29 Gorgeous White Marble Nails We Are Loving

Nail trends come and go but marble nail art has been trendy for a long time now.

Among the marble nails, white marble nails are a way to achieve that elegant, graceful and fancy look. No matter what your nail shape and size are, you can enjoy a white marble nail look. 

It can be hard to choose the right manicure for yourself. Therefore, we have got you some inspirations for white marble nails. You can choose one for yourself.

29 Inspirations for White Marble Nails

Fancy White Marble Nails with Gold Flakes

If you want to achieve the fanciest-looking nails, go for white marble nails with gold flakes.

To get a step ahead, use gemstones.

This look can be done by using acrylics and even gel nail paint.

Branded White Marble Nails with Gold Flakes

Making brand logos on your nails is a famous 2021 nail art trend.

And you can mix it up with white marble nails for a luxury nail look.

Simply choose the brand you love the most and get it on your nails.

Gold and White Marble Nails

Gold is a lavish color and mixed with a white marble design, it makes your nails look red carpet ready.

You can paint one or more of your nails with gold nail paint and the rest with a white marble look.

For an extra look, add gold flakes to the marble design.

Black and White Simple Marble Nails

Don’t want something too extra but also want a fancy look? Go for this black and white marble look. You can choose as many fingers as you want for the marble design. It is a perfect manicure for a night out.

Fancy Royal Blue and White Marble Nails

Want to enhance the luxurious and royal look that white marble nails provide? Add some royal blue, gemstones, and gold flakes to your nails. All these elements will make your nails look so lavish that all the onlookers will be mesmerized.

Soft White Marble Nails with Gemstones

This nail look is a mix of both soft and fancy white marble nails. The gemstones make the nails look classy and elegant. 

White Marble Floor Nails

This nail look reminds us of royal marble floors that look too flawless to step on them.

If that’s the kind of look you want to achieve, then try out this inspiration for white marble nails.

Short White Marble Nails

You don’t need long and fake nails to get a white marble nail design. Short nails are enough to achieve this classy nail art. Line the cuticles with gold nail paint for a unique and lavish look.

Sea Green and White Marble Nails

You don’t have to use only white colors for a royal-looking manicure.

To make your nails stand out, add sea green to your nails.

You can keep the white marble nails on one or more fingers according to your preference.

White Marble Nails with Stickers

Adding stickers and gemstones to your nails is a great way to achieve an effortless yet gorgeous manicure.

And pairing up these elements with white marble nails will take the beauty of your nails to the next level.

Dior White and Pink Marble Nails

Why keep the marble part white when you can make it pink? Pink is everyone’s favorite and looks extremely alluring. To make it fancy, stamp the Dior logo on your nails with a white base.

Simple White Marble Nails

Simplicity is the best way to achieve an elegant, decent and subtle look.

But what to do when you want something unique yet simple.

You go for a basic white marble nail look.

Stiletto Shining White Marble Nails

The stiletto nail shape is one of the fanciest shapes for nails.

If you do white marble nails on this shape, you can’t make your nails more luxurious than this.

To make the nails look prettier and unique, add some shimmers to the marble.

Square Black and White Marbles

These easy-to-do and gorgeous nails are here for everyone who has a hard time doing real marble nails.

They take less effort but still look exquisite.

You can choose any other color you want to pair up with white but for this look, a dark color will be better.

Basic White Marbles

This nail look is perfect for a casual day out. It can be achieved in no time.

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Luxury White Marble Nails Long

You can buy fake nails like this or get this nail design on your nails.

This is one of the fanciest nail looks that will make your nails look majestic. 

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Glitter White Marbles

Who doesn’t like glitter when it comes to making your nails fancy.

Adding some glitter on even one finger will enhance the white marble nail look and make it look extra. The gemstones do the same job as well.

White Marble Tips

You don’t need to do the marble look on your nails.

If you want a quirky imperial look, these black and white marble tips with gold lining are a perfect way to get that.

Blue and White Cloud Marble Nails

This nail look reminds us of the beautiful clouds because of the sky blue color.

It is for everyone who wants a simple white marble look but with a hint of some other color.

Gray and White Marble Nails

Gray and white is a great combination for an awesome marble nail look.

Adding glitters, shimmers, and gray stripes to your nails will elevate this look and make your nails seem super-duper gorgeous.

Soft Pink and White Marbles

Here is a flawless pink and white marble look with gold flakes and elegance for you. It is easy to do at home, looks fascinating, and goes with all outfits, occasions, and seasons.

Purple and White Marble Nails

Purple color is one of the biggest 2021 trends and you can incorporate it with white marble nails.

This design will make your nails look special, attractive, and luxurious.

Silver and White Marble Nails

You can do the marble design with silver nail paint with a white base coat.

This will make your nails shiny and everyone will be able to see them and appreciate them from afar.

Add a little bit of gold for a royal look.

Simple Gray White Marbles

This is the simplest way to achieve a marble nail look.

You can use any color you want other than gray but gray and white is a classic combination.

This look is great for both long and short nails.

Coffin Black and White Marble Nails

Coffin shape is trendy nowadays and you can get a marble nail look on this nail shape.

The picture-perfect marble design with matte black on some fingers, as well as rhinestones, is the best for any fancy event.

Pink and White Soft Marble Nails 

Water marble is there for you if you can’t do the other marble design.

You can add white and pink for a soft look and add a gemstone to the cuticle area.

Matte Red and White Fancy Marbles

Go big or go home fits best to this nail design.

There is nothing that can make these nails look more luxurious.

These are perfect for a fancy event or if you want to feel you are on the red carpet.

Candy Floss White Marbles


Colorful and pastel; two things we all love. So, get this colorful pastel marble nail look with white background. It is a flawless soft marble nail look. 

Long White and Black Marbles

This is a unique look and not everybody tries out such looks.

So, if you wanna stand out, try it out and make your nails look alluring. 

Are White Marble Nails Trendy?

Marble nails are always trendy because they are versatile and can be done on any nail shape and size.

The reason for white marble nails being the trendiest is because they go with all sorts of outfits.

Moreover, they bring you a super classy look.

Is It Easy To Do Marble Nails At Home?

Marble nails look quite fancy but most of them are easy to do at home.

They can be difficult the first or second time, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a fun and easy nail design you can try at home.

How To Do White Marble Nails?

To do white marble nails at home, you need a little practice and some good techniques.

For this, you can do the classic random lines on your nails for the most basic look. You can also opt for water marble nails.

Just look at a tutorial and try out your skills.

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In Closing…

Which white marble nail look is your favorite? Do you agree that a white marble nail look is the easiest way to achieve a fancy, luxurious and elegant nail look? 

Try out these nail looks and feel confident, fashionable, and trendy. 

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