on one or more nails.

Usually, nude and white are better for this look.

Fancy Black Ombre with Gold Stones

These luxurious nails will make your outfit look royal and worth all the attention.

They are super easy to do but look absolutely gorgeous because of those goldstones paired.

Orange and Black Ombre Mix

Looking for perfect witch nails for Halloween or some party?

These beautiful and enthralling nails are your perfect inspiration.

This rusty orange color paired with black and gold makes this look phenomenal.

Black Ombre Nails with Glitter

Making your nails fancy isn’t hard when you have the right glitter to pair up with black ombre nails. Silver glitter paired with black nails looks superb every time.

Unique Black Ombre with Rhinestones


This matte black look with shiny tips and black ombre with rhinestone mix is a perfect blend of subtlety and royalty.

These can work out for a casual day, a night out, or even for a gothic look. That’s why they are our absolute favorite.

Black Ombre Coffin Nails

Coffin shape is perfect for a black ombre manicure. Adding a touch of glitter and rhinestone is the most convenient way to take this look to the next level.

Black Ombre With Gold Specks

Gold and black make a perfect combination. Adding even a little bit of gold to your black ombre nails will make the manicure look lavish and gorgeous.

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Rose Gold and Black Ombre with Glitter

Rose gold is the talk of the town and pairing it up with black is never a bad idea. On top of that, glitter and rhinestone 

Black and Red Rhinestone Ombre

To give your simple black ombre nails that little oomph and luxuriousness, add red rhinestones and gold nail paint.

It will make the manicure stand out and all attention will be on your nails.

Simple Glitter Black Ombre Nails

If you don’t like the basic black ombre, you can go for this simple black and gold glitter ombre look. You can also use silver glitter if you like.

Black Marble Ombre Nails

A beautiful way to enhance black ombre nails is to incorporate some marbling pattern using gold nail paint. It looks quite gothic and pretty.

Simple Black Ombre with Gemstones

Want to make your simple black ombre a little better and fancier?

No worries, go for rhinestones of any color and you are good to go.

They are easily available and easy to place as well.

Glitter Black and Pink Ombre

You can use glitter nail paint for a simple ombre look too. It looks good for a casual look and you can pair it up with any color like red, pink, purple, etc. This inspiration is good for both short and long nails.

Holographic Black Ombre

Holographic Black Ombre Nails

Holographic looks super cool and paired up with black color in an ombre style, it can make you feel ready for anything. So, get this cool holographic look for your nails.

Gothic Black Ombre with Black Bottoms

We all know how to get the basic gothic black ombre look but how to make it more gothic? Well, paint the bottom of your nails with black nail paint, and voila!

Purple and Black Ombre Nails

Purple is a gorgeous color to be paired up with black as an ombre.

It is the perfect shade of darkness and looks super sexy.

Black Glitter Ombre

Glitter ombre is perfect for a sexy Halloween party look with some dramatic outfits.

The crescent and stars make it mesmerizing.

Nudish Pink Black Ombre

Nudish pink is a beautiful color for an ombre with black. The gradient looks beautiful and the little gemstones enhance the beauty of this manicure.

Gothic Black Ombre 

What’s more gothic than a red crescent on a birdy black night?

So, what are you waiting for? Get this enchanting gothic look.

Elegant Black Ombre

Yes, you can make black ombres look elegant too. It doesn’t have to be gothic and dark always.

Adding silver gemstones will take the look in another direction and you can wear them on many occasions.

Black Ombre Glitter French Tips

Yes, you can get black ombre as french tips too. They look elegant and are more wearable for an everyday look.

Monochrome Black Ombre

These white and black monochrome ombre nails look super gothic and perfect for a dark outfit look.

This combination is the best one and goes with a lot of outfits.

Black and Gray Ombre

Black and gray are pretty close and therefore their ombre combination is seamless and flawless. You can keep the look as simple as this one or add gemstones or glitter to enhance the look. You can also use gold swirls for a unique effect.

Where Can You Wear Black Ombre Nails?

Black ombre nails are more trendy in gothic people but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them. They are perfect for a dark outfit or a Halloween party as they can go with any outfit. Moreover, you can also wear them for a fancy night out.

How to Achieve Black Ombre Nails?

Doing a DIY manicure for black ombre nails is easy.

All you need to do is to blend the gradient part well enough so it doesn’t look too prominent with a nail art brush.

You can choose any color for the ombre with black and it will end up looking good. 

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In Closing…

Black ombre nails can take the shape of any design and you can pair them up with a lot of different elements. Rhinestones, glitter, matte nail paint, all can be used to add beauty to this mesmerizing nail look.

Any color can be paired up with black for an ombre effect and that’s why it is such a trendy nail art design. So, which one do you think you are going to try?

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