35+ Cute Short Nails We Are Obsessing Over (MUST-SEE!)

Short nails are always easy to maintain. But why keep them simple when you can paint them over and have cute short nails? 

Short nails are as trendy as long nails nowadays!They are also more practical and don’t take too much effort to maintain.

As long as you choose the right manicure for your short nails, you can flawlessly rock a short nail look.

So, let’s give you some inspiration for nail art for short nails…..

35+ Cute Short Nails Manicure Inspiration

Pastel Cow Print Nails

This green pastel look will suit everyone’s hand and pastels are actually super trendy in 2021.

The cow print design on one finger enhances the look and makes it unique.

You can choose any pastel color for this look.

Dark Cow Print

If you are a bold color lover, then this look is for you.

Dark blue with cow print is an adorable combination and best to achieve a cute short nail look. 

Abstract Art Short Nail Design

Abstract designs on short nails are perfect as they don’t require too much space.

Nudes and other such light colors are ideal for this look.

Earthy Short Nails

Want a beautiful earthy short nail look? This design is perfect for you.

The mix of leaves and mud color makes this design perfect for casual wear.

Simple Lines Short Nails

The easiest way to make your short nails look cute and elegant is this colorful lines design.

You can choose any color that you like and achieve this chic look.

It is perfect for any season and occasion.

Bright Mix and Match Design

Mix and match designs have been trendy in 2021. But you don’t necessarily need long nails for this design.

This design allows you to bring out your inner creative side by mixing and matching different colors and patterns.

Glitter Swirls

Want cute short nails in 2021? This swirly design will get you it.

All the onlookers will definitely love this unique, mesmerizing, and chic nail look.

Animal Print Tips

You don’t have to keep your tips white to get a cute short nail look.

You can design the tips however you want and one of the best ways is to get animal printed tips.

This is the best manicure for animal lovers.

Elegant Date Night Nails

Going out tonight and don’t know how to get your nails done?

Well, here’s an inspiration for you!

Keep your natural length and get this decent, simple yet enthralling short nail manicure.

Pink Abstract Short Nails

Who doesn’t like pink?

Why not get out your creative side by using pink hues and random patterns.

This design also reminds us of Mean Girls.

So, look fetch and try out this manicure.

Coffee Short Nails

Nudes go with every outfit and make your hands look elegant for every place.

This coffee-inspired short nail manicure is a perfect casual nail look.

It’s easy to do and is a versatile design.

Matte Colorful Short Nails

Matte colors make your nails look royal and these colors especially enhance that royalty of mattes.

Colorful designs go well with multiple outfits.

It is a perfect short nail design for 2021.

Short Citrus Nails

Fruity patterns are one of the biggest nail art trends in 2021.

And you can get this look for your short nails.

Choose your favorite fruit and make your nails look adorable.

You can also get nail art stickers for this look to achieve it at home.

Smiley Eggs on Short Nails

Want something quirky and cute for your short nails?

This look is perfect for this purpose.

The cute smiley faces will surely amaze everyone around you.

Square Design for Short Nails

The square shape on short nails looks classy.

And what’s better than a nude color simple design with a plaid pattern on one nail.

We suggest you get this look if you love being fashionable in a simple way.

Pastel Aesthetic Short Nails

Pastels with aesthetic patterns are the best way to achieve a contemporary short nail look in 2021.

You can go for any aesthetic pattern however this smiley and yin-yang is a great inspiration for this look.

Drippy Short Nails

This drippy short nail look is perfect and classy for Halloween.

Looks like someone’s blood is dripping on your nails.

Well, no worries, you can also use this look for a casual day out and choose any of your favorite colors for the drips.

Girly Swirly Design

Incorporate all your favorite colors in a single nail look.

This manicure is super cool and perfect for short nails. 

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Soft Girl Matte Short Nails

The soft girl is the new aesthetic of 2021.

Why not use it on your nails? It’s easy to get and looks chic, adorable, and aesthetic.

Minimalist Short Nail Design

Love a simple, minimal design? Try out this look.

You can do it at home in no time and it will make your hands look prepossessing and royal.

Lilac Girly Short Nails

Lilac is a personal favorite color and it looks the best in any form.

You can pair up this cute short nail look in lilac color with a matching cute skirt set for a casual day out.

We can bet it will put everyone around you in awe.

Cute Halloween Short Nails 

Looking for some cute Halloween inspiration for your natural length.

If yes, this is the perfect look for you.

Minimalist Black Matte Short Nails

Want a hassle-free, minimalist, bold nail look for your short nails?

Try out this one! It will make your hands look chic, classy, and elegant.

Cute Short Gel Nails

The easiest way to achieve a cute-looking short nail manicure is to buy fruity nail stickers and use them.

Apply a nude base color and put on the stickers. And voila! You are good to go.

Pastel Green Yin Yang Design

Pastels go with everything and this classy, aesthetic, soft nail look is perfect for 2021.

It will make your nails look trendy and gorgeous.

Fancy Lilac Gradient

Gradient, marble, glitter, lilac, square, all the trendy nail elements of 2021 are incorporated in this look.

It’s a superb fancy night out look which will make your nails look expensive.

Nude Plaid Manicure for Short Nails

A plaid pattern for short nails is the best as it doesn’t require a lot of space.

The best thing about this manicure is the pretty pinkish-nude colors that match every outfit and make your hands look beautiful. 

Nude Gradient for Short Nails

You can get a gradient manicure from any color.

But this nude gradient short nail design is one of the best and super trendy.

It will take your outfit to the next level in a simple, subtle way. It is exquisite for fall.

Fancy Blue Tips for Short Nails

Blue is another name for royalty.

If you want to achieve a royal manicure on short nails then painting your tips this way is the most effortless way to go there.

No matter what season or occasion you use this nail look for, it will impress all the onlookers around you.

Chic All in One Short Nail Design

Don’t know which pattern to choose for your short nails?

Try out this cute short nail design which includes all the trends of 2021.

Gingham Fall Design

One pattern that is going to take over this fall is gingham.

So, why not use it on your nails too? This gorgeous and stylish fall look is a must-try.

Bright Short Nail Art

A quirky short nail look that requires no effort is everyone’s go-to.

And this nail look is a perfect depiction of it. 

Yellow Frenchies for Short Nails

White is too mainstream for a french manicure.

And yellow is a perfect color to stand out.

Glitter on one finger makes it a super fancy look.

Dreamy Fairy Short Nails

These cute short nail acrylics are a great way to make your hands look beautiful.

It looks so dreamy and fashionable.

Cute Earthy Design for Short Nails

Looking for cute and easy nail designs for short nails? Get this adorable design!

Its so delicate and gorgeous, we’re obsessed!

Cute Candy Short Nails

Who doesn’t like rainbow colors and candy floss?

You can use this concept to achieve an easy cute nail design for short nails.

What Nail Shape Looks Best on Short Nails?

When it comes to short nails, almond and square shapes look the best.

This shape is natural for some people while others can get it done effortlessly.

How to Make Short Nails Look Good?

Taking care of your cuticles, choosing the right nail paint and design, keeping your nails healthy and clean will make your short nails look sophisticated and beautiful.

Colors like pastels, neons, nudes look alluring on short nails.

In Closing…

We have given you some of the most trendy, beautiful, and practical nail art inspirations for short nails. Which design is your favorite and you will definitely try it out? 

You can get inspiration from multiple designs and create your own splendid short nail look. All you need is to choose what suits your nails the best and makes you feel confident.

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