54+ Heart Nails That Will Make You SWOON

Heart nails are a popular and charming nail art that have gained popularity in recent years. They are beautiful and trendy that can add a touch of romance to your fingertips.

These cute and playful nails are perfect for those who are looking to add a touch of love and affection to their everyday style.

Heart nail arts can be created in a variety of ways, from minimalist heart-shaped accents to intricate patterns featuring multiple hearts.

Let’s explore some creative and gorgeous ideas for heart nails that you can’t resist to try.

Let’s go through it now!

Black and White Hearts

Bold and gorgeous!

The subtleness of this nail art give off a sophisticated vibe.

Black and white hearts with horns and bling
Source: Pinterest

Finally found a gothic nail art that suits me well. Fearless but fashionable.

Minimalist black and white heart nail art
Source: Pinterest

This is the look of simplicity! Makes it easy to match with any outfit or style.

Matte black and white tips and hearts
Source: Pinterest

Black and white French tips, anyone? A style that’s classic and timeless.

Such a complex design but makes the hearts really pop, creating an eye-catching look.

Two tone glossy hearts on square nails
Source: Pinterest

The contrast between the black and white colors and the cute hearts make this design stand out and grab attention.

Clear nails with minimalist black hearts
Source: Pinterest

Almond nails are some of my favorite, and with the subtle design here they’re… just. stunning.

Matte black almond nails with glossy hearts
Source: Pinterest

Looking for a way to add some dark vibes and romance to your nails? These black nails with black hearts are the way to go.

Matte black and clear nails with gold hearts and gold glitters
Source: Pinterest

Add some edge to your style with these mysterious looking nails.

Yes! I need to try this one now!

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Minimalist Hearts

White round nails with little red hearts
Source: kriziaorsini

I can feel the love and purity on these nails!

This is just white, plain but surely gives a great impact to any outfit.

Square nails with white French tips and red hearts
Source: Pinterest

If love is always there, show it too on your nails!

Short clear nails with white hearts
Source: Pinterest

Heart French Tips

Different animal print heart-shaped French tips
Source: Pinterest

Calling those animal lovers out there, here’s a unique heart nail art that is perfect for you!

Red and black heart French tips on almond nails
Source: Pinterest

Black and red hearts are really a great match, and I so fu*kin’ love it!

These nails truly complement each other. Fierce and daring!

Heart’s Day Nails

Red square nails with red hearts and tips
Source: Pinterest

Red heart nails are so sweet and romantic, they’re perfect for a date night.

Red swirls and hearts French tips
Source: Pinterest
Small red hearts and red French tips nail art
Source: Pinterest

Clean and classy!

Dark red coffin nails with heart-shaped rhinestones
Source: Pinterest

Rhinestone hearts add a perfect touch of sparkle in these red nails, ideal to wear for Valentine’s!

Pink Nails with Hearts

Swirly French tips in light pink shade with pink hearts
Source: Pinterest

Why does this look sooo chic?! I’m in love!

Matte pastel pink nails with 2D hearts
Source: Pinterest

These pink nails with those hearts are the cutest thing I’ve seen all day!

Cute pink heart nails with pink tips
Source: Pinterest
Beige acrylic nails with pink swirls and heart illusion
Source: Pinterest

Look at that pink swirls and hearts! Feels cheerful and whimsical!

Pastel pink in matte finish with pink and gold swirls and hearts
Source: Pinterest

The intricate heart illusion on these nails create a fun and playful vibes.

Two-Tone Heart Nail Arts

Two-toned almond nails with matte red hearts
Source: Pinterest

I adore how these nails were made! This is lit!

Short nails with combination of red and pink polish
Source: Pinterest
Two-toned ombre nails with white hearts
Source: Pinterest

Pink ombre nails are undeniably beautiful and full of glam!

I can’t stop staring at these lively green nails that are perfect for summer!

Blue and pink glossy nails with hearts and dots
Source: Pinterest
Matte finish white and pink nails with pastel color hearts
Source: Pinterest

This is cutesy and I’m obsessed!

Purple Hearts

Clear almond nails with minimalist purple hearts
Source: Pinterest

Add a pop of color and interest to your nails without being too overwhelming. Exactly like this! Lovely.

Purple and white polish with purple hearts nail art
Source: Pinterest

Nails for spring? I got you!

Heart Evil Eye Nails

Black and white heart French tips with evil eye design
Source: Pinterest

This black and white evil eye nail art is addicting and is giving a powerful vibe!

Pink and red heart French tips with evil eyes nail art
Source: Pinterest

Spread positivity and love with these red evil eye nails!

Pink and gold tips with gold evil eye design
Source: Pinterest

I can’t get over to these charming pink hearty evil eyes!

Short nails with hearts, flames, and evil eye nail art
Source: Pinterest

Embossed and 3D Hearts

Five shades of pink nails with embossed hearts
Source: Pinterest

An artistic way to enjoy Valentine’s!

Glossy pink nails with pink embossed hearts
Source: venushob

A stylish pink heart nails that need attention, eyes on these ladies!

Clear nails with embossed white hearts
Source: Pinterest

This is just perfect for an everyday look! Simple and natural.

3D hearts, stones, and gold French tips on coffin nails
Source: Pinterest
Clear square nails with embossed hearts  and black polka dots
Source: Pinterest

Those glitters and bling complete the semblance of these nails, making it look so elegant that’s perfect for a night out.

Glossy natural nails with 3D hearts nail art
Source: bybalenci

The idea of this nail art is so unique and clever, I’ve never seen anything like this before!

Blue Nails with Hearts

Long blue acrylic nails with red 3D hearts and bling
Source: nailsbyflexa

These blue nails are so creative, the bling are making it cool and attractive.

Glittery blue nails with white and blue hearts
Source: Pinterest

Woah, dazzling! A nail art that can add a touch of sparkle to any outfit.

Nude and Brown Valentine Nails

This is such a versatile design that can be worn by people of all ages and styles. Definitely a must try!

Here’s a great way to express your individuality and show off your creative side.

The shades of brown on these nails work so well together and gave off an earthy vibe.

Copper brown square nails with cherry hearts nail art
Source: tipsbyval

The attention to detail in this heart nail design is truly impressive. So cute!

If you’re planning a special date or simply want to add a little love to your day, heart nails are the perfect way to express your romantic side.

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